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WARNING: Lots of reading ahead...


Blogging Buffoon Activated

Though it shouldn't need to be said, since this is my blog these are my points of views, and may or may not be the exact same views of people who even claim to share to share the same politics as me. As I said at the bottom, there are no absolutes in politics

Crazy Lips was reading Freedom’s mumm and asked me to define several things:

“her exact comment:

His last MuMM-separating together or all?

Who and what are they trying to separate?
Is he talking about separation like how blacks and whites used to be?

Define for me the following:
Private sector
Bail outs
Democratic Republic
Democratic Socialism

What does privatizing health care mean?
What affects will it have on the people?

Who is in November's election?
What can you tell me about them?

This is enough for now.
I shall ask more as time goes on

Please put all of your answers to this in a blog just for me,
that way you can just add to it as questions arise.

I will have it permanently bookmarked, and use it for the sole purpose of learning”


So from here on.. I will put each comment, I will put what I think freedom [the mummer]means or rather what I think freedom  if what I think it means… Here goes

Who and what are they trying to separate?
In freedom’s mind there is a big secret war for domination and control of America, in his mind the democrats want to control the entire country, while the republicans want to free the people…

In reality, freedom only seems to care about power only if the ones he supports is in power, when asked of his ideal America he described a very fascist country where only conservative republicans would have a voice and any who does not agree with his political ideology will have no voice, and will be as second class citizens.

What I believe he means is separation of power, from the wealthy and the lower middle class. In that the upper class will not be allowed to dominate the lower middle class people, and the lower middle class will have more of an influence on society.

Is he talking about separation like how blacks and whites used to be?
No, he is not referring to separation based upon race, only separation based upon social, wealth and political classes..

What does privatizing health care mean?
Privatizing health care can have two meanings, in which two difference conservative ways.

First: It is to simply allow all health insurance to be privatized, with this, that would mean that medicare/medicaid will be taken out of the government control and privatized, As well as what has been coined “Obamacare” that insures many people who would not be able to afford provide health care will therefore be privatized as well. As well as the privatizing of veterans benefits.

Two: Other Republicans/right wingers are in general not opposed to the medicare/medicaid, and veteran benefits. Yet they are opposed to “obamacare” or the government insuring more people, which is using tax money to be able to cover people who may not be insured as is done in every other industrialized country in the world.

What affects will it have on the people?
Well there are/will be several things that will have  an affect on the people.

1- because of the “obamacare” rules which says that companies must insure kids even if they are sick, as well as saying kids if they are financially unstable can stay on their parents health care until the age of 26 [it use to be, depending on the policy, that once the child turned 18 or 21 they could no longer be covered under the parents policy]

-    in light of this, many big health insurance companies have said they will stop insuring children. With kids not covered means that now all medical care needed will have to come out of the pocket of the parents, which of course means many kids many not get the needed surgeries, or able to see doctors as much as needed.

2 - If things are privatized, it would be as any other privatized health system in which if you can afford a policy, then you can see a doctor, and be treated for whatever illness you may have as well as get any surgery you may need through your insurance policy.
-    with all privately owned companies this would mean things like medicare, veterans and Medicaid will all be privatized, in that if you cannot buy a policy you will not see a doctor. Which means the lower income people, or elderly people who are on medicare and Medicaid may not be able to afford these private company policies in which case unless they can find a hospital that will treat uninsured people [which means usually they will be billed later …which they cannot afford] will continue to die of illnesses.

3 -  Harvard did a study years ago that showed every years 45,000 Americans die from having no or having a lack of medical insurance, if everything were to be privatized then that means that each year, we can look forward to more and more Americans dying each year because of a lack of medical coverage; simply because they are lower income people.

-    you often year of the greatness of privately owned companies and how it is much better than that government insurance. I will briefly discuss the case of Kyler Van Nocker, here is a kid who had private health insurance. Who had a rare cancer and needed surgery that were thought to be life saving treatments…. yet his insurance company [a private company] denied or rather would not approve the surgery that was recommended several times by his doctors. After constant denials, it was that big evil Medicaid [that evil government program] along with donations from the citizens of NJ, and around the country, and the doctors who donated their time to do the treatments that allowed him to get the surgery … though some time later the five years old lost his battle with cancer and died.

So when I hear this I often have to ask people who are against this big evil government health care. What are 45,000 Americans lives worth? What is the life of a child worth. Since all of this arguments seem to be only about money, it is not about the people at all.

