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Natty Dread
Just One Of Those Days
Have u guys ever had just one of those days? well today is mine. i wish i could just go to sleep and not get up for a week or so. i need new friends and now someone to kick it with. So PLEASE rate my pictures and let me know what u guys think. Charbaby
Why Do I Get Shit For Having Kids..
I am a single dad of 2 boys and the women run from me like i have an STD.... wtf anyone got some ideas?
i love my family its important to spend time with them dont u think so? u think u see whats behind my eyes a broken heart so little size i talk to you bout things so deep but then find out tht you cant keep whats in my hearts a secret i tell you and hope u keep it lookin bak i see our past and hope to see what happens last wonderin y were not together best friends for ever bois they come n go but lookin back we never know who were with and what we did but knowin our secrets we tell our kids keep ur secrets hold em close tell someone u think u no but you dont so now u know about our past hope to see what happends last but u cant
I'll Always Love You
to the ones I will always love ..I will give my heaart and soul for you.. my life to protect you.. I pray that God will always watch over you
what can i sayi like talking,they made free night and weekends for a reason . i guess i can say i have skills,people skills,i'm over flowing with good spirit i love my lifestyle wouldn't change it.physical training is part of my daily routine. my job keeps me looking's a large world out therefor me to see.i enjoy learning new things. our government does asgreat job regulating firearme.illrgal drug use is well controlled in the us i enjoy a great adrenaline rush,the more exotic,the more enticing As a Bible student and teacher I have experienced the necessary work involved in searching the Scriptures for the competent preparation of a Bible study, Sunday school lesson, or a sermon. There are volumes of books available as study tools (and the Christian community is indebted to the various authors' perseverance
Crazy Angel
in just over a week I'm going upto NJ to visit family and friends and also to bring back my niece, trinity. It's going to be a wonderful 3 days...however, Im going to be without Kevin for the whole time. Thats really going to suck cause we havent been apart over night since before I got pregnant! So. I obviously got my pregnancy confirmed. Robyn said the baby is growing perfectly and that so far everything is going good. I have my next appointment June 22 (right before I go to NJ for a week) and I'll get to hear her (or his) heartbeat. then I'll probably have another one 2-4 weeks later at which point, robyn will tell me when my ultrasound is to find out the gender. Im really hoping for a girl. Partially cause we have a lot of girl names we agree on. For girls, we have: Madison Keighlyn (pronounced kay-lynn) Silvia Alexa Alexis Alexandra Cassandra Larissa Jocelyn For boys, we have: Alexander Hunter Logan Joel Jared Caleb Camron Ryan/Rhyan Kakob Connor
Blah Is All Im Getting
Wanna Have Some Fun
hi there baby im dylan dee 19yrs old. wanna have some fun add me on my msn or my yahoo messenger chat with u soon babe check more of my pics
You've Stumbled Across My Life.
So, life is ok right now. Could be a little better, but what's life without drama? It wouldn't be life at all right? Yeah, no clue what else to say so I'm gonna ramble on for a bit......Woo, done! Hahahah you retarded fucks who come on here acting all big and bad behind the keyboard and computer screen make me giggle. "You've made one powerful enemy" HAHAHA You think I'm afraid of someone cowering behind a keyboard? LMFAO!!! Anyway, just letting it be known how about this, and what not. And for the smartass this is meant for, I DO have a myspace and it looks damn gif I want to be here I will. It's a free country. ^_^
Boycott Wal-Mart@ CherryTAP
touch_me@ CherryTAP
Look At All The Racist
I just sittin here goin through profiles and givin 10's when all of a sudden all these white people come in blockin me whazz up wit dat. look at the fat girl down rater that rated me a 1 makes me want to cry ....... NOT!!!! Another one down rates me ~Gothic Rose~™Goddess of Death~Founder of The Covenant of Shadows~ Member of The Confederate Bombers Family~CT Wife of Warlock~@ CherryTAP My 1st Down Rater AMERICANGRYL*OWNER OF THE HOT SPOT LOUNGE~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~BOMBSQUAD*CT WIFE OF DEVIL4975@ CherryTAP ~loveable sissy~GIT-R-DONE FAMILY`Bartender of the HOT SPOT lounge@ CherryTAP Makes ya wunder bout some people heres another 1 Big DaddyCONFEDERATE BOMBERS@ CherryTAP Damn This sista rated me a 9 nyhottie@ CherryTAP
Pppl Im Helping Win Stuff
Hey dis dude was mean to me when I come on cherry tap but i do random acts of kindness even though he is kind of mean to newbies please help him out everyone is welcome to comment bomb WILDMAN55 HEAD SECURITY OFFICER OF THE GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~INDEPENDENT~BOMB SQUAD ~@ CherryTAP
What Cusswords Really Mean
WHAT CUSSWORDS REALLY MEAN!! Body: What Cuss Words Really Mean... Body: what cusswords really mean!!!!!!!!! you must read all the way through! NO CHEATING! mom calls the husband a 'bastard' and then the dad calls the wife a "bitch" and billy goes to his mom and says "mom what's a bitch and a bastard?" and the mom says "well, a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentlemen" and then later billy goes outside and listens to his neighbors, and hears "Put your penis in my vagina!" So Billy goes to his mom and says "mom whats a penis and vagina?" His moms says "Well Billy, a penis is a hat and a vagina is a coat" and then later billy sees his dad shaving and cuts himself and says "shit" and billy said "Dad, whats shit" And then his dad says "Well billy, shit is a type of Shaving cream " and then billy goes to see his mom cutting the turkey and his mom cuts her finger and says "fuck!" and then billy says to his mom "Mom whats fuck?
well it is offically summer and i know cause all the tittays are about to pop out of the ladies shirts i love that nothing like sitting around a pool when some hot chick with great tits walks in... and then walks out cause she forgot her purse.
