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Me and this one person on Facebook were talking about cheaters & relationships.  

I said "It depends on the person, but I don't know cause I've never cheated on a person in my life".  

Then she said "i agree but you've never been in a real relationship either..for some reason a nice guy like you got hooked up with assholes..but ive never cheated..didnt even cheat on my husband when he cheated on me..."

Then I said "Yeah, you're right. I've been dealing with the wrong women"

Then she said "from here it looks like you look for what you think are pretty woman..from what i see they are women will only use you...u need to find someone more on your honest woman."

I thought to myself like "oooookkk?????" Then I said "You mean get an average honest woman?"

Then she said "do you think a beautiful woman would be interested in you? they are looking for ppl with their own place...can spend big $ on cant judge a book by their on the outside doesnt mean beauty on the inside..and whats more important? inner or outer beauty?"

I thought to myself "What?????" Then I said "The right one will come. Not all beautiful women are that way."

Then she said "but i really dont think a beautiful woman is going to be interested in you...youre not on their not saying they are either, but you seem to go after what you think are "beautiful" women and they've all played you..i consider myself beautiful and have been told many times but i dont use my looks to "get" also smart, intelligent, independent, look at the beauty part first...when the rest is so much more important"

Then I said "I mean what do you mean that I'm not on their level? You mean that in a bad way?"

Then she said "i dont think that a beautiful woman would be attracted to a lot older and more experienced in life, and most ppl who think theya re beautiful look for beautiful men....bc they are shallow...ive heard skinny "beautiful" woman talk about guys being ugly or fat just b/c they base everything on looks.  not just saying you..but a lot of "beautiful" woman are only beautiful on the outside...they are fake..."


I said to myself "Wow, thanks for having no faith in me, bitch".  I'm going to take her off my list cause I don't need that in my life, and I let her get to me for years and now I'm saying enough's enough.  She just don't think I would amount to anything.

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