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30 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · fu-Owned by Miss Barbara and is worth 100,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on May 8th · 46 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!
30 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · fu-Owned by Miss Barbara and is worth 100,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on May 8th · 46 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!

30 Year Old · Male · From New York, NY · fu-Owned by Miss Barbara and is worth 100,000,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on May 8th · 46 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!

If you know what this symbol is then you know what I am about, do not allow my age to lead you to believe that one as young as I cannot be experienced in this lifestyle. If you would like to know more, about my experience in this lifestyle, or general interests then by all means.. contact me. Always looking to meet people in the lifestyle.

While I enjoy music I am not one who has hundreds of bands I am not one who only listens to one genre of music.

While I like many types here is a list of some of the types of music I like are

Rock & Roll
Hip Hop
Black Metal

Some of my musical dislikes are
Christian Rock
Christian Pop
...and other types of religious geared music

Not as in depth as others but hey when its music i have no real preference, if I like it I will listen to it, if I do not like it then I wont. I especially like songs with a socio-political, or socially conscious message

I am a huge movie and television fan...

My favorite television Shows are
Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order Criminal Intent
Most Evil
...Favorite Channels are the History Channel, Military Channel, and Investigation Discovery Channel

some of my favorite Movies Are...
Saw (I-V)
Nightmare on Elm Street Films
Jason Films
Halloween Films
Manchurian Candidate
The Descent
Serpents & Rainbows
Wicked Things
Under World: Evolution
Queen Of The Damned
Pulp Fiction
Requiem For A Dream
across the universe
the butterfly effect
i am legend
30 days of night
shoot em' up
let's go to prison
boondock saints
jay and silent bob strike back
lucky number slevin
the number 23
donnie darko
planet terror
kill bill vol. I & II
reservoir dogs
dawn of the dead
i now pronounce you chuck and larry
pirates of the carribean
Cry Freedom
Interview With The Vampire
The Craft
The Cell
American History X


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I do not have a religion. I believe that man is responsible for his own choices in life. That each man has their own morality meter within them, that we do not need religion to tell us what is right and what is wrong.

I am an atheist, an agnostic atheist. I will not bash your religion, but do not shove your religion down my throat. I will call you on it and debate you on it if need be.

I do like a good debate, so if you give me a good one I may save the conversation.

Do not assume that because I am an atheist that I know nothing of your religion, to do so will be a grave mistake on your part, I have read up on all the worlds religions, to gain knowledge of personal self. So I do know about religions, I just make a personal choice not to believe in god and things affiliated with a God or organized religion.

I enjoy the idiocy that atheism is a religion, the definition of religion is to believe in a Higher power(s) of some sort and worship them as entities over your self, Atheism couldn't be further from a religion since Atheism is the belief that there is no god.. pass that it has no set of ways or customs that one must abide by..

In this world I believe religion separates more people than it actually brings together so I choose not to align my self with any one religion.

I believe that those that consider themselves saved have screw up the interpretation of their God's words, and for the most part are screwed up and misrepresented, especially for those who use their Gods name as a means to judge and hate others.

I get asked this a lot so...do I believe that God exist, no, do I personally accept him/her as my personal savior, that will one day bring me to heaven...No!

I accept all types of people, I don't judge based on race, religion, belief or sexual preference, as long as you don't disrespect me and misrepresent your self in any kind of way then I won't disrespect you in any way.

But do not make the wrong assumption that I am anything, I believe personally that we are our own people, that as people we should try and promote the well being of others, if by some chance some one does not agree with this then we should first try with words then with force to change their minds... Screw the notion of we are all this or that, we are all individuals, as that we are our own people, to make our own fucked up mistakes in life... deal with it...

I write a lot, many short stories, long works of writing and poetry if you want to see my work please check out my deviantart page, Here[will open in new tab]
^ you will see my views on a wide range of issues...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Your playing small does not serve the world; there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you.
We were all meant to shine as children ... it is not just in some of us, it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same as we are liberated from our own fear. Our presence automatically liberates others"
- Marianne Williamson -

Video Games

Well I use to be a major game player but as of now... I rarely play video games any more my favorite game types are, Role playing games, shooters, strategy games and platform games.

Some of my favorite titles are
Final Fantasy Series
Matrix Series
Metal gear solid Series
Grand Theft Auto Series
Suikoden Series
Devil May Cry Series
Digital Devil Saga
Blood Omen & Soul Reaver Series
The Elder Scrolls Series ..
Fallout games..

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  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Hahaha @ poor Bernie, sexually harrassing people!!!!!! More are stepping down, and one killed himself! As i said, the American people, have a right to know, who used the slush/hush fund!! Victim names, do not need to be releaaed.. yes, you're right, about lil kim, he watches closest, all of our actions, and begs for our attention ( like a two year old, having a temper tantrum). He knows, if he actually does anything, it is suicide, his people, will not be around, to worship him.. can you believe the FBI?? Those texts??? Hahaha!

    16 hrs ago · Reply
  • Emanon Eranatos likes these people!

