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There is a website that I have found very helpful for me in keeping track of what is happening energy-wise. It's called What's Up On Planet Earth? and is the cyber-child of Karen Bishop - not sure on the last name, lol, but Karen is her first name. Since I haven't figured out how to link anything yet, you can cut and paste: You can sign up to receive her Energy Alerts. These come out monthly, sometimes sooner, depending on what is happening with the energy around us. Subscribing to the Energy Alerts is free! This will be brief, but I thought all of you would like to know that the fatigue and disconnection most of us have been experiencing should dissipate at the end of January. Much will change as the excavation ends and the restructuring begins, lol. I, for one, will be happy when this occurs!! Much love and warm hugs for everyone! Blessings, one and all, all over the world. You are loved! Later! Muah!
From what I am experiencing myself and what I have heard from my energyworker friends, we are all having problems right now! I have been exhausted for about 4 to 6 weeks now and it has been difficult to keep my energy stores up. I'm drawing on Universal Energy at least once, sometimes more, each day. I am getting an ungodly amount of sleep, for the most part! But I still feel as though I am trying to "fight off a bug" of some kind. I have procrastinated in performing certain rituals that should have been completed by the New Moon - actually, started them, then was unable to finish for a number of reasons! And it is hard for me to stay focused. Many are feeling the same way! Hang in there! Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself in balance. I have had to decrease the amount of energy I send long distance. I hate doing that, but I feel I have no choice right now - I won't be sending anything, if I get sick! As I have been reminded by many, this is the time for energy to move inward - for us to rest and recuperate and reflect. This is hard for me, especially when I send lots of energy OUT! But I am determined to move my energy inward, Goddess and God, help me! Might I suggest that it may be time for all of us, as energyworkers, to do the same? My inner sense tells me we NEED this inner reflective time to marshall our energy for something ahead of us this year. I, for one, am going to attempt to pay attention to my inner counsel a little more carefully! Have a fantastic week! Blessed Yule to one and all! Much love and warm hugs for all my friends! Blessings, lots of blessings, for all my friends, all over the world. You are loved so very much! Later! Muahz!
I wasn't sure where to put this particular topic, lol. But it does have alot to do with energy, so this ended up here! I feel the need to write this because, of late, I have had several friends, both online and off, who have encountered their first past life companion that was a past life spouse/lover/whatever. This is truly a mind-blowing experience and tends to upset one alot, lol!! That is a most diplomatic way to put it, lmao!! How do you recognize a past life companion, of the generic sort? You meet them and it feels like you've known them forever, lol. I tend to get a chill running up my spine, as well. But that may just be me. You are comfortable with these people for no good reason that you can see. Chances are you have known each other in a past life or two, or more! Past life companions that have been spouses/lovers/whatevers cause a little different response, lol. The strength of the response depends on many things, from what I can tell: how many lives you have spent together, how long it has been since you last shared a life, was the experience positive or negative, etc. I am going to address the strongest past life connections because those are the most problematic in many ways. You have an absolutely mind-blowing sexual connection - you are so attracted to this person, you can hardly stand it! And lots of times this person may be someone that you normally would not be attracted to, lmao! Not to mention they may be way older or younger than you in this lifetime. Yeah, I know! Been there, Dear Ones, lol! They can also live absolutely anywhere on this great Earth of ours - yep, bummer! From experience, this can border on obsession. THIS REACTION WILL SETTLE DOWN OVER TIME! Depends on many things. But even when it settles down, you will always be aware of this person on a certain level. Because you are connected, energetically! You can attempt to shield against their energy, but it won't help alot. I find my shields fall when in the presence (energetically) of one of my past life lovers! For help in shielding, see my blog entitled How To Shield Yourself. Just for the record, you can have many of these past life lovers, etc., appear in your life. I have had the privilege of finding or being found by a total of about 15, but only 6 or so are tight connections. And two of those are young men I have what is known as a Soul Contract with for this lifetime - we chose to help each other through the life lessons/ tasks of this lifetime. This is what a true Soulmate is, by the way!! Free will still holds sway, however. You can choose to attempt to ignore these connections. Won't be pleasant! I find them very hard to ignore, especially the extremely tight connections. And the more the two energies interact, the closer the connection becomes. I have not had the privilege of being close to any of my past life lovers physically - they are scattered all over the globe. For this I am truly grateful in many ways! Everyone is not necessarily that lucky, I'm afraid. PLEASE REMEMBER, THIS STRONG REACTION WILL SETTLE DOWN OVER TIME. But it will not go away totally. If anyone has any problems or questions, please feel free to PM me. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for all my friends, all over the world! Later! Muah!
