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I stand here in defense Of the country that I serve Not for reward or praise Only the respect do I deserve I go where I am sent In many battles I have fought Returning home bruised and battered True heroes to graves I have brought I have seen the carnage From needless wars around the world How recklessly into combat Many countries have been hurled I have heard the cry of pain From a soldier fighting for life I have seen tears shed in sorrow From a family, loved one and wife I hold my self steadfast Never giving in to fear I carry inside Never will I cower in darkness Only in defense will I hide I have seen bodies litter the ground While across a battlefield heroes lay I have heard the protesters claiming We are killers when innocence we slay I have stood through the years Answering the call when it came For the toil and strife I fight through Never do I point out the blame I am a soldier for one reason Now let me make that perfectly clear It is for our rights and freedoms we have And the liberties we all share The sound of gunfire fills the once silent air I must end this now my comrades need me Remember us that are out here now As we fight to keep you all safe and free © Tall Mountain Dreamer August 6, 2008
I do not consider myself a hero Because each day I carry7 a gun I do not consider myself a brave warrior Fighting until ones last breath is done I consider myself a person That takes pride in their home Accompanied by comrades When sent, across the globe we roam We have stood in defense of freedom Many of us have died for the cause In our hearts each one know If called again we would not pause Does it take a hero of many to wear Their country’s uniform with pride Does it mean your super courageous When you stand in battle side by side It should be thought by each as they see Us standing in the battle for our land That we answered our country’s call We proudly wanted to give others a hand I hold my gun now in defense of Freedoms that others have given to me To defend them with the same honor That has allowed us to remain free I ask no thanks or praise to me be given For anything that I may each day do I do it so with so much pride and honor Knowing that I am serving my country and you SO please do not pass judgment On anything that you may hear I have done I am just a proud soldier that stands In an army of many and a soldier as one My time will soon pass and back I will come To the land that I stand ready to serve Not asking for you to understand my toils Just respect me as being, as we all deserve I must lay down my pen now as orders I hear My words will stop as work is to be done Know I do it with pride and honor for you In this Army of many and as this soldier of one © Tall Mountain Dreamer May 5, 2008
The smell of battle hung in the air I silently traveled over blood soaked ground Bodies littering it here and there Death filled silence is all around I hear a voice calling to me as I pass I stop and there a brave hero I see I go to his side and kneel beside him I look into his eyes as he stairs up at me I feel a tear fall as there I stay Kneeling there by this brave heroes side He begs to me to take away his pain My arms for him I now open up wide I lift him into my arms for comfort He lays his head softly against my chest I see from his body the wounds he has As he closes his eyes and tries to rest A tear I feel as it slides along my cheek My heart is torn for the suffering he must bare Wanting him to know I will comfort him And for all the brave men I really care He ask me now to save him from death As life slowly slips from his body this day Seeing the damage that battle has caused A lump in my throat I know not what to say He asks me to hear his last words I nod in acceptance as he begins to speak “Dear Lord forgive me for all that I have Brave souls lost in battles I fought I did not raise my weapon out of anger not once It is only freedom for my country I sought I know I have been careless in my beliefs I know that we have not spoken nearly enough Many times I wanted and could not find words Explaining my feelings was sometimes so tough So forgive me Lord for things I have done Pain I have caused others to suffer and bare These memories live down deep in my soul And with each lost life, the pain I share If the time has come that I too will die I ask on thing of you as into the ever after I go Take me with open arms on my travel Lay me beside other brave soldiers you know” His words sank deep into my heart as I listened I knew to his fellow man he meant no harm or pain I held him closer as I understood what he ask With God’s comfort he would remain I assured him he will be comforted forever He looked up and smiled right at me A comfort I saw fill him as I held him tight The end of his life in my eyes I can now see One last gasp and he goes limp in my arms My heart cries out for this worlds great loss Brave men killed in battle this day To what valued end was this great cost I stand now with that hero in my arms With blood stained feet I turn and walk away I carry him in comfort as he had asked Until at his final rest his soul I can lay To the heavens he was this day summoned I came and carried this soul in my arm Knowing he will be laid with other heroes Laid where they will never again face harm To the heavens I now traveled in silence On cloud soft steps along I did trod Taking a hero’s soul to its final rest On this very day that a brave soldier met God © Tall Mountain Dreamer