    17 hrs ago
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Lmfaoooooo @ she lost TWICE. But but but its not her fault!! She couldn't evem whine err win, by cheating, knocking poor Bernie out, and FBI, on her side!!! Yes, i am sick of WAR, we need to be concerned over lil kim... he can knock us aka Cali off map!! Crazy as a loon aka lunatic!

    2 days ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Yes, i saw Hillary wants to run again, as Senator or Pres... doesn't she get the American people do not trust her???? Well Congress will be accused of polotics, if and when they go after FBI..but it is all going to come out!! i think, it's hilarious, how liberal women, are demanding Franken step down, and Conyer.. after Pelosie, said"he is a champion of women"! He wants his son, to take his seat, who is in trouble with law.. since when, can someone sell will their seat?? I tell ya, I cannot keep up with news! The terror attack in NY, the guy was here on a family visa, driving a cab.. yet, we are supposed to let everyone in, without vetting them?? My great grandma, came here the right way, took her years to learn English, very proud, when she became a citizen.. I wonder, what's going to happen here.. Governor Brown, asking for federal funds, for fires, AFTER sueing the Trp administration, because of our sanctuary city laws( which, they are using tax payer money, to pay Eric Holder, to defend them) haha

    3 days ago · Reply
  • Cousin ItEmanon Eranatos
    Que sera sera or something? Bye bye x

    3 days ago · Reply
  • Cousin ItEmanon Eranatos
    I'm not saying lock yourself indoors lol. Just stay safe!

    3 days ago · Reply
  • Cousin ItEmanon Eranatos
    He failed..the next one may not!

    3 days ago · Reply
  • Cousin ItEmanon Eranatos
    I read about that. You better stay safe!

    3 days ago · Reply
  • classicbeautyEmanon Eranatos

    Happy Monday!!

    3 days ago · Reply
  • Cousin ItEmanon Eranatos
    I'm not on book of faces these days. Hope you're well hun xxx

    4 days ago · Reply
  • 4 days ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Ohhh that's right.. she was NOT sworn in, was only documented, by notes! Since when does any law enforcement agency do this?? They must of been crossing t's and i's then, to guarantee, she couldn't be charged. Here in NorCal, people did or do not care about any of that. They hate Trump, even after what DNC did to poor Bernie! All you see here are( feel the bern) bumper stickers! When i pointed it out, everyone said, I don't want to talk politics!! No victim names, should ever be made public.. the ones who PAID, should be released though!! Nancy needs to go lmao

    6 days ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Yes, all hell is breaking out!! Flynn lied to FBI, but so did HRC!! I think, they need to make this slush/hush fund public!! Anyone who paid bictims, need to go with rest of them( stepping down)! And they are going to go over new sexual harassment policies?? Well any job, whether its a large corporation, or small business, has these laws posted.. i am sure, it will cost a million bucks to retrain them. What makes me sick, you cannot tell me Nancy Pelosi, didn't know about this! I never understand the hatred of jews or Israel.. Trump should of waited, till after holidays, to announce it. Three days of rage, after Friday prayers, ugh. I watch news, on all stations, our local news, doesn't mention FBI scandals, the Kate Steinly trial.. the shooter is an innocent victim, cause he found gun, the government are Arse holes, for dare trying to deport him, for sixth time lmao

    6 days ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    See news, Russia Russia Russia, got eliminated from Olympics, for doping... maybe HRC and the FBI, can help them out haha!

    1 wk ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Lmfaoooooo sheit changes so quickly.. hell now, they finally figured out FBI, is/was in tank for HRC, all along.. Flynn"s son, started the fake pizza thing online in PA, saying crazy crap.. why yes, amazing about the SLUSH err SHUSH fund.. makes me sicker than dog sheit!!

    1 wk ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Haha well, i am an independent.. But say, I'm a Republican, to piss all of California off..Flynn is turning into a traitor, his son is nuts. This sexual harassment claims, are going to continue, to fall like dominoes.. I actually posted, a blast about it.. two-way street. Yes, there are many sexually work environment. I worked in one for 15 years, i beat their arses, made them walk floors of hospital for fun..however, there are many women, who want that attention..wear low cut shirts, cleavage, throwing them self at any man..married or not, this was at hospital... so, you get, what you put out haha

    1 wk ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Oh I agree, they all are liars, the accusations, need to be investigated. They need to be put on administrative leave, just like any other company. HRC makes me sicker than dog sheit, pulling"woman" card, in election, she LOST!! Bubba and her threaten, lie, will do anything for money and power! I blame The Clintons for North Korea situation. Lil Kim, can now hit US with a missle. Dems keep blaming Trump for everything, he says and do. I trust Mad dog to clean their mess up..

    2 wks ago · Reply
  • Spunky RaindearEmanon Eranatos
    Yes Poor Donna, HRC and the democrats, hung her out to dry. Now with these sexual harassment bs, she was also harassed, of course, Hillary is for"women".. did you see her comment on Congressman Coniar,"he is a champion for women"? I will have, what she's having please hahaha

    2 wks ago · Reply
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