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created on 10/16/2011  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b344143  |  1 followers

It's the ressurrection, my rebirth, it's time for me to shine.

I'm back from the dead, and it's time to take back what's mine.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally awake.

Now there are many walls that I need to break.

The walls of negativety, I'm tearing it down.

Because I'm done making myself look like a clown.

Time to get down to business and put my talent to work.

I will know in the future what all of it will be worth.

Now, onto the wall of fake friends.

I trusted them too much, but they will fall in the end.

You know who you are, so I'm talking to you.

Because what goes around will come back around, and it'll come back on you.

Now onto the walls of self-doubt.

Time to get a heavy sledge-hammer to show what I'm all about.

It's time for me to let it all go.

I'm being reborn and it's time for me to grow.

I'm leaving the past behind, and it's long overdue.

It's time for my resurrection and my soul to be renewed.

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