I watched as each day he grew Into a man that was so proud Watching as he set each of his goals Each reaching higher then the clouds As man he walked out my door To serve his country in time of need So all that had been one for us each Can to this very day remain freed Then the call came late one night He softly said Mom I have to go People are in need and need our help The might of this great nation we will show I reassured him with loving words When in my heart I felt worry and pain I assured him that he would be all right In my heart and thoughts he would remain They are calling now Mom I will say good bye Taking your love with me to keep me strong Knowing once again soon I will see your smile And to be in your arms I will surely long The days passed us by so slow in time News I watched with a heavy heart each day At night I would pray to the lord above To keep my hero out of harms way Any time the day the phone would ring Fear would quickly consume my thought Was it the call that my hero had fallen Laying under a draped flag home he would brought Relief I would find when friends asked if any word As they too waited for this hero to come back to me Knowing he would stand tall and do all they asked Keeping our freedoms running so free Listen! I hear a light knock on the door The hour was late who could this be I raised from my chair of heavy sorrow Going quickly to the door so I could see Looking out I saw a shell of a man The beaten it took it surely did show Quickly I opened the door to let him in This was the day of return for my hero He slowly raised his head and looked at me Through hollow dark eyes I saw the pain His heart and mind were gone and dead As just a shell he now did remain He fell into my arms and started to cry His body trembling totally out of control this day Unable to speak through his quivering lips Why had such a brave hero been made to pay this way I comforted him with all the love that I had Wanting him to know to me he would not change That he was no different from when he left Arms holding my loved hero now so strange He talked of the killings and seeing friends die Of deeds that were ordered and carried out The pain that he felt yet obeyed each one When his mind sat silent, his heart with pain did shout Each day had taken a toll on his bravery and honor People condemning him for all he had done First he fought back with violent retorts "For God's sake! Do you think this was for me fun!" I knew there was damage way deep inside As his pain was deeper then I had seen any go But in my heart I knew in my arms I had The remains of my brave and honored hero I soothed him with the warmth of my hand Only comfort into his world did I want to bring Telling him in my loving words so soft That pride in my heart for him did sing He looked up at me and over those trembling lips As I could feel his body trembling with fright He spoke the words so soft I could barely hear "Tell me Mom, honestly please, that everything will be all right I saw the tears streaming as he released his pain Words to answer of them I did not know Then it came to me the most important he needed I said, "Remember son you are my hero" He looked up and I saw a slight smile Back down in my lap he laid his head A heavy sigh I heard him then take As if a heavy load he now shed I listened to his breathing as he faded to sleep My eyes closed into mine too I did go When I awoke he laid limp in my arms Now I was holding the true shell of my hero He had taken his last breath being held in love His life taken well before he died I brought him to my lips and with a loving kiss Fighting back my tears of pain I tried Now only memories of that man I knew The brave hero I watched leave with a sigh His last comforts I was able to bring to him As my hero returned home to die Tall Mountain Dreamer
She pulls out a piece of paper with trembling hands And with loved filled words this paper she will fill today The pen she holds in hands that are starting to sweat As she searched for all the right things to say She wanted him to know that his soul was with the family As the children asked for him again and again They celebrated his birth and special days as they came And thinking of their love for each she then gives a small grin She writes of the lonely nights that she now does spend After all the children had been finally put to bed Of the times that she was held in his arms with love And how their love together had, by each, been fed Of all the family chores that she had to handle And having to run with them here and there Just so he would still feel a part of them still As she knew that in all this he would love to share Her eyes started to water as she wrote each word with love Wishing he was safe and back home this very day Being able to look into his eyes and into his loving soul Filling her with relief, knowing he is out of harms way The water builds more and more in her eyes As she thinks of the softness of his precious lips Making breakfast and bringing him his morning coffee And being able to watch as he took those little sips Him ending his day as home from work he came Making the special meals that he loved to eat Listening to his laughter as it filled the house with noise And how happy she was of the day the they did meet A small tear grows in the corner of her eye As the painful thoughts of loneliness started to fill