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Blogging Buffoon Activated


This all started when I originally commented on a youtube video entitled
My Dad says I’m going to hell

This is a debate with a Christian that stemmed from another debate I had with a Christian.

I will say that cheecker121 and I came to a mutual understand, and she was very cool about accepting others. Then 777bosstown answered me and … well this is where the debate

This debate has been going on for now..for weeks...

I am waxxjf in this exchange.

Nothing has been changed EXCEPT sometimes it took two or more comments and I just made each of them into one comment so it would be easier to read rather than seeing waxxjf said 3x in a row.

It did towards the end turn into a mixture of religion and politics..

*this debate isn't over* the last reply is just a few hours old..so when he answers I will update*
... he is a big conservative fox news supporter given the comments I saw him write on other youtube videos..

I wasn't going to post this here, since many on my list are not fans of politics...and several actually is against socialism... even though several admit they do not know the history of socialism in America... but okay... since we are in America I am speaking of democratic socialism...and everyone knows I am an atheist.. But spinoza said to post it so ..I did

Sadly, many Americans who "so against the idea of socialism"... has no knowledge of the history of American socialism

*random funny*
the conservative poster boy, glenn beck.. last year spoke of thomas paine as being a radical, socialist, religion hating, progressive... saying that the "left" will try and use him, saying Paine was a revolutionary, and he was, and tried to have an issue with obama taking the oath of allegiance in front of a picture of Thomas paine...  and more, everything that beck claims to hate...

Earlier this year, Beck said he is the Thomas paine of today hm, so beck is a socialist, progressive, revolutionary, religion hating, deist, liberal? hm, Beck, you just said you're everything you claim to hate hahah

..okay here is the debate

It is a scroll menu so you will have to scroll down.

It is six full pages of writing...so you can just skim through if you like.. or just comment and have fun

I honestly don't know how this thing got so lengthy, who would of thought a xtian would get so bothered by me, an atheist, NOT hating his religion, and saying believe whatever you want...

2 weeks ago
@cheecker121 While I am an Atheist, I do have religious friends, who believe their god judges base things on what you do, not who you are.
It is easy to say I am against you because this book, or that book etc. Yet we do not live in books, we do not or shan't abide by the laws of books, we live in the real world.

1 week ago
@waxxjf Your religious friends need to understand the difference between doing good and rejecting Christ! You do not earn your way into heaven, Jesus died for your sins so you wouldn`t have to. The only thing that sends a person to H.E.L.L. is rejecting God`s gift for you (Jesus) not doing good things. The bible teaches that H.E.L.L. was created for the devil and his angels, not man! If you, me or anyone else ends up there don`t blame God: look in the mirror althogh I don`t think on is there!!

1 week ago
@777BossTown I am an atheist, I have no use for the thinkings of a delusional people. I mean that with all due respect. As an atheist I do not ponder nor care of the literary beliefs of a heaven, hell, god nor devil, all of which are simple subjective beings of things I have no use for. Belief is not as important as action. Believe in god or not, that is your choice, anyone's choice, what is more important is not what you believe in as far as a deity or not.

What is more important to myself is how people treat others, not being so simplistically dull as to allow ones race, religion, sexual orientation or whatever to even be a factor in how they may perceive that person.

1 week ago
@waxxjf What you believe is your business young lady. i have friends who are athiest and trust me they may think I`m alot of things but delusional is not one of them. Heaven and H.e.l.l., I think atheist have more faith then some christians do. Most people believe then take action as proven by tour own statement. You believe there is no Gpd or devil and live according to your beliefs. My call is to do the same accordenly . I`m not trying to change you, My life is my testimony and thats enough.

1 week ago
@777BossTown I would think you are the first to address me as young lady, since I am a male.
Of course they do, as you do them, delusion is simply to believe in what is false, to them, to an atheist, a theist belief from their perspective would be false, just as from a theist an atheist not believing in what they believe to be truth would also be considered atheist being delusional from their stand point.

Your comparison is a bit faulty, to say one living in the belief of a god is the same as one not living according to a such belief...

