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I cannot post anymore pics, as I am at my un-VIP limit lol So I figured I would update here, my Halloween 08 pictures and work things. Halloween- My boys, from my 40th party album decided it was time again to stop the tour bus and pick me up for as always, a WILD RIDE lol No, dirty minds *tsk tsk* lol Their wives were there lol But the boys always make sure that I have a great time at every show. Always a surprise for me. We were friends long before they hit the touring and CD's...So, they took me to this small town in Wachula where another well known band was playing as well. What a blast!!!!! As always Hale, Jason, Jerry, Czec, MYKILL....You boys sooooooo rock and tear up the stage :)

Referee Costume, wish I had the boots pic..
Nick, the owner of the club Celtic Crossing
Nick-Owner of Celtic Crossing and I

Hale, lead singer and I
Hale and I, lead singer for DBH

Mykill's Girl Jen as a Girl Scout lol
Jen, MYKILL's girl

Jerry, lead guitar, and his wife Stephanie

Jerry and his wife Steph

Wildman Dave

Wildman Dave

I wish I had pics of Jason and Czec, those two complete the whole band. So much fun!

Now moving on, I also took a few at work recently, so here I am in my normal everyday job lol

Night Job-Sergeant & Supervisor

Photobucket OK, thats it for now. There are your updates an most recent pics :) Enjoy my friends! Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!
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