her heart And the pain that came with it was growing each day Knowing that, if she let it, it will tear her totally apart The tear was growing steadily as the water built Knowing that it would surely be flowing before long Through all of this she remained loyal to her hero And she forced herself to be steady and strong She would tell of the happenings around the town Telling the news of family and friends as it came to her Knowing that this connection that she kept alive for him Would be what would make the distance seem that much closer The tear starts to slowly run across her soft skin As down onto her cheek it makes a watery path so slow She tells of the days she watches as the sun slowly sets And the sun where he is at is just beginning to show Now knowing what his duties will be on this day But that he will proudly do all that he is asked Knowing that with the pride in his country he has shown To the best of his ability he accomplished all that he was tasked More water fueled that tear as it moved along faster Preparing itself for the free fall it soon would take And the harshness with which it would land and the watery blotch that it would certainly make Then that tear finally dropped from her cheek onto that letter Causing a spot that did slightly smudged the ink She started to dry up that lone spot of water that had landed Then stopped for a minute as she started to think Leave that tear where it had landed on that paper As it would be a true reminder of her feelings inside And him seeing that it had landed on the letter she wrote Her true loneliness from him she could not hide Then her letter was finished as she closed it with her love Spraying it with perfume that she wore for him each day She folded it with care and placed it in an addressed envelope And after placing a stamp carefully sent it on its way Knowing that when he received that letter in the days mail It would give him warmth as thoughts of home would roam And when he saw that water spot on that paper as he read He would know for sure that he was deeply missed back home © Tall Mountain Dreamer
He proudly answered the call When his country asked him too He went where he was sent by his country And he proudly served me and you He paid the price for answering our call As part of him was lost and would never return He came back to this country he loved And watched as many of him, the people did scorn He held nothing against any of them that called him names Or talked softly while his back to them was turned As he had done nothing more then what was asked And the pride for his country inside of him burned He had lost all that he had loved and held so dear From the price in life he was asked to pay He fought back the only way he could As he knew not what to ask or say Surrounded by his fellow warriors that served He learned to call this home and them friend And he cherished all that he had amongst them And held it all dear until the very end Never a complaint from his lips there fell And he just lived on day at a time Knowing that all the pain and suffering he felt Would finally be taken away sometime The coldness he felt of being alone When all his family had left his side Was warmed by ones he had now found Comrades and friends with whom he could reside Making the days that slipped slowly away That much easier for him to each day bare As he had finally found in unknown people That there was some that truly and honestly did care Then as his days became less and less And that fatal timely finally did arrive As he had one last request of his pain And please don’t artificially keep me alive Please take me home swiftly dear lord Knowing that he no longer wanted to be alone So God reached down on that fateful day And brought his battle tested soldier home Now as he lays to his final rest today Let all that knew look up to the sky As this soldier of the lord above Still stands his post of duty proudly from upon high So do not look at this day with sorrow As he would not want that you know But be thankful of just one thing you all That this brave soldier amongst you, you did get to know © Tall Mountain Dreamer
The sound of war is in the air Soon the battlefield we will see Doing the tasks our county does ask So that others may live proud and free In the sands of the desert we go Not knowing what will lay ahead Many hearts will be broken over the days When we take time to count the dead The sound of vehicles as along we go Weapons shooting here and there Rounds bursting all around us now These are things in battle that we share Bullets ripping the air overhead of me Cover I take to protect my soul All has become so eerie quiet now I see this battle took a heavy toll I see a friend with their eyes open wide Looking down only part of their body I see Destroyed in one swift exploding instant These are memories battle has brought to me I pain for those that now lay dead For family and friends that back home wait Having to receive a flag draped coffin Telling of their proud heroes fate The enemy is gone now again to hide Searching for them is for what we are asked Each of us going on with a heavy heart Accomplishing duties that we have been tasked No sleep will come for me this night As thoughts of war are now filling me Each day more battles we will fight Praying one day that the end I will see Suddenly a violent burst I now hear All around me suddenly goes black Opening my eyes death once again I see Yet I have survived another enemy attack Onward we push, beside heroes I now fight Neither them nor I have stopped and rested For our fallen comrades victory we will see Another day this soldier will be battle tested © Tall Mountain Dreamer
