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Goodbye Fubar's blogs

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Hall of Shame (Stars' images or careers ruined or nearly ruined because of their actions & egos) (1)02,3155 months ago
RANTS (10)13,7708 months ago
Poems (1)21,9782 years ago
Going to stop trying so hard and be myself (1)11,0552 years ago
Things I need to work on in my 30's, where I failed in my 20's (1)11,0252 years ago
"Nice Guys Finish Last" (1)14,4982 years ago
New Years Resolution (1)01,5872 years ago
The "IT FACTOR" (1)11,5762 years ago
Wow, people have no faith in me whatsoever. (1)21,5482 years ago
NBA Lockout (1)01,6443 years ago
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao rant (1)01,2883 years ago
Kanye West & Jay-Z-New Day (This song's deep) (1)01,2883 years ago
Kanye West's new song "Mama's Boyfriend" & Rant (1)01,4013 years ago
4 Years on Fubar (1)01,6433 years ago
Shoutout to the ladies (1)51,5313 years ago
Fed Up (Tired of it all) (1)01,6643 years ago
What Kanye West needs to do to help himself (1)01,1873 years ago
Word from the wise (1)01,3293 years ago
THANK YOU (1)21,4164 years ago
GUESS WHO'S BACK (1)11,2564 years ago
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