As I have said to you, what anyone believes is of no important to most Atheist, such beliefs are just the subjective opinions of a people, as people we have learned to live with differing of opinions. It isn't who you worship, don't worship, etc what matters is how you conduct yourself, be you theist/atheist, either doesn't give one the right to be a dick

1 week ago
@waxxjf My apology to you, your making an assumption about what I``m thinking young man. I do not think your delusional. Maybe mis-informed. Tact is the ability to make a good point without making enemies! We can converse without being negative towards each other. I won`t make anu assumptions about you, hopefully you can do the same!

1 week ago 
@777BossTown Are we now focusing on semantics? Whether you think they refuse to accept what you think is ultimately true, or you believe they are simply "misinformed" in not accepting what you deem to be truth, either way they are not accepting your truth, as such would still fall under delusion. Whether one wish to use the word or not, it is what it is.
...well dear sir if we are speaking of assumptions and such was not your previous statement one of assumption? One of opinions and rhetoric;

1 day ago
@waxxjf I believe it was Pascal ("{who was a fine scientist") who said, Belief in God amounts to great potential gain and no potential loss, not believing in God means great potential loss and no potential gain. Great potential gain with no potential loss is better than great potential loss with no potential gain. So it is better to believe in God than not to believe in God. (Psalms14:1) "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." It`s easy to live a lie, that is until you wake up dead!

1 day ago
@777BossTown So basically it is that same old argument, of "what if you're wrong" If I lived my life to believe in a god for simple possibility that a god may be real, that would such a wasted existence. IF you believe in god, great, if that god gives you something to look forward to, amazing.
Yet the whole, what if you're wrong nonsense, is rather played out dear sir.
But dear, living a lie? Truth, lie, are but simple subjective terms when it is a matter of beliefs.

7 hours ago
@waxxjf No, Basically, It`s truth v.s relative truth. God has made man in His image so there is no excuse to not believe in God as seen in creation. A wasted existance is a person going through life thinking this is the best it can get! Man wants to be his own god and God respects man enough to let man play it out. He loves man enough to show man He cares by manifesting Himself in flesh, dying on a cross and redeeming what is His so that spiritual death apart from God would be made void...Amen!

6 hours ago
@777BossTown All truth as it pertains to beliefs is and shall always be subjective. No life that strives for anything is wasted.
The funny thing is, as with all of your comments you're assuming any who does not agree or believe as you do is not as worthy, or is living a life that is worthless, or wasted as you put it.
That is a very judgmental position for one to take. But it is the typical position from those of theistic minds.

Believe whatever you wish, yet once you denigrate another who believes differently or not all, you defeat the whole premise of your purpose.
As I have said plenty of times, and several times to you, if you believe in god, great, if god gives you a reason to live or do good things, amazing.

Yet once you start using your god to place yourself in a superior position of morality, and existence, then you have already become that which you accuse the others of being.

2 hours ago
@waxxjf Of all mans misseries the bitterest is this, to know so much and to have control over nothing>>> "Heradotus." The phrase eat drink and be marry for tomorrow we die is well said, if true! If there is evil in the world,if there is a devil, if man can become worse than animals by stealing robbing, killing and treating others like there is no God and they won`t be held accountible for their actions then noted atheist like Hitler, stalin and Idi Amin knew something the rest of humanity missed!!

There are many types of atheist in the world and their "faith" in what they believe is no different than others who seek whats true. the bible teaches to trreat people as you would want them to treat you. It also teaches that you should hold others in a higher regard than your-self. Christ died on the cross for the sins of man. weather you believe in God or not, God believes in you because your made in His image and God can`t deny Himself. Love is being given the choice to live w/o God!!

The only assumptions made is your own, since I know those who are not christian who say that their life is fine the way it is. I have no problem with them or you living your life as you please. Like I said before it has little bearing on my own so, as some would say live and let live! To each his own. Trust me when I say it is not my job to change any man. As I live my life I pay less attention to what men say I`d rather pay notice to what they do!