A sharp bone chilling scream pierces the night It warns of a soul in harm's way I have heard these sounds fill the air Imbedding the sounds in my memories each day A cold chill I feel along my spine I can see the pain wretched face looking at me Blood pools around them on the ground From their pain let them be free My stomach churns as the injury I see Both legs missing from a body so strong Seeing brave men serving their country with pride Torn from loving comfort for so long I look down into their eyes open wide Wishing there as something comforting to say No words came from my lips this night As on this battlefield another injured hero lay He closed his eyes and I heard these words As he softly whispered them to me "Dear Lord take my body to rest now Let me lay with others that gave for us to be free I am not a hero, nor do I ask for praise I serve my country with honor and pride Knowing that one day this may be my end I accept you now with arms opened wide Nothing special do I ask for in my time of need Just your embrace I want to now feel The end is near for me, as here I lay My life slowly slipping away I can feel" A soft gasp I heard escape his lips His eyes closed as I watched a smile on him grew A brave hero in my eyes before me lay He had taken his last breath of life this I knew I wiped a tear from my cheek as it ran As not to show weakness in front of this brave man I closed my eyes now and said my own prayer Asking God to take care of this hero this day And to comfort loved ones back home do far Who anxiously wait for word on their hero each day His body is removed no as downward I stare At that empty blood stained spot on the ground The war still wages around me battles are fought For a minute I can not hear their ugly sound Pain filled my heart as I stood and turned around Pack on my back, across my arm my rifle lay Walking through this war this very night Reality telling me my tour might end the same way (C) Tall Mountain Dreamer
A broken man to us he came On trembling knees and tired feet For months not knowing his outcome Living through hell, us to meet Watching as he stumbled a time or two Making his way to freedom this way Tears hung heavy in our eyes The pain we felt what could we say A hesitation, stumble, down he fell Proudly standing wipes from him the dirt Tears of happiness streaming from his eyes Inside all that watched was pain and hurt Once a strong and powerful man was he Called to serve the country that he did love Laying his life out each day at work Praying for protection to the lord above No help would he ask for nor receive His pride would be what helped him through Silence fell all around us as we watched Knowing there was nothing else we could do His way was made slowly to his country’s flag One he had embraced since a child alone Never asking anything of it as into a man he grew His pride in it each day had slowly grown Nearer he came to colors on display The flag of his pride, the red, white and blue Reaching a trembling arm out he stumbled Lumps came to our throats as we watched this view As he stumbled that flag he grabbed for Hoping it would serve him now like he had it Not letting him fall to the ground so hard The strength in the flag he knew wouldn’t quit On bended knees on the dust filled ground he knelt With the flag he slowly covered his darkened face Shallow sobbing could be heard all around As once again his country’s flag he did embrace Watching with pride and honor at this frail man An American hero of this I was truly sure One that kept honor and pride in his country I could feel his pain that was now so pure He turned to us now and in a soft voice said “I ask that you do not cry for me” “I have honored the one thing in which I have pride” “I did it so we could all remain happy and free” “Instead I ask that you now take my hand” “In a show of unity for this proud great land” “Letting all know that we will defend her until the end” “United as heroes together we will all stand” One by one we all walked over to him A line was formed as hand in hand we stood Turning we walked away as a human chain This hero in the middle as well he should Looking back over the memories of that day I recall the lesson that was taught to us all Not a person with pride in the country they love Would hesitate to answer her when she did call I now close my eyes and lay down my weary head This darkened night to try and get some sleep Bombs bursting all around me as there I lay The vision of this honored soul I will forever keep © Tall Mountain Dreamer