Who is in November's election?
Well this depends on your state, this is a midterm election not like a normal election where people are all going for one position like president.  For your state they are running for local government seats like governor, mayor, etc etc

What can you tell me about them?
I would have to say look at your local governing body, and see who first is running, and then research them.

[These are the Emanon definitions… not the dictionary ones, as I am too lazy to go get the exact definition for each which may have been easier]

Define for each of the following:

Fascism – is a far right wing ideology view which generally focused on extreme nationalist views with authoritarian control. Under authoritarian rule the nation, the people and its properties are all at the behest of the person, or those in charge. Fascism is opposed to individualism, which says a person can be independent and strive for self reliance as far as financial of society power or prestige. It completely opposes democracy and the people having the power to vote in…and by extension vote out those in charge. Under fascism morality is deems at the behest of those in charge. So you may see things that they think as “morally” wrong may be illegal, this has included not being of a certain religion, being homosexual, not being of a race that they believe is the right one. It also separates its people based on what it deems as “the way” what is deemed as the way is determined by those in charge… this is but a bit about fascism.

Democrat – In general this is merely a formal title which does not truly tell of ones politics, in general or rather modern democrats are generally thought of as the “liberals” since the majority of democrats would consider themselves more liberal or left leaning.

Historically, it was not until really after the civil rights movements where the democrats became known as the liberals, before that democrats were the southern conservatives. Even today you have what may be called Reagan Democrats, but their group is called the “Blue Dog Democrats” which are very conservative members of the democratic Party.

Republican -  Like Democrat, it is merely a formal title which also does not tell anything of ones politics, as with democrats the party make up of Republicans also switched heavily after the civil rights movements. Before the civil rights movements the Republicans were known to be more for social causes and issues. Which is why many civil rights workers were Republicans.

Before the civil rights movements, the Republicans were made up of or known for liberal causes. After that they become somewhat more conservatives in what they value. The Republicans were the northern ones who wanted to put an end to slavery, while the southern democrats wanted to keep it legal… it was a huge cash cow…free labor.

Conservative – which roots stems from the latin word conservare which means to preserve, to save, to keep.

 Is someone who leans to the right of the political spectrum who in general advocates for a pure capitalist society who is usually more inclined to support “traditional” ways of life. Who also supports as little government intervention as possible in the lives of the citizens. In general they do not support or are resistant to support what they see as modern things, such as gay rights, abortion,

Liberal – which roots stem from the latin word liber, which ..when used .. liberum which means free,  independent, unrestrained; libere which means freely, without restraint. Liberalise, which means freedom, generous; liberation; to set free or release etc

Liberals by definition support freedom, liberty and equal rights for all citizens, and do not believe such things should be voted on. For this liberals support things such as the constitution, that every citizen has the right to vote [this is more of a liberal concept during the civil rights and for sometime before then it was mostly the Liberal republicans [previously discussed] who were in favor of minorities getting the right to vote, and the opposition was mostly the southern conservative democrats [also previously discussed] liberals in generals are for the most part more proponents of human rights. Also support capitalist, and free trade [yet in general are also against “pure capitalism” in which businesses answer to no one and can do whatever they want] In general liberals are also much more so the proponents of the separation of church and state in which many conservatives believe that it should be up to each state to define the influence of faith in public institutions such as public schools etc.

Liberals are in general more so willing to be more “modern” in the modern lifestyle and trends of a society, not just America. In American history liberalism is that what is America, it is that which came quite popular in the founding of America in the rejecting the need for a king, rejection for need of an established religion, … if you wish to learn more I would suggest reading up on John Locke, a very forward progressive thinker sometimes credited with being the father of liberalism

Rhino- To freedom a RHINO…which really is R.I.N.O or Republican in Name Only is a Republican who either has voted on something that may be considered liberal, or has supported what is known as liberal causes…or even who is more left leaning. It is a smear that that Republican is not a “real Republican”

Leftist – Is simply someone who is more left leaning, so liberals, socialist, communist, etc. Anything that would be considered on the left political spectrum.

Rightist – Is simply someone who is more right leaning so conservatives, monarchies, fascism  etc anything that would be considered more right leaning.

