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Therefore, apply for a environment mark authentication has also bee many multinational business enterprise international green marketing is an important part of the strategy.

Three, the green trade barriers

1. The generation of green burberrytrade barriers

Green trade barriers, it is to point to a to protect the ecological environment, natural resources and human health as an excuse of trade protectionism. It often new measures according to the relevant environmental standards and provisions for a product not only meets quality standards, and in the production, use and disposal process which conform to the specific environment protection requirement, environmentally-friendly or harm small.

2. The green trade barriers of the main content

(1) environment mark

Environment mark is used for those with similar products more accord with environmental protection requirement than a symbol.

Due to the consumer environment mark provides accurate products and enterprise's environmental quality information, so help to arouse the enthusiasm of the business enterprise to participate in the environmental protection, and to improve the environmental consciousness of consumers, and since the 1970 s, environmental marking system in the world. At present, the rapid development in the world have DuoGe 40 countries and regions of environment mark system. Due to the environment mark of the basis, the use of environmental standards and evaluation method, there are many differences between the implementation of environmental marking system can also affect the foreign product petitive ability, bee a kind of form of trade barriers.

(2) the environmental protection (green) packing requirements

In developed countries, the packaging waste have accounted for all about 13 of solid waste, and at the same time, packaging itself also need to cost material material, and various countries on packaging to reduce pollution to regulate, saving the environment resources. The provisions of environmental protection packing burberry salesthough its rationality, but sometimes can lead to discrimination import goods, to increase imports into the difficulty of the market.

(1) most of the state environmental protection packing standards right in their large producers of manipulation, therefore, in a national environmental protection packing in a product to the requirements and regulations a packaging, often considered the domestic factors, domestic producers and consumers situation preferences, domestic waste treatment way, favorable conditions, and foreign suppliers for domestic resources, technology and other reasons priority in use of the packing material could be influenced by the provisions of the importing country packaging prohibitions and restrictions on imports, it has a very adverse effects.

(2) the environmental protection packing requirements sometimes can lead to policy measures the intentionally discrimination imported products. In addition, foreign suppliers may not get specific market packaging requirements of full of information, and may even face in a very short time to adapt to the new packaging regulations unreasonable demands, all of these make foreign goods at a disadvantage.

(3) when the environmental protection packing pulsory recycling and reusing measures used in imported product, for foreign producers or suppliers. Because it is difficult requirements for their domestic producers in burberry on sale importing countries with the same on the packing materials and reuse, recycle for size, specifications and design of reason and restricted. Thus foreign suppliers had to rely on local distributors or waste treatment center to deal with packaging waste, and therefore pay the higher fees or accept other conditions and so on, which can lead to more trade friction.

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