A gray overcast sky was the cover over the land. The smell of sulfur filled the air as he walked. All around him carnage laid, covering the ground in a tangled mass of bodies. Streams of blood from many bodies formed pools on the ground, slowly seeping deep into the earth. The cold harsh breeze of winter blew savagely across these silent heroes. Battle worn flags whipped in the breeze, their seams tattered and torn and the material riddled in holes. Friend of foe it mattered not any more as none of the soldiers would be able to return to their homeland. Tears flowed heavy from his eyes as he could not understand the needless killings that had happened here on this day. Sorrow filled his heart as he knew somewhere in the world there were loved ones filled with pain from the loss that they now suffered. His heart and thoughts went out to all those that would have to pay for each death here today. Not the killers or the killed but the ones that would carry a empty spot inside them. As he walked he saw the different expressions on each face that was grayed from the calling of death. Bodies riddled with holes, limbs ripped from bodies from massive explosions nearby, they showed their pain. He knew many had not died immediately but had laid on that soiled ground waiting for darkness of death to replace their sight. He could still hear the screams of anguish as bullets ripped through a lad so young still in life. He could see in his visions the gallantry that was displayed by these heroes one and all. They stood proud for what their country asked and did everything in their power to be the victors. Their country’s flag will drape many coffins of heroes as their cold lifeless bodies are returned to their homeland with honors. Many heroes carried to their final rest in somber silence broken only by the soft sound of weeping people that had come to pay their last respects. Still step by step he walked on over the land looking here and there knowing that he could not stop. He sees a picture, with a hole through it laying on the ground, half submerged in a pool of blood. Reaching down with trembling hands he lifts up the picture and wipes the blood from it. Looking at it he knew that the owner had carried it next to his heart when death’s bullet made its unsuspecting call. His eyes fell upon a beautiful lady and children, loved ones from some unknown land. One that waited for her husband and father to come back to her and her loving children. He could see them in his visions as they prayed each and every night for his safety until he was once again in their arms. He had watched them as they shed tears of pain and worry for this person that had answered their country, proudly serving when asked by their leaders. He would offer them all the strength that he possessed to get them through this time of pain even though he could not be there with them. Holding the picture in his hands he moved on as the day grew longer and he had much to do. His bare feet felt the dampness of the cold soil with each step that he took. Dampness caused by the soldier’s blood that had seeped into it throughout the battle that had taken place. His clothes that touched the ground turning crimson from the blood that they had soaked up. His feet now heavily stained red from dried blood. Not knowing where to start his work he bent down and picked up a soul in his arms and carried them to their resting spot and laid them down gently. One by one he carried them away from the desecrated ground from where they now laid. He knew that they would now be able to enjoy their journey in peace now as comfort had finally been given to them. His tears ran heavy as uncontrolled he wept wondering how the world he loved could be coming to this. All the work done by many great people had been destroyed here this day in one great battle, claiming hundreds on hundreds of lives. Still without one moment of hesitation he went onward with the task that laid ahead. Soul by soul he carried them away as the day went on. Listening he could hear the angels on high singing their song of acceptance. The heralded call they sent forward as they lined the path that he walked with each soldier. Returning once again he heard a loan moan from somewhere nearby. Looking around carefully he looked for any sign of movement of a body that still grasped to life. Nothing moved except that that could be moved by the wind. In complete stillness he stood there waiting to see if another sound would come to him, or had he imagined that one sound? He bent to receive another soul in his blood covered arms, lifting them with such gentleness as if their fragile souls would crumble. Suddenly to his ears, once again, there came they soft sound again. More distinct this time he made out the words, “Help me I am dying.” Standing he looked around quickly once again hoping that he would see movement so that to this body he could go. Could it be possible that in this carnage there laid one soul that still had a chance to be saved and able to go back to loved ones? Still nothing came to his eyes and deeper sadness filled him knowing that there was someone out there crying out for help and he could not, at that moment help them. As he worked along soul by soul was removed and laid to rest on soft hallowed beds for their endless sleep. One more time he heard the voice cry out for help, this time louder then the last. He gave a quick look and saw an angel as it hovered above the ground a short distance away. He knew that the angel was a sign to him that the one he searched for was there. Moving quickly over the bodies that cluttered the ground he was soon at the soldiers side. Looking down at the soldier where he lay, sadness filled him quickly. There at his feet laid the body of a young lad, barely old enough to be called a man, bleeding from wounds that he had received. In total silence he knelt down beside the soldier and in his soft, kind and gentle words he reassured him that he would be all right and would be saved. The soldier looked upward with a hollow and deep concerned look , the color from his face long since drained. Wiping