True Friends
Waisting Time
so i'm trying to figure out why i care so much...i have an ex boyfriend who doesn't really seem like an ex boyfriend...everything we did as a couple we still do now as ex' a way i feel like when i'm asked out i have to say no but then i ask my self why when i know he is talkin to other far as i know it's just talking but i know he is a flirt...i don't know i'm confused and the worst part is that today is my b-day and he makes me feel bad for asking him if i should feel obligated to say no since we aren't anything...and maybe i used the wrong word when i said anything cuz i do care about him...i went as far as telling him that i love him which i never say unless i feel that i truely meant it and it's something hard for me to say even to my own family but now i think to my self why am i being so stupid and holding on to something that just might not be worth holding on to...he tells me all the time im not his girlfriend and i shouldn't get mad that he talks to other girl
Tired Of Bull Shyt
ok so i'm writing this not to cause drama with my ex...and i put this in here cuz i knnow chances are more then likely he will read it but right now i'm phuken pissed and i don't i wake up this morning in a good mood...things have been going good between me and my ex...hanging out almost every day again...doing the whole boyfriend girlfriend thing again but not being official...which is fine with me cuz if n e thing it's been about a week and there still hadn't been any arguements...but then i know a guy who know's my ex's most recent girlfriend who was the girl before me...well i'm told this chick has diseases and shyt so obviously i become curious and start to wonder if he was having sex with or with out a i had been trying to get a hold of him cuz i left my work id at his house and when he called me i asked him...then he proceeds to tell me that it's non of my business and i tell him that it is cuz if it's true then i have the right to know since we have been h
Trying To Find My Way...
well it's been a long time since the last time i was on and the last time i wrote a blog...there really hasn't been much going on...i started dating this one guy and he was kind of controlling which i don't know in a way it was nice to know he cared but it sucked cuz i couldn't do n e thing with out him getting mad...i don't kno i'm thinking i pick assholes but then maybe it's just me and my taste in was weird tho cuz i have known this guy for over a year we use to talk all the time and then we lost touch for a while and then out of no where he started talkin to me was cool tho until he started telling me that he loves's something that of course any girl wants to hear because she wants to be loved but it's something that is weird...he asked me to marry him and then things just got kinda weird from there...i told him about my best friend and that i really care for my best friend and that i would never give up that friendship again for a guy like i did before
The First Chapter
Chapter One “I remember now. I remember how it started. I can’t remember yesterday. I just remember doing what they told me….told me…” Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime John sits in a lawn chair leaning back and exhaling slowly. The smoke from his cigarette drifts up in slow moving clouds. “How do things get so screwed up?” He thinks as he inhales deeply. A few months ago his life seemed perfect. He was a successful contractor and enjoyed all the trappings of a middle class life. A large home in a nice subdivision, the SUV in the driveway, all the platitudes associated with success was his. Best of all, was his wife Dora. She was pretty in an honest way. Hers was a natural beauty. Dora never wore a lot of makeup. She never tried to be beautiful. Dora was thin, without diets or exercise. Her hair was auburn with a n
My First 1
LMAO!!! finally my first 1 rating..LMAO.. look i know i aint 10 material.. and i appreciate alll the tens i get.. but as far as being a one i think its a bit harshe.. id say im maybe a 4 on my bad days
Greating Ct Friends
Thank you to all my Ct friends for my rateings Would really love to see more pretty comments!!! But thank you so very much you are my friends love being on here,,Very addicting lol....
Derricks Page
Stuff I Think About
PUSSY Well I've been thinking about suicide quiet alot lately so tonight I took a bottle of asprin, I know this is a pussy way to go but I don't own a gun and I hate the sight of blood so cutting myself wasn't an option. Well my heart is starting to beat really fast so I'm going to go. I have no idea who's giving me 1's but that shit is making my fucking day!!!
Tell Them You Love Them
I say to everyone out there, don't let the sun go down without letting those you love, know you love them.. do not let your loved one walk out the door without a kiss and I love you.. you may not see them walk back in. You always think "well they know that allready" why take the chance they may not? Don't cry to sleep at night wishing for what you should have done I want my kids to be happy in what ever way they want, I want my grandchilden to have a happy childhood, and for all of them to know how very much I love them and am so proud of them. I want what I had before, a husband I love and fought with, laughted with, talked with, touched and watched ,listened to him breath beside me each night so I knew he was allright.I still go to sleep at night holding a shirt he wore the day before he passed away, I sleep beside his pillow, I scream at God that I did not have more time with him.. there were so many things we wanted to do, to see and God took that away from us.. Don'
Nothing But Tears
if only things would change if only you knew just how i feel if only u could see my pain If only u walked my shoes If only u could know me If only u cared for me If only u loved me If only u didn't lie If only u didn't make me cry If only u knew what it was like for me to see the pain and stop the hate and calling me names. If only u saw me cry and have me as a friend and to trust and see how it is to be happy again is what i want if only u knew what i'm like in life then you wouldn't be saying the bad things u been saying about me that make me cry so if only it would change so i can smile again. If only u cared it would make me smile in life and i would always help u no matter how mad i am at u. by rachell brink Tears have flew out of our eyes. You ask me y i still care. i'll keep telling u that i will always be here for u. tho we dated for a short time i'll always still care for u. tho u don't want friends. I'll help u to the end. just as long as u don'
What Is This The Planet Of The Apes ???