Rightist & Leftist, in America are general used by pundits as insults, as you will hear many on the right call people leftist, lefty etc

Bigot -  Well is this not self explanatory? Anyone who dislikes another for their social class, racial class, race, religion, sexual orientation…basically the judging of a whole group for something you do not like about them ..even before getting to know them as people.

Private sector – Well these are just privately owned companies. So any compmany that is own by a private citizen versus owned by the government.

Stimulus – Well in general this, as it pertains to politics, is things that either will immediately or in the long run produce money…

Bail outs -  Pretty simply is when one group bails out another group. In the most basic they take on their debt usually to stop the company from bankrupting and save the jobs of the people that company may employ… Bail outs is nothing new, it is done by both Republican, and Democratic Presidents…

Fallacy – Fallacy simply means something that is false. Usually, when speaking of politics and political arguments is something is more supported with emotional rhetoric instead of historical facts.

Partisanship -  Simply means when one willing to favor their own group even if the opposition’s view may produce better results in the long one. When often used you will people speak of them playing partisan politics in that they will side with their side no matter what, and in general refuse to even listen to alternative ideas coming from the other side.

Capitalistic – Well capitalism is simply an economic system where everything is produced by privately owned companies as a means for profit and wealth..

Democratic Republic -  Is the type of political structure we have where as the people elect their officials and the officials [senators] elected and they vote. Yet the idea is that the elected people, from president on down are the servants of the people, in which is to say they work for the people. Unlike things like Kings, Monarchs, dictators etc which have ultimate control and in general answer to no one.

Democratic Socialism -  Is the people, or more so a group who is against a pure capitalistic society, and in general support the government stepping in to help when people may need it. Including the support of things like medicare, social security, public schools, as well as support government helping to save jobs of the people. Democratic socialism as it pertains to America is also discuss wealth distribution as to be completely against what is known as wage slavery.

Wage slavery – is a system in which the workers are paid so little as to become so dependent on the system in which they work. Sort of like paying them as little as possible as so they still stay within the legal minimum wage limits, yet is still low enough so that the workers are dependent upon the business for work…making it quite difficult if they wish to look elsewhere etc.

Democratic socialist also should never be confused with national socialism which was used by the Nazi’s in which a select few had control over everything, nor should it be confused with universal socialism in which you will see in many authoritarian/totalitarian communist societies in which is more of a collectivist style of living. Democratic socialist, ..well several type sof socialism are against the collectivist idea.

In the workforce they have for over a hundred years pushed for safer working conditions, they have pushed for the abolishment of child labor laws, were big proponents of a minimum wage, were also big proponents of women in the workforce, as well as getting paid equally for doing the same jobs as their main counterparts.

Democratic socialist also oppose any state of what can be deemed as state sponsored bigotry. This includes, them wanting all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations to be equal in the eyes of the laws. This includes states allowing their citizens to vote on the civil rights and liberties of others.

EXAMPLE: Democratic socialist in several states protested states allowing their citizens to vote on whether homosexuals can get married WHICH VIOLATES THE EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT WHICH STATES “No state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws” so to say one group of citizens right to marry should be voted on while another group of citizens right to marry does not be, is not treating the people with equal protection of said clause.

If we can look at America currently, many on the conservatives on the right, I will speak solely of the senators, and not the people. Are against government bail outs, and believe that the companies should simply be allowed to fail, Yet democratic socialist, liberals etc in general supported the bail out for not bailing out the companies simply meant millions of more people unemployed…which cost the country money since that would then be millions of more people going on unemployment …

Yet, in general if I must speak of the senators, I shall not smear the people for the acts of the senators, these same senators, usually on the right supported the bail out of companies when Former President Bush was the one bailing out companies.. this would be a prime example of playing partisan politics; where they support it if it is their side doing it, yet do not support it if it is the other side.


As you and everyone knows, I do not deal in political, social, or moral absolutes, I have no time nor need for the idiocy of partisan politics, or social constraints of a democratic morality. 

As always comrades,

Let knowledge be that truth, which portrays humanity, condemns malevolence; that respects the differences in others while abandoning the hatred and misconceptions of the past.


Funny Irony: Anyone else find it funny that "FREEDOM"'s name comes from that latin word of liber which gave "birth" to the world liberal and not conservative... yet he named himself freedom is conservative hm

This blog was written out of my atheistic boredom, I do not expect a lot of in depth answers regarding the information in this piece, but as usual if I do happen to get any answers I will answer all of em as full and detailed as I can

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