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Lmao, My gay best bud got online and this is what he comes online to…

Lmao Jason.. that is Me.. I am the forgotten son :P See I told you I could act like a Christian and that ya wouldn't be able to tell the difference.. LMAO

No I do not share the views of those below..shit I am a atheist I do not even believe in the god or devil.. just thought it would be funny to mess with him since he has not been on for a year

read from bottom up...

L ' ange d...: well, you do that honey, pray all you want, and while your at it, ask god why he has let so many children go hungry, beatin, killed and throw to the side, molested, you would think a god, of his caliber wouldnt let little innocent babies be molested by grown men
To L ' ange d...: good day sir
To L ' ange d...: I shall pray for your soul
L ' ange d...: you stick to what you do, and ill stick to what i do,
†hê £ðrgð†...: Sir.. I am not attacking you, just want to save your soul
†hê £ðrgð†...: homosexualityy is wrong, please read your bible
†hê £ðrgð†...: lilith, simple jewish folk lore, or do you speak of the one in the vampire chronicles of her thinking she was equal to man.. please I am trying to save your soul not talk fairy tale
L ' ange d...: NO where in the bible does it say HOMOsexuality is wrong, thank you, good day,
L ' ange d...: and how do you know? are you gay? i guess the devil got in my head as a baby, and made me like men, yeah your stories dont add up, i bet you dont even know who lilith is do you?
†hê £ðrgð†...: Not create you, god created the person, the devil temps you to go against god, like you being gay, YOU THINK you were born that way, but you were not. The devil tempted you to sleep with men to go against gods laws
L ' ange d...: so your saying the devil had the power to create people, wow, that thats disrespectful to your lord isnt it?
†hê £ðrgð†...: Jesus did not design gays, the devil did! He wants you to procreate, man and man is not natural, please I beg of you repent
L ' ange d...: then he will love me for WHO i am, who he designed me as, be opened minded
†hê £ðrgð†...: Please sir, that is blasphemy, please respect my lord and savior. Jesus loves you, he loves all his children
L ' ange d...: pls ask jesus, why he hasnt called me, he filled me full of his holy ghost, and i squirted it all across my shower when i farted
†hê £ðrgð†...: I am human, that is my flaw, I do apologize, but I am trying to save your soul at any cost. Please do not turn your back on the lord cause of me, I beg of you
L ' ange d...: ill never pray, and just you want me to respect you, but yet you come to my page, and disrespect me,hmm, how like a christian, lol
†hê £ðrgð†...: It has been some time since you answered, I Do hope you are praying to OUR lord and savior, He is still your god even if you have turned youor back on him. He still loves you and awaits to be your salvation
†hê £ðrgð†...: I am not speaking of a website, I am speaking of your eternal soul, your salvation. PLEASE give your life up to Jesus. Only he can save you. Please sir that is blasphemy. Please respect my faith. I am trying to save your sould.
L ' ange d...: i gave my self to jesus, he fucked me and never called back, now can you get on your knees repent and ask why, he didnt call back?
L ' ange d...: plus, fyi, this gay has been on this site, when it first formed, so get your facts straight lol
†hê £ðrgð†...: If you repent, you can shine in heaven with our lords love. Don't you want to be saved? Give yourself to jesus
L ' ange d...: well, no thanks, im going to hell where its a party, all the time, and unlike heaven i get sex, in hell!
†hê £ðrgð†...: I am not ignorant sir, I am just trying to save your eternal soul for our lord and savior.
L ' ange d...: lol its nice to see ignorant people fully functional , heres you a cookie!
†hê £ðrgð†...: That is blasphemous, please do not speak about my lord and savior like that. He really wants to save your soul from your gay mind, there are no gays, just people corrupted by the world.
L ' ange d...: your talking to me, SO you stop , come out of the closet, i gave my virginity to christ he was average, but laid in bed
†hê £ðrgð†...: Do not talk to me, please give your life to Jesus. I am trying to save your soul
L ' ange d...: OMG i would love to in hell its where all the hot guys will be!
†hê £ðrgð†...: Gays on the fu! Burn in hell! Jesus will save your soul

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