1 hour ago
@777BossTown One big fallacy, you say treat people like there is no god, yet the majority of people who do the things you mentioned are religious people.
Your list is also a lie, Stalin was an Atheist, yes, Hitler was a Catholic and Amin was a Muslim...so if you want to just smear someone with the "atheist" at least get it right. But dear sir, are you saying that these men did these things just because they were atheist?

Because as it has been pointed out two of the three you named were theist, not atheist. And religion has a much bloodier history than atheist dictators who have done things.
I made no assumptions, I merely marked upon the paradox of your claiming not to assume, yet in your first comment to me, you assumed my friends did not know the difference of christian teachings. So you opened up your premise with a huge assumption.

Yet, you opened up your premise with what a man said, not asking what I or anyone does. Once again, another contradiction

Yet the words in the bible are no difference than the words in religions that predate such a book. Hm, you said earlier you are not here to preach, and then you go on your tirade about whether you believe in god, god believes in you, and I am made in his image. That sounds like preaching to me.

19 minutes ago
@waxxjf you have a quick trigger finger son, I believe I just mentioned that I pay less attention to what men say but pay close attention to what they do. Saying Hitler was cathlic makes as much since as saying Bill Clinton was the first black president! Udi Amin agreed with what Hitler did as stated from his own mouth and practice it on his own people. Ask any muslim if He was one and see what you get. There is a difference between a said faith and a faith that produces good fruit.

Also if your going to use logic as your ground zero at the very least learn the difference between a lie and a mistake. Another presumption on your part!

3 minutes ago
@777BossTown Yes, I know you said you pay less attention to what they "say", but since your first comment it was an assumption on what they believe or how they believe because it differs with you.

Hitler made no secret of his beliefs, in almost every speech he gave he mentioned god. Even in his autobiography he mentioned his belief in a god. As well as in 1934 he approved the change of the oath of allegiance to

"I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the German state and people, Adolf Hitler, supreme commander of the armed forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath."

Hm, a man who alters the pledge to include god, hm, yea definitely not an atheist, very much a theist.

Udi? You mean Idi. Does not matter what muslims say or what he said?

He was a muslim, as was most of his people. Of course true muslims dont consider him a muslim, just like they do not consider terrorist muslims, but look how many terrorist or muslim fundamentalist also agrees with hitler? hm

"Also if your going to use logic"
Oh the irony dear sir, the word is "you're".
What mistake? You cannot say it was a mistake not a lie, and then go on trying to still prove the point that those men were atheist.

7 hours ago
@waxxjf The bible teaches that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Your belief in what Hitler said compared to the actions he preformed is a contridition in its self. Like I said you might have experienced some form of religion in your life but your mistaken misaribly if you think being religious is the same as being a christian. If you think what Hitler did had to do with him being religious your mistaken! Thanks for proving propaganda works!

5 hours ago
@777BossTown Oh I love this, dear sir, how do we go from speaking of ones free practice of religious beliefs, and their acting upon their beliefs, to now, assuming you went to my page or something, now you try and talk of my politics, this should be fun.
Sir, I did not speak ill of christianity, I said people are free to practice whatever they wish, I also spoke of if god works for you, that is great...

*face palms* once again, as I have already said to you, one can believe in god, and not believe in religion. He did believe in god, he was not an atheist as you are trying to claim. Stalin was. Amin was not.

National socialism and religion can coexist, let us not act as if the national socialist party was not around before hitler and existed fine before Hitler's dictatorship, and forgetting about true socialism equating with a democracy.

So what you are saying is because he killed millions he could not be a god person? Have you forget the history of the spread of christianity? The spread of Islam? How many were slaughtered in the campaigns to spread their religion as far as they can?

*face palms* did I say he did he did because he was religious? No. I said he was not an atheist as you claimed. Nice try to push your own little lies with your faulty premise..

@waxxjf - Hitler said, (and thats who I was quoting) it couldn`t exist together. My point is he was down right insane in my opinion and anyone who who would trust whatever he said in his speeches or pamplets should proceed with caution. Why in the world would you assume I would want to go to your page? I could care less what your politics are unless your running for office in my state?! If you, Hitler or attila the hun speak bad about c-anity will it effect what I believe? Absolutely not!

