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Although I love the Tarot most wholeheartedly, I have not had the time or concentration to really study it as deeply as I would like. So I am in need of some assistance reading the Celtic Cross spread I drew for myself this morning. I use The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, but I can give you what the cards would be in the standard Rider deck, as well. If you are willing to take a look and give it a go, just let me know! I will PM you with the cards that were drawn, in the correct order. Thanks for anyone willing to help me out here, lol! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Muah!
I hope this actually makes it into blog form. We'll find out what mood the powers that be are in today!! For those who have not read the other blog, please do so. I'm not repeating myself! After much meditating, journaling, and discussing this surreal incident with my energyworker friends, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that this was one of those things that was supposed to happen. For whatever reason this young man and I were supposed to strengthen the rather weak connection between us. And, yes, we have a fairly strong connection now. I was led to offer to send him energy while he is over in Iraq and he agreed to this! I am already doing so. Psi vamp? Probably. But the tranced out, dreamlike state was not so much done to facilitate energy feeding as it was to make us both cooperative in this endeavor, lol! In retrospect, I think he was as tranced out as I was. The powers that be needed our connection strengthened, and that was that!! Moral to the story: When you put yourself in the hands of the Goddess and God, you may be in for a wild ride, yes, indeed!! You will also surrender all control, on occasion, if to do so makes things happen in a timely manner - timely, by Divinity's standards, lol! The worst aspect of the whole thing for me was the loss of control. I have major control issues - I NEED to be in control. Thought I had dealt with this issue pretty well. Apparently NOT!!! Yes, this is still an abridged/censored version of the experience. Some know the whole story. If you feel you REALLY need to know, feel free to PM me! For what it's worth, I am still firmly placed in the hands of the Goddess - I'm a risk-taker by nature! I am comfortable now with my strange and surreal experience - well, still a little blown away by it all, lol! But I'm OK, I truly am. I guess this passes muster as it hasn't disappeared yet, lmao! Later, dear friends! Muahz!
I have attempted to write my follow-up, only to have it magically "disappear" a la Fubar, lol! I take this as a sign I'm not to write the follow-up yet - it has eaten my blog follow-up multiple times now!! I will do my follow-up when the Goddess and God see fit to permit me to do so, lol! So be it! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for all my friends, all over the world! You are loved! Later! Muahz!
I had a very strange and surreal experience yesterday! I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I know a fair amount about psi vampires. I belong to a Vampire/Occult online community, although I have not logged on there in awhile! Yesterday I treated a new client, an 27 year old army reservist getting ready for deployment to Iraq for the third time. He was fairly knowledgeable on energy and such, so we talked for most of his treatment. Not a bad thing! Towards the end of the treatment, I started to get rather "tranced out", felt a little fuzzy, like being in a dream. Really felt as if I had no control over my actions at all! I've never experienced anything like this before! After he had left, I slowly came back to what is normal for me, lol. Somewhere during our chat during his acupuncture treatment, he told me my energy had called to him - that's why he came in for a treatment. This is edited and censored because I'd rather not talk about the whole interaction. So if it seems like holes are left in this, yes, I am purposefully leaving things out! I have to admit that I felt really strange and oddly "violated" by the whole thing. I felt my energy must have done something totally out of my control to draw him in. I journaled and meditated and tried to figure out why this had occurred. I talked with an energyworker friend today, the one who is good at "reading" situations. After telling her all about it, she said I'd been the victim of a psi vamp who purposely put me in a tranced out state so he could feed off my energy! I could have kicked myself - I should have figured it out myself, for Pete's sake! During this whole experience I never thought to call out in my mind for the Protector of my energy - yep, I have one. If I let out with what I call an inner alarm, my energy gets pulled away from whatever! Never crossed my mind! There were people out in the other part of the store - I could have yelled for help! Didn't happen! I feel better! But I still feel really unhappy with myself! My shields had to have dropped totally and I was unaware. This is not good! I hate this kind of wake-up call, and that's exactly what it was! I need to be more aware of what my shields are doing, lol! For those of you who think I'm nuts, fine, just go away! For all the others, has anyone else been in this kind of situation? I still feel vulnerable as all hell and I don't like it! I spent today smudging my 2 treatment rooms with sage and meditating in each one. Smudged myself as well! At my friend's request, I called up any and all Guardians assigned to little old me - this is metaphysical stuff, for those who haven't a background in this sort of thing! I'd appreciate any input, especially if you've had a similar experience! Thanks! Later! Love, hugs, and blessings! Muahz! Addendum: Please read the comment that I made today! I will do a follow-up blog this weekend, when I have time! I've had the opportunity to view this experience from many points of view. All in all, I am very comfortable now with how it all went down. It was something that needed to happen, lol! I'll explain in the upcoming blog! Love you all!
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