->DOWN RATEN...: So you People Fan Each other For Just Fanning Each and you have No Talent ??? what is this the Planet of the Apes ??? Did I miss some thing Last Night ??? CRAZY ->DOWN RATEN...: I'm Not a artist or actor or play music they have Fans I'm Just a Person, ¢¾Em...: ok....brb im cooking dinner ->DOWN RATEN...: I don't need any fans it's stupid I did nothing to have a Fan ¢¾Em...: coz u visited my profile and rated me it was too late when i noticed u rated me 6 hahahaha ->DOWN RATEN...: I have No Talents ->DOWN RATEN...: why are you Fanning Me ?? ¢¾Em...: oh why?? ->DOWN RATEN...: I don't want any Fans ¢¾Em...: i dont hate downraters i should be thankful at least they give me points even a lil ->DOWN RATEN...: No don't Fan me ¢¾Em...: lol sorry ideleted u as fans i will fan u again ->DOWN RATEN...: Hello ->DOWN RATEN...: is that better ?? ¢¾Em...: even fanned you ¢¾Em...: Thanks for the 6 but i gave u 11 instead ♥МĨĹ&#
hate brings the soul down it fills ur life with makes life worthless. when everybody u love leaves u. i u do is hate. there is no laughter just sadness. u feel usless and nothing ever goes right is filled with this evil. it never ever goes away. no matter what u do.sometimes it hurts so much u want to curl up and die. u look happy on the outside but within u are hurting getting eatting alive with hate.u go completly insane cause of it u have noone there to help u out of it. then nothing is ever the same...
Dont Make Me Delete Ya
Ooooo Lala*~*~
I love Mr. Luke Everett Stanley!!!!!!! the crapy... they were taken at work, will get some more hopefully soon!!!
If you can take a few moments and come help out my sister in her tattoo contest. She and I would greatly appreciate that. Just click the picture and it will take you to the contest. Thanks.
Help If You Can
hey all, my fiancee was just aressted because his crazy ex tracy had him aressted because she conned him into having sex with her by telling him that she would drop all charges against him and so he pitty fucked her to save his own ass and she put him away again for it, i know i'm new on this site but he's not and if anyone out there can help we'd appreciate it, tracy's screen name is remember faith be warned she's off her rocker and will stop at nothing to bring everyone down, she's claimed to have had 3 misscarrages in the last 3 months but yet now she says she's 4 months pregnant, delete her if you know her she's nothing but trouble, thank you for your help
My Everything!!!!
The loneliness of nights alone, the search for strength to carry on, my every hope has seemed to die, my eyes have no more tears to cry and like the sun shinning up above you surrounded me with your endless love, and all the things I couldn’t see are now so clear to me, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING! . One of my favorites
My Life
Talk about going through hell and then some..... ok, here's what's been going on for those who haven't talked to me in a while..... My marriage of five years has finally come to an end. After years of trying, well, he just couldn't stay faithfull and I just couldn't make myself happy. We have been separated now for about 2 months. I have started on the divorce papers but can't take them to the court house without money and that's just something I don't have right now. He has lost everything, he got fired from his job, and he got kicked out of his home because he wasn't paying on it. He has been living on the streets for about a month now. I try not to feel sorry for him, but come on, I was married to him for 5 years. To top that off, I just found out last Wednesday that my soon to be ex-husband has lung cancer. It kind of makes you feel like crap for leaving him, but at the same time don't want to go back to him and live with all the stress again. Ok, on to the next one. I have b
The Reason Im Not On My Old Account
Had one of her friends go whine piss and moan and groan like a little bitch to get my account deactivated her yahoo id is (wiccanseduction) go tell this bitch how you feel her friends name is paul and they think they are gonna turn me in and shit i dont give a fuck you dont like me tell me now because im tired of the little internet kiddie games running to someone else with your tail between your legs little bitch ass nigga's i will fucking be here forever and ever until babyjesus bans my ip and i dont see that happening i have reported this site to which is the domain provider for illegal content and there for and here out i will be getting into contact with more people because of this little fucking episode
Women Make Me Sick!
women deserve to be puked pee'd and shit on! then have their heads shoved in a toilet
Im A Creap
everything in my life is all about me i like to play mind games with every girl i meet and talk to i love to tell you that i love you but i dont mean it i say im a music pro but really im a perv who likes to pray on girls and f*** there heads up i did it too 7 girls in the uk told them i loved them and wanted them to move out with me and one of them gave her house up to be with me and i dumped her like a bit of dirt on the bottom of my shoe who cares i dont tell me what you think of me do you think im scum just tell me
Cam Nikki
Hey, are you bored like me? Always looking for that next big step of excitment? That's exactly what I said! The more excitment the better! So, i surfed google and found this one dating network "Camazon". They not only have USER VIDEO CHATS, but email, messaging, the whole 9 yards@! so ya, I setup my own profile maybe drop by gimme your opinion: Camazon Singles: Nikki's user profile
Always cut up and down, never across!!
Queens Palace
Me, Myself And I
i have a boyfriend and his name is josh hes my baby and i love him so much, and i stay with him the majority of the time!
