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                        Night Time Dreams


I lay down upon a emptied bed.

Why did I say what I said that sent you away from my life?

Here I go…

Another day passing by me.

Another night here without you.

Memories of you, I fight off.

I welcome my Night Time Dreams of us.

I will not call you.

When our friends ask about you, I will not break down and cry over you.

I will hold my ground.

Here I go…

Another day, I wake up wishing you were here with me.

What will another night bring upon me when I return home.

Reality you are still lost to my touch and life.

I welcome my Night Time dreams of making love to you.

My body trembles as I walk about the house of emptiness because I pushed you away from my life.

I hate myself for this endless pain, I can’t find a way out of.

My heart is shatter.

My soul passion fire is now gone cold.

Here I go…

Another damn night here without you to hold me.

I just not sure what to do to make this right again.

I welcome my Night Time dreams of endless pain and tears.

I move about life like walking dead.

I have nothing life to live or breathe for.

How did I let this fall apart?

Why couldn’t I just admit, you were everything I wanted and need in life?

Here I am…

Another day.

Another sleepless night, because I long to touch you and kiss your lips thousand times, but I can’t reach out to you.

I welcome my Night Time Dream of hope and faith.

Ticking of the clock is warning me.

My mind is lost.

My body is weak.

I face another day without you.

I know tonight when I come home, you will not be here, so I just do what I must to live on within life no purpose or your love that was always there for me, when everything was going wrong in my life.

I welcome my Night Time Dreams, but.

I walk into my home.

I smell your cologne like a haunting dream invading my mind.

Can it be?

I roam about my house.

Hoping and praying.

I run down the hallway, I fling the door open, but you are not there.

I welcome another day, another night, as I turn around.

You are standing there welcome my Night Time Dreams back into my lost reality.

I run to you.

You hold me, my tears fall.

You say, “Did you really think I would let you go, when I knew all long you love me so completely and endless.”

No longer I am dreaming of about Night Time dreams of us.


Oh thank god, now I have you making them all come true once again.

I no longer have to welcome another day or another night alone or within Night Time Dreams.


©2009 Firestar

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