I`m not one of your christians friends, so when you say one can believe in god (not God) without believing in religion I would have to say not the God of the bible who we both know you don`t know! The word "atheism" is a translation of the Greek word atheos which means on who disdains or denies God or the gods and their laws. sorry, there is no such thing as a passive atheist you are what you are! If a man says he loves God and hates his brother he is a lier (see Hitler)

He who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God who he has not seen? He who loves God must love his brother (1John4:20) Did Hitler love his brothers (man kind?) right, we both know the answer to the question. when I say Hitler and Amin were atheist then I believe it is with justification based on what the origional meaning of atheism means. the truth will set you free! I believe God and based on His word Hitler was hands down an atheist even if you don`t like it!

Wrong again athough that would suffice. There is a time for every thing under the sun but let me say this because people like yourself love to go there with religion. Do you think I believe it was right for this country to enslaves millions of black folk, some if not most in the name of christianity? "YOU DON`T KNOW ME SON!" Check yourself, with who is not telling the truth. There is no such thing as a little lie. There is Good & evil, right & wrong, up & down Theist & atheist. FP that!Bottom of Form

@777BossTown – The point of the whole Hitler mentioning is your claiming he was an atheist, he believed in god therefore could not be an atheist. Just because he did not have much faith in religion, does not mean he could not believe in god. You have plenty of "non religious" people who believe in god, yet have no trust in religions. That does not make them atheist.

Lmao, aw, once again with your poor character judgments, I have read your bible many times. Pretty sure in that book I must have forgot the part that said one must go to church to be a good person. There are many non religious people, who do things in the name of their god, yet believe the churches have become greatly corrupt and greedy. Does this make them not "truly religious" and who determines the faith of another? You?

Oh wow, for a guy who claims not to judge, you just said because I am an atheist I must therefore hate religion. Yes you are correct. The word atheos simply means rejection or denial of god, which then had a very negative connotation. But it is funny, that for a man who claims not to judge, you once again group all people in this or that, I am sorry sir, I do not believe in absolutes, I would not say because one atheist or theist is this…they must all be this or that. Sorry sir, but such is of the mind of a devolved being who has been taught to believe in such simplicities, advance your mind.

Funny thing, as I have said, how many people were killed in the expansion of Christianity? Where all those killed and doing the killings and such not Christians then?

So let me get this straight, first because we are atheist we must hate religions? Second because we are atheist we cannot love anyone?

Speaking of Hitler, he showed great love for his generals, and those who thought like him, as most of any ideology does, he did not show any love for those of differing ideals, as most of ideology do.

Yet you use atheist just as a ..because they didn't believe as I do. Hitler was not an atheist for he mentioned god in pretty much all of his speeches, and he as I have already shown approved the change in the oath yet kept in the oath of god before all, and him second.. That does not sound like an atheist, but I am sure you continue to say so. Amin was a muslim,

If you want to name an atheist, who has killed much more than Hitler and Amin combined, you could name people like Stalin, he was a very misotheist atheist. Yet if you want to forget him, and continue to name known theist, and continue simply say they were atheist to push your own personal agenda, do so.

I loved your closing, it was as humorous as your opening. Let us address your closing now, one I made no mentioning of your beliefs outside of what you have said on here. I do not know, nor care of your position of slavery, I do not know, nor care of your position of a world outlook. We are speaking of a very simple thing, morality, it is so simple yet so complex as well. I have said several times to you, and to many people. If you believe in god, that is great, if god gives you the... thrive if you will to do positive things, that is amazing, yet do not use god to be that bigot that so hatred of anything not like yourself. I have not judged your belief, for I believe a mans politics, a mans faith, etc are his own, I can respect that man, even if I have no use for his faith.

I do not live in a world of absolutes, where every theist is this or that, and every atheist is this or that, if people fit into nice little boxes, what fun would the world be?

Were the capitals suppose to show yelling or anger? Such tedious things to get so worked up on a website, but okay.

I hope you're happy living in your small world of black and white, dear sir, the gray areas is what makes life so fun.


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