This will clear some stuff up here lindsey is a lier... she told every1 that she misscarryed my child wich later on every1 found out was a lie and they didnt even beleave her at first iether wow hey the other lies are minor but another of my fav is o im not a cheater... here is the proof injoy busted cheating... and I even did this for her... This was my x i had been with for 4 years N I did love her but she had cheated on me and well she said i cheated on her but in my eyes i was token advantage of... and it had happend in the third year of beeing with her and thats when i had found out she had cheated on me with someone else and broke up with me for a month to have sex with someone else and i went back out with her then she just left me in my home town and ditched me with my parents... any way here are some more websites i have made about my life injoy the music videos http://www.g
Stepped On
Every time you think you have some one figured out you get slapped in the face, kicked in the balls, poked in the eye, stabbed in the back. People are fake they tell you what you want to hear and take what they want from you. Being able to see the signs of the weather and just knowing the feeling that your screwed, that is worth so much in words. It is that slammed into a wall and when you peel your self off of that wall and start looking around everything is in slow motion and nothing you do will help. It is sad to say I know and see the storm coming what a mother fucker.
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!!!
The Prefect Woman
My prefect woman: - Simple - Loving - Caring - Not afriad of being herself - Loves kids - Likes me for me - Loves metal and industrial - Speaks her mind - Doesnt mind getting drunk once and awhile It takes some people their whole life to find that perfect someone. I am glad to say that I have found that someone! She is everything I have ever wanted and way more! She is the only one that makes me smile! And I just cant wait to be with her!! Lacey Cash, I love you so much and you are my prefect woman and I will never let you go and I will do whatever I have to, to keep you happy! Love, Aaron
Ya Ever Notice?
Ok here is my beef. Some women on here that are infamous have hot bodies but one jack up mug. I really don't get it. I would sit there masterbate all over the body but not even kiss them lips. That when it his me. Do hot bodies really compensate for a jack up grill?~x
She Is In My Heart
sorry people i dont have a pic on my profile yet dont have a digital camera
Men Are Hypocrites
Yep, I'm Here.
I got suckered into joining Fubar. Yes, I know. I'm being a cynical jerk again. But serious, seems pretty I get to look at nice racks for free. =P More later...
Top Ten List #3
10. Immediately go shopping for zucchini and cucumbers. 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half. 8. See if they could finally do the splits. 7. See if it's truly possible to launch a ping pong ball 20 feet. 6. Cross their legs without rearranging their crotch. 5. Get picked up in a bar in less than 10 minutes ... BEFORE closing time. 4. Have consecutive multiple orgasms and still be ready for more without sleeping first. 3. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to have it recorded on video. 2. Sit on the edge of the bed and pray for breasts too. 1. Finally find that damned G-spot.
To All Will Girls He Been Talking To This Is His Wife
look truthfully i caught him cheating alreadly and sending messages to 5 girls abiout wantting to sleep with them some are local , we have 1 yr daughter , and im married in real life to him , im , im not mad at angirls who he might be talking to i know not ur fault im just trying to find out whats going on if i alreadly asked and u replyed igore message cause im sending them to all girls on list babe has he hitt on u badly or send u messages about his email or call you? please let me know
What The Fuck Is Up?
Well it's easier to get laid on myspace that's for sure. With the time I have on here i could have went to a club and picked up at least a couple of honies to have some fun with. Oh well i'm already committed to it so fuck it. Why is it that if i rate your shitty ass pic a 1, cause you are either too old to be wearing some of that shit or, your an old guy with a my space pic lookin all gay and tryin to pick up some teenage girl, you gotta rate my funny pics a 1 and block me? Pussy's, it is what it is so you can suck my dick ho cake mother fucker!!!!!!!! Now what?
In Love
im in love with safe "n" scrumpy aka laura shes soo sweet but shes in love with someone who dont even know she exists
Im Gonna Fucking Lose It
I dont know my self any more. Ive been though so much I dont understand what it is im doinng. Im not happy...should i be? I want then dont want. I do know that im fucked up, pissed of, and my mind seams to be fubared. I need time to think, to reflect, to find out what is going on with my iner workings. This is not me, but I see shades of my self behind my minds eye. so many things going on in my mind. I cant think...but i know i i going crazzy yet. If you knew the things I know,see, would think im crazzy. But as of late...Things are clear its just so much to take in, too much to think about, am I coming or going, right or not,good or bad. I dont know what the hell is going on. I know that when i was younger I felt so much better about every thing around me, now it seamsas if the whole thing just fell apart.
2 All People
i don't have any pic's at the moment to put on my profile but when i do you'll know.
Hello, From Austin, Tx!!!
Yes i'm a little new here, and learning to work fubar. In a few minutes i'm ready to go back to Yahoo.....I have an IM there xoxoxo, spiralbead Hi, My name is Shannon (SWF/31/ Austin, TX), looking for a nice man over 30. Somewhat liberal, a little spiritual and I don't mean Christians (i never date christians) because I am a a GOOD Witch/Wiccan/Pagan girl. I will convert you, don't worry. I just hope I can find cool guy to to someday spend my life with in a few yrs, not in a big hurry. Please contact me if you are curious, no perverts, or those that want only sex. Also, if any girls looking for a friend contact me. I am hoping for people in Austin, but if you are cool, i'll chat with you.
ok people this is to set the record straight.. Denice...AKA UPSTATEHOTLIP is my GF . not that abusing babykill asshole CHAZZ.... she has dumped him for a better man ME we have met and she is moving out here to ALASKA with me.. those sexy pics were taken here at my home.. SO ANYONE WHO KNOW THIS ABUSING BABY KILLING.. CRAZY ASSED seal cHAZZ TELL HIM HE BEST BACK UP OFF US OR i WILL DO WHAT OTHERS COULD NOT.. SHE DOES NOT WANT HIM OR LOVE HIM ANYMORE IT IS HER AND I IN LOVE AND A COUPLE.. PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOURS AND HER FRIENDS THANKS ALL TONY
Wanted Ladies!!