Being able to shield is an important component of any kind of energywork. Shielding keeps your energy in, or as much as you choose to keep in, and keeps stray energy out. For Empaths, this is doubly important. I find I can "program" my shield to let in the energy of certain people or just small amounts of their energy, lol. All I do is tell my shield to let so and so's energy through the shield - and voila! So it is! I am going to assume that anyone reading this has at least some basic idea how to put themselves in a meditative state - quiet their mind! Assuming is probably not a good thing, but meditation techniques will need to be in a separate blog, if I find a need to go in that direction, lol. Now we begin. I quiet my mind. Then I visualize myself standing in the center of a dark forest. I then visualize a ring of white light, almost like flames, surrounding me. (Make sure the flames totally surround you - leave no holes!) Once I have this well visualized, I build a fortress around myself, outside the flames. Build any kind you like! Mine happens to be made of large stones, almost medieval in appearance. Make sure the fortress totally surrounds you and that the walls are very, very tall, lol. Again, leave no holes in the walls. Once I am happy with how my fortress looks, I tuck it in a corner of my mind and leave it there. At first, I used to tell the fortress to remain there in that corner of my mind. I'm not sure that is totally necessary, but you might try it at first. Sometimes, I will take the time in the middle of my day to check how the fortress looks - is it still solid, no holes present, etc, and patch it, if I need to, lol. If you are feeling particularly vulnerable or have reason to feel you may be under psychic attack, you can visualize a final wall, a reflective surface like a mirror, facing outward. This reflective surface should also be placed over the top of you, reflective surface out. I then tell that mirrored surface to reflect, BACK TO THE SENDER, any negative or harmful energy sent in my direction. Under a particularly strong attack, I've even visualized sunshine reflecting outward off the mirrored shield - this is a blinding light, even in my mind, lol! And it works well. I don't expect lots of you to have to worry about psychic attack frequently, but it is good to know what to do, just in case. Yes, I have had to use the blinding sunlight - on one occasion. There are other methods of shielding, but this is the one I use. If I find others, I will post them so you have some choices. I know of one man, a past life companion of mine, who shields by grounding in the Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I have never done this and am not sure I would know how without instruction. It works well for him. I will inquire if he would share his technique. If you have any questions, if this is as clear as mud to you, lol, let me know! Feel free to PM me with any questions at any time. As with anything, practice, practice, practice!!!! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all!
I have been asked on several occasions for the best references for learning about energy and energywork. I was reminded recently when I rediscovered a wonderful book by Donna Eden! So I am putting out a short list of books that I personally like. There are many, many books on energywork from all sorts of perspectives available. These are the ones I have found helpful: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. This is mainly teaching about energy for your personal healing work. But it can be used for healing others, as well. This is a fantastic resource!! Hands of Light, and the sequel, Light Emerging, both by Barbara Brennan. These two assume you will be doing healing work on others. Both give many tips for taking care of yourself and not depleting your own personal energy. Great color pics, as well. Healing Touch: A Resource for Health Care Professionals by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Janet Mentgen, and Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon. This is one of the textbooks for the Healing Touch classes that are available. This is the method I originally learned to manipulate energy. This is good for a start. Please keep in mind that once you learn the basics, there is nothing keeping one from coming up with your own energy manipulating techniques. The prime directive is only that you cause no harm! So think through what the ramifications are of your technique. As always, if you have an questions, please drop me a PM and I'll do my best to answer them. Love, hugs, and blessings, dear friends! Later! Muahz!
Rather than teaching individually, I thought I would take advantage of the blogs! This is the rank beginner exercise for sensing your own energy field. First, rub your hands together gently a couple of times. Place your hands out in front of you, about 2 feet apart, palms facing each other. Now, slowly, and I mean slowly, start moving the palms of your hands towards each other. You are looking for the sensation of an edge, a warm, soft edge - reminds me of a cotton ball, lol! You will notice that the edge feels a little "bouncy". Once you feel the edge - CONGRATULATIONS! That's your energy field, lol! You can kind of play with it - roll it into a ball, etc. Have fun with it! If you can't sense it the first time, don't worry! Sometimes it takes a few tries. Don't make it work! Don't try too hard - just play with it! Once you are able to sense your own energy field, try sensing the field of a friend! Keep in mind it may feel a bit different from yours, lol. Have fun with this! If you have any questions, just PM me. I'll be more than happy to answer them! How I love energywork, lol!
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