the back of his hand across his lips dried with blood he asked for a drink of water to quench his thirst. Reaching out he took water that the angel offered and handed it to the young soldier. With trembling hands he took it and he watched as the soldier quickly drank the water, bringing moisture to his now parched throat. He listened as the soldier’s breathing was heavy and seemed painful to him as he heard him gasp for breath periodically. He did not want to leave this soldier this way but knew that he had to complete his task . There were thousands of less fortunate heroes laying everywhere he looked. He would surely be glad when an end was put to these needless killings and uncaring of human life. Why couldn’t people live like was planned for them thousands of years before, in total peace and harmony? He held out hope that one day this could come to pass for all that inhabited the earth. Souls were placed down for their final rest when he returned to that one brave soul that he had found among all the death that had surrounded him. Holding that soldier in his arms he comforted him, easing his pain. The soldier looked up into his eyes searching for a release that he so desperately wanted. In a soft and trembling voice the soldier asked the day that was now present. Looking down he told him that this day was the day the world celebrated the birth of Christ, the twenty-fifth day of December. Reaching into his pocket with his one good hand the soldier pulled out a small package, wrapped in a bright piece of paper. He asked him to make sure that the package was delivered to his lover that waited for him. It was a bond that would keep them together for ever and ever and he would not be able to get it to her, he knew this. Holding him with love and compassion, caring and understanding, he could see that life was slowly slipping from this brave lad. Pain was in his heart as the soldier told him that he could see a tunnel of darkness approaching him. His clothes were now stained and covered in the blood of many heroes all blended together into one. This made no difference to him as all were of one to him anyways as he could not and would not discriminate. In his strong arms that had held many he now held this soldier comforting him in his time of need. No suffering did he want for him anymore as he said, “You have lived your life well and now that your suffering is so great it is ok to let go, let your body and soul rest in peace.” The soldier looked up into his eyes and that is when he knew he had finally touched the soldiers heart as he saw a faint smile come to his lips. Snowflakes now were falling all around him now on this cold and empty winter day. A day that had seen many souls claimed in war on the same day that the world celebrated the birth of their savior. The wind blowing gently against their skin no cold did he feel as there he stayed in comfort in this soldier‘s time of need. He gave to the soldier all the warmth that he could want as his giving was never ending. The skies darkened with the coming of night and still he would not leave this heroes side. He gave his strength to the soldier so he could find the strength to breath and reason for his heart to continue to bring him life. Suddenly the soldier grasped hold of him and looking up into his eyes he said, “The end is now here and I know that soon I will rest in total comfort with my god.” Heavy tears now flowed as he knew in his heart that the soldier was right and there was nothing that he could any longer do to stop it. Looking down to the soldier in his arms he took his hand and said, “I will not abandon you in your time of need and suffering as I will always be here beside you alive or in your passing.” Slowly life was pulled from the soldier by the calling of death as deeper and deeper into it he fell. The soldiers last breath and beating of his heart came to him sometime in the darkness. In easement of the pain that was being endured and soon would be released, he closed his eyes in prayer. In his soft voice he recited a scripture from the bible that was meant to comfort souls: I am your shepherd, you shall not want. I maketh you to lie down in green pastures, I leadeth you beside the still waters I restoreth your soul, I leadeth you in the paths of rightousness for my names sake. Yeah though you walked through the valley of the shadow of death , you will fear no evil for I am with you: My rod and my staff will comfort thee. I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies: Thou anointest your head with oil: your cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life: and you will dwell in my house, the house of the Lord forever. With the passing of this brave soldier from life into death God stood and with him in his arms he carried his soul to its final rest. Beside his other brave comrades, friends and enemy alike, another needless soul had been called to his home. Looking down from the heavens his tears ran strong and free. On that sacred ground, over the bodies of many brave soldiers, landed the drops of his pain as the rains fell from the heavens. He watched now as others came and picked up the bodies left there taking them from the field and laying the marker of their countries honor over them. Soon these brave heroes would return to their loved ones where their bodies too would be laid to their final rest. © Tall Mountain Dreamer
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