Looking for a single lady. I have been out of the dating world for 18 years now. I have 2 kids if you are interested and live in the area lets hook up..
Conversation With My Ex R/l B/f
mercilynn_1973: i just told her everything fireman7912: I HOPR YOU ARE FUCKING HAPPY NOW YOU FUCKING CUTE fireman7912: CUNT mercilynn_1973: i am mercilynn_1973: you fucking loser mercilynn_1973: go get daddy to bail you out mercilynn_1973: your the fucking asshoole that wanted me there you are the fucking loser that took everything away from me mercilynn_1973: fuck you mercilynn_1973: you dont know how to love fireman7912: NO YOU TOOK EVERY AWAY FROM YOUR SELF FOR LEVEING YOUR KIDS mercilynn_1973: yea what fucking ever mercilynn_1973: fuck you mercilynn_1973: you will get your shit back mercilynn_1973: send me mine mercilynn_1973: you lost one you care about fuck!!!! mercilynn_1973: you were cheating on me for a long fucking time i knew it i saw everything on your fucking computer you think im so fucking stupid mercilynn_1973: the way we used to make love then all of a suddon you want your room your this mercilynn_1973: as long as i paid your fucking bills and fed y
Sexy Nawtey Marie For Hot Phonesex
HI, guys im hot sexy marie, im the lady of your dreams, im the lady next door so dont wait call me at 1-888-47-horny here is my link 2.00 a min if you call me im sure to make you melt, thats why they call me hot sexy marie
Try This Bitches!!!!
Body: Who knows me best? The race is on......this is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME... even if you don't have any idea.... and send it back to ME in a message(copy & paste). But first post a blank one out to all your friends so they can return the favor to you. Be honest. Oh, and make your answers amusing :] My name: Summarize me in one sentence: Where did we meet? Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me? When is the last time that we saw each other? Am I happy? Am I a good person? What was your first impression of upon meeting me/seeing me? What's one of my favorite things to do? Who do I love more than my life? Am I funny? Have i ever made you smile..if so when? What's my favorite type of music? Am I honest? Have you ever seen me cry? Can I sing? What is the best feature about me? Am I shy or outgoing? Do I lie? Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, p
Why Is It That......
Fucking Sluts
i'll watch down the hall people walk past and look at you differntly your not normal to them but what is normal are they really normal they who all look and act the same or are we the ones who are normal differnt aqnd indiviuals we stand together but walk alone i'm thinking normal is only a myth what about you was thinking about how charaters in storys narrorate thier life and they are the main charater. if my life was a story i would only be a side note, you would be my main charater. You know the feeling you get when your really little and you know your getting alot of presents and exactaly want you wanted for christmas or your birthday? when ever i see you, i get that same giddy feeling inside. Do you know the feeling when your cats dies, your dog runs away or your parents fight. Thats how i feel now knowing i am losing you again. I guess you could all call me really pathetic, i would probley agree. why shouldn't i agree i'm like one of those pe
Help My Friend 2
Me Me Me
Hello e1! My name is Melissa. I'm 24 years old and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a single mother to 2 very loved children. A beautiful daughter who is almost 5 and a very loved and dearly missed son who is in God's hands! R.I.P. Hunter! Mommy & Sissy love and miss you very much! I miss you very much every day! Every day gets harder and harder it seems but, I know you're in a much better place. A place of no pain, no suffering, no tears, no sorrows. I can't wait for the day I will meet you at the Gates of Heaven FOR ETERNITY!!!!! I Love You So Much Baby Boy!
What I Want
People Having No Respect For Other People!
(the Sandman)@ Fubar
Well the day has come and gone. i am soooooo releaved that it is over that is one marriage i guess should not have happened. everyone told me don't do it, well i did and after 1 year of being married and 5 years of being together it is ALL over. You know when family and friends tell you don't do it maybe you need to step BACK and think about what YOU are about to do.
If No1 Hears From Me
I love smokin' because it never cause problems between friends and it never gives u hangovers. U never hear of anyone over dosage on weed but beer and all the other drugs they can over dosage on.
Show Him Mad Love
well i know that god wanted all to love all and have peace and love and faith and hope not envy or jealousy y or hatered so why all the hate 4 i wish i knew
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET
sorry for bringing this shit to fubar but everyone on yahoo is tired of this shit and they all know who hee really is now so typing over there has no effect on him, i warnrd him i was gonna do this if he didnt stop ive known him for 3 years now and at first we were best friends, but when i wouldnt meet his demands, things like not talk to ppl he didnt approve he started harrassing me...posting my numbers(like hes doing now on here), calling my family members, going on the internet finding out what he could about them but thats not why im here, i fought back and maybe i deserved it. im here cause of what he does to ppl that have done nothing to him, good and caring ppl, all because at 1 point he was friends with them and they chose to remain fritnds with me heres some examples -he threatened to killa husband and wife teamm here on yahoo and their kids, he even posted links to their kids school to show he was researching -he harrassed a sweet girl that lost her baby to a terrible a
Why when you love someone do they use you. For a piece of ass or someone to put down so they feel better. Or to piss people off. Why Why Why
Govt New Or Like Last 3 Demo
placed a order with recently. the email that they sent me had my correct address in it. the address they gave ups was wrong and ups delivered it to a nonexistent address. and neither one is willing to admit a fault or fix it f'in morons. think ill tell the BBB bought it.
I really do not know what is going on but all day I have felt drained . All day long I have felt as if I was coming down sick , I am tired and sluggish, which isn't like me in the least . The only reasonable answer would be I am getting sick just before the holiday. But the way my luck goes I still have to work sick or not . At least its going to be quiet and slow the way I love it .
Twilight Levelers
Have you ever been so so close to leveling but no matter what you do nobody will help you unless you have auto 11s? Well heres were I come in so I am going to start a family called the twilight levelers! The purpose of this family will be helping fubars level! The RULES: Only serious levelers will be accepted (so if your not gonna f/r/a and rate pics/stash then dont waste my time or ur own time) You must be sure you have plenty of pics and stash uploaded for us to rate! Everything needs to be fair so If I dont ever see you helping level then I will ask you to leave the family! Also all bullys that I post must be reposted by all twilight members online! When becoming a member it doesnt matter the level u are at you just have to have a verified salute! If someone from the family is rating you please return the love and rate them back! ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA I will do a pimpout every week of one of the levelers and the other levelers will be responsible
Pegasus Project
FoundersDove Goddess?Wild Horse's R/L Luv?CoFounder of The Pegasus Project?FuMinisterWild Horse~Fubar's 20th Oracle~~CoFounder of The Pegasus Project~Council*?..ABBY..~aka..Lil.Pegasus*?~Pegasus Project~Council~*Anna~Shadow leveler~The Pegasus Project-council~Teddy Bear Beer Hunter is my owner~CANDY KISSES~PEGASUS PROJECT CouncilTeam 1Team LeaderAmazing Grace~The Pegasus Project Team Leader~
in the gentle tides of lovers let the calming waters pull you down when I touch you I feel you shiver I feel your heartbeat I can never get enough as we leave the world behind restless turns moist your mouth with my tongue touching your face my hands strayed knowing your taste ecstasy fill me full with thirsty love flow inside me like champagne flowing inside the spiral as we feel the water rushing over us this gentle tide seeing this ocean in your eyes
What Is 2 Drunk
Well as everybody knows it was New Years Eve last night. Well me and a couple of friends went out last night and got drunk. It started out as a couple of beers. By midnight it was beers and a few shots and when we got ready to go one of my friends said that he was too drunk to go home because his girlfriend was going to be mad and she probably wouldn't let him in the house. So what iI want to know is how can you be too drunk to get in your own house.
Yesterday's Gone
If you woke tomorrow and everyone you loved was gone would your life still have meaning would you still carry on would you sit down and cry not knowing what to do would you lay down and die or start life anew???  Life sucks it's just that simple no need to sweeten it if it taste like crap suck it up and smile so everyone can see your shit eating grin... you know it, i know it ,so why sugar coat the crap.   My father bless his soul died at the age of 63..... A man who struggled his entire God forsaken life, A man who lived his life according to his heart and died june 27th 2008 still listening to it.   My dad was born 1945 on april 18th, I was born just  25 year 2 months and 11 days after him, he died on my 38th birthday... happy fucking birthday to fucking sucks so suck it UP and grin, tomorrows a new day, life goes on, right????? well not for him it doesn't. he's in a better place...right??? saids you. sugar coat life all you want, the god awful truth t
Tha 1st.
Hey ppl im new to fubar, i like it so far,, as soon as i get some photos on this comp ill add them on here,, im lookin for cool ppl,"NOT SEX" so no perves please, unless its a hot chic lmao j/k....i dont know who can read this i hope everyone can,, so e-mail me ppl and help me out,, so wats tha coolest thing on fubar???? let me know ppl,,
The Dumb Ass
DELETING ACCOUNT IN 5 DAYS. THIS IS FROM MY EX WHO HAS BEEN TALKING SHIT ABOUT ME MY HUSBAND AND OUR SON. you better clean up that story you know all of that shit is a lie.I have hundreds of witnesses that will give the real story,you clam you have a life well fucken live your own shit and leave mine the fuck alone do you want a whole shit load of legal problems. ya better stop leave my life the fuck alone and keep your nose up titties mans ass and keep that thing outta here too,also you leave shit out like you provoking me and all that other shit your are not the angel you clame too be!!! you selpt with a homeless guy and worst of all a FUCKING SEX OFFENDER,a guy that messed with a 14 year old girl come on now that is really wrong i would have shot him anyways i am done with your shit and you better stop yours if the law won't do anything about it i will take matters in to my own hands GOT THAT take it how ever the fuck you want LEAVE ME AND MY WIFE AND FRIENDS ALONE!!!! my f
Freedom started today... no more pain and neglect you wanted her and me too cant have it both ways i loved u as i have loved no other the pain will ease in time the loneliness i can handle the cheating i cant i hope you will be happy with her i hope she is good to you cause it ruined our marriage a marriage i thought was for life now i know different but you made your choice and im making mine freedom from the pain, freedom from the neglect just freedom So today is the start, i wont feel the pain today
The Father A Child Of A Mother I Really Do Love!
Ok let me start by sayen I will call you My drug of choice! I am sorry i be came that other person! you may never belave nor forgive me but I still want to be the daddy of that butiful child that was made by us and I am sorry you can never say it was a slip in judgement! Cause I love you and I know some where in you you still love me and i am sorry i have the same problem as the other family member ! I am sorry it came out to late that I am manic!!!!!! its not something i was ok with sayen but guess what i ant hiden nomore i have no shame ! I am sorry i lost you! please dont take my baby too!
alicenwndlnd/ Fubar is too fucked up for me to navigate, send me a friend request on myspace, name aforementioned..keep bad ass music there...hit me up!!!!
My Rlc Profile Page
Another Fake
Fu Life/ Real Life
So here is an Interesting thought that came across my mind in the middle of the night last night. For some people fubar is Real life! You eat here, you sleep here, you hang out here, and you work here! Now thats all fine and good but there is a point in time where you ahve to ask yourself..WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING! In my time here on fubar i have met some really cool people. In that time i have also met some really fucked up and horrible people. I've been stalked, harrassed, yelled at, insulted, and last but not least i broke my every rule and I fell in love on here. A love that I couldnt see happeneing in Real life some days and other days I craved and would have dropped almost everything for. A love that was so strong but because it was through the phone and computer it so easily got lost in the hamper due to a shitty phone company and a horrible internet connection. Now as life stands I am no longer able to speak to him due to certain people who think they have the right to put
She's Gone Forever Woo Hoo
i really would like to meet the right girl in my area in orefield PA, but i don't think that will ever happen cause every girl i ever went out with ended up being some pshycodict bitch, but if there is someone else out there as lonely as me, send me a message and maybe will go out somewhere and have a good time.
Need Help
i need help on a lounge bulin so i can past it to my profile so people can come to my lounge if you can help me with it please im me on yahoo messenger gismoe1313  thanks
tha puertican papi
"57% of women cheat on their partner"   How can things seem so right and then just fall out of place I felt like you were the one now tears are running down my face I gave you all i had to give I thought i could trust you but you abused what we had I thought what you said was true you hurt me more than you realize far more than i will let you see I would have given my life for you how could you lie to me? I hope you enjoyed your time with him I'm sure it was truely special I wonder if i even crossed your mind you have made my life a living hell you promised it would nnever happen because you had been through the same thing I guess you just forgot that part you forgot about the stinging pain it is hard not to hate you hard to just let go hard to think about the "love" we had I just wanted you to know it hurts everytime i see you out and when i hear those stupid songs it hurts when i find pitcures of us you'll never right these wrongs I felt so comfortable w
Marketing Ideas Small Business
marketing ideas small business superbadasslistbuilder
Fast Weight Loss Tips Easy Diet Plans
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Hollywod's hottest Sweet teens digging deep in the ass Celebrity Toons from Movies and TV Full access to all XXX Over 1 million fake images of celeb Black lesbians eating chocolate snatches MILFS getting fucked by MassiveBlack Cocks White pussies RIPPED by the Black cocks Asshole and buttfucking session by pregnant Exclusive video and pictures
Real Live Farm Sex! Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Hot 18 ears old girls Real Live Farm Sex! 100% Real Milf Submissions Real Live Farm Sex! Cheating gfs - everything 100% real! Hollywoo
Fubar Sucks Some One Kick Me Off
fubar sucks some one kick me off
Fuc Yeah
The Big Nasty
Sensitive Skin Care
sensitive skin care sensitive skin watermelon skin benefits
F.s.i. Fags
This group of so nice individuals who don't know how to play fumafia, let alone keep fumafia in fumafia. They seem to think it's cool to fuown me, and rate me 1's. I am here for fumafia and fumafia only, I could give a shit about my fubar profile, now it is my objective to just beat everyone in this turf as I level off them!
Meanderings In A Plain Of Desolation
whether anything i post will illicit 10/11's from people.
Double Standards To Fu Or Not Tfu
Godmode Family Spots
I will be running a GODMODE, have 39 SPOTS AVAILABLE!! YOU want in? It's gonna be 5 CREDITS and WILL NOT RUN UNTIL ALL SPOTS ARE FILLED!! Or it will cost you 5 MILL. Fu-Bucks!! P/M me with your offers!! Think about this!! If you have to use your thumbprint to log into your computer, you are exposed!! If you have to use your hand print to clock into your job, you are exposed!! If you have to use your eyeball to get into a restricted area at your job (retina login) you are exposed and if you have to login and use your voice to gain access to your job or computer, you are exposed!! People of AMERICA and the FREE WORLD, if you succomb to this new technology, you are getting everything you have coming to you for allowing the GOVERNMENT to brainwash you and tell you this is a new way of life or protect you from society's derelicts and hackers!! You are doing nothing but fueling their ambitions to strip you from your human and constitutional rights!! Do not be fooled by the new technology bei
There is  a way to find out who these rat WPP people are. You will need to download the OPERA browser for this. This is the only browser you can do this with. GOOGLE free OPERA download for whatever operating system you are using. Operating system is for example: VISTA ,XP PROFESSIONAL, WINDOWS 7 etc. So if you are operating windows 7 type this in google: FREE OPERA DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 7. Load browser and sign into fubar as usual. Click on any WPP player. Click on ADD TO HITLIST, then put cursor on the name and RIGHT CLICK it. You will see a drop down menu choose INSPECT ELEMENT. A white box will appear and on the left of this box you'll see a BLUE SHADED area,look for a 7 digit number preceding the mafia mobster name this is their FUBAR PROFILE ID NUMBER. add in front of any number into your address bar and hit enter and this will bring you to their profile.
Its My Life
I'm still alive....   its true that life can get in the way of all the fun....but sometimes you just have to stop running stop and breath and listen to the sounds around you..... and that is exactly what i have i am wondering....what is my life....whats inportant....and where is my life going.... right now its going NOWHERE......well it seems to day same ol after another of mixed emotions.....dreams i have that i know will never come true....things i miss.....things i want....things my life seems to be missing.... What exactly is missing from my life......that is a question i have to answer once i totaly understand it.....i know what a lame thing to say....but hey its true.... What do you do when you know how you feel...but know its not what it should this as confussing to you as it is to me..... all i can say is someday.....someday.....thats all any of us can say....... Can life get anymore compicated...... i ask this because
New Profile
The Truth About Liberal Democrates
Senate Says   Submitted by buzzadmin on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 1:38pm. Guest Commentary JACQUELINE MARCUS FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT Where is the outrage over the radical provision in the Levin-McCain National Defense Act? Tuesday, November 29th 2011, the Senate voted on a bill that allows the US military to imprison civilians with no formal charges and hold them indefinitely with no trial. The ACLU reports even US citizens wouldn't be immune as the legislation aims to declare national territory part of the "battlefield" in the War on Terror. You can read more about the NDAA provision here. What it means: It's shocking to learn that the majority of representatives and senators have replaced our civil liberties with a de facto military dictatorship while no one is watching. How is the Levin-McCain provision different from Patriot Act laws? If an American citizen is seen as a threat to the government, that citizen will be denied his/her constitutional rights of protection, as Jus
i have noticed that other ppl will have nsfw contest and offer stuff for the winner  2nd place and 3 place but when i do it no one wants to do it  i have tryed asking for tits contest an  ass contest  a totaly nude contest  so  i am asking you girls what would you like to do  DO A TITS SALUTE AND ASS SALUTE  THE WINNER WILL GET 5  M FUBUCKS AND YOUR CHOICE OF BLING LESS THAN 100 CREDITS 2PLACE WILL GET  3 M FUBUCKS AND 25 BLINGS CREDITS 3 PLACE WILL GET A BOOMERANG AND   AUTO 11 LET ME KNOW BUY LEAVING COMMITS AND ANY OTHER THING YOU WOULD WANT  AND WHICH ONE YOU WOULD DO A TITS SALUTE AND ASS SALUTE OR A TOTALLY NUDE SALUTE DONT KNOW WHEN I WILL BE DOING THIS I JUST WANT FOR YOU GIRLS TO BE SERIOUS  AND NOT BACK OUT AT THE LAST MIN. AND I WILL SAY THIS LADIES I AM A MAN OF MY WORD I WILL PAY YOU 
Echo Street High
Well it'z another sunrize here and I'm still dig'n the fact that this is "God's Country" and so glad to be here! Not sure what to write about this morning. Been trying my luck with some of the dating sites,met some nice folks but just can't seem to get over the hump! Maybe I'm not suppose to find ms. right ,right now.......but if youre out there I'm looking for YOU.............pack a toothbrush and get ready for the time of your life! moluv2ya We got to south fla. about two weeks ago, just following da $ if ya know what i mean......we just started hooking shit up and un-tangling stuff........we left NC at 5:oopm 5/25/2012 right after the movers left with the truck.......I-95 south and hang a right 6:30am 5/26/2012 and were here! We want to make global music that everyone can to.....sing to.....make love to....just good music...the world better wake da fuck up and start love'n again cause time is short and so is life! We gonna flo with an echo st. high that everyone can g
Banter Squad
Bamboozlement, mystification, hoodwinking and conning are crucial to con men and their enemies of the swindle. Many swindles through the years have long been tackled by them and their fellow adversaries in their quest to bamboozle into counter-trickery and hoodwinking as they come up with separate schemes involving the con men and the bunco quad officers who get embroiled in certain areas of conning and guessing on the gritty streets of the world. The commit countless crimes, misdemeanors and deception as they fool the competitors in many confidence games concerning controversial swindles. When the swindler gets bamboozled into trickery, he tells his fellow con men to fool his fellow bunco squad investigators to conspire within by going after each other in a cat-and-mice game of mystification through hoodwink. Mom will help me prepare Banana Nut Loaves for all three of us and for St. Mary's Wild Rice Festival this September. Make sure Mom and I pack up for our three-day/two-night tr
Stupid Boys In Sb's
5:49pm To BLACK OPS: put your helmet back on and stop licking the fucking windows,,, 5:49pm BLACK OPS: add me on yahoo,, 5:51pm To BLACK OPS: why would i want to add you on yahoo? 5:51pm BLACK OPS: cos u look so hot and sexy 5:54pm To BLACK OPS: i know that im a sexy bitch and all, but damn, desperate mofo 5:55pm BLACK OPS: so u desperat 5:56pm To BLACK OPS: im not desperate, im married. 5:56pm BLACK OPS: lol mmmmmmmmm so we can havesex 5:58pm To BLACK OPS: unless you want to die, i suggest that you cut that shit out 5:59pm BLACK OPS: hahahahahahahaha u funny 5:59pm BLACK OPS: i mean it u look so hot   6:06pm To BLACK OPS: yeah..uh huh, i wasn't kidding 6:06pm BLACK OPS: me to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this guy is the meaning of retarded... :D
hi frenz
Chicks Who Love Dick
my dick is hard and in need of pussy
Femenist Killa
    I wanna be strapped to this chair, prferrably by a woman. The challenging part is gonna be whether she has the balls to flip the switch. Any takers....dont be shy ladies
If Ur Easy.
people look down on the words i say or the questions i ask. the fact is im honest and up front. it hard to hold back what i really want to say which is, if ur looking to get down with out the strings so am i or if u wanna chat sexy so do i. dont hate me for it honor the fact that im honest. im a nice guy that gets judged for the dumbest thing. im easy, if u are we should hook up seriously.

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