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A Policemanís Ghost It happened late on night long ago Along that winding mountain road so desolate and steep The night was dark and the rain, downward it poured The rivers rising as into the ground it seeped The wind whipped the trees back and forth as it howled Branches and even trees lying in roads everywhere Power lines were being taken down in this storm There were troubles to be found here and there In his cruiser he road quietly along on this night His rain slicker was right there by his side if he needed it He reported all the problems that he found And assisted people that asked as he drove by He was a special policeman, loved by all around He was then dispatched to check this mountain road Knowing that many motorist had been stranded there for a night He went and driving slowly he watched along the roadside For any vehicle going off the road and out of sight He stopped and removed a few branches that he found To make the road safe for people to drive safely along The rain was fiercely whipped by the wind as it pelted him But undaunted he moved along remaining strong What was that he had spotted up ahead as he drove Was it lights of a vehicle or a reflection of his own Slowly he drove along this road so quiet and wet As he came closer he saw the shape of a car by the road As he drew up close to where it was then sitting The hazard flashers blinking now through the rain showed He pulled his car in behind and approached the vehicle Inside sat a young lady soaking wet and so scared He gently tapped on the window to get her attention Not wanting to startle her, just let her know he was there She looked at him and he saw a relaxing smile begin to grow She knew now that she would finally get the help she did need By this man who was pledged to serve all of the public This policeman she saw, as were the rest, a special breed She rolled down the window as he asked what was the matter And she told him of her tire that had suddenly gone flat He asked if she had a spare in her trunk that he could use If so, he would surely be able, for her, to fix that She nodded and gave him the keys he would need to open it He took out everything he needed and got to work right away Knowing that this lady was needing to get somewhere important And soon he would have her going along on her way Finally the tire was changed and all was complete He was soaked from the driving rain as he worked But these incidents gave him the most pleasure And none of his duties or pledges would he shirk She thanked him for his help and drove off that night As he turned to walk back to his car and go on patrol When behind him he heard the loud sound of a roaring engine And a vehicle that sounded as if it was out of control He turned as it crested the hill and the lights hit him He knew for sure he would not be able to get out of the way He dove for the side of the road but the truck squarely hit him Killing him instantly in that accident on that very day The truck finally stopped and the driver got out to see And he saw him laying there his body mangled beyond repair He radioed from the policemanís cruiser for help And he asked for someone to please hurry and come there Now as the years have passed many motorist have been stranded Not knowing how to get help in their cars they would wait Then they would see this policeman approaching them There to help them along on their travels on this very date He would offer them a ride back to town to get help But would always stop before he entered the town He would tell the people where to go and who to see for help And if these people had only this story known He would then turn around and head back up that winding road When the motorist would turn around and look he was suddenly gone They told the story to the people in town of the policeman that helped them And how he had dropped them off and then suddenly was gone The towns people would them tell them the story of what happened And how the life of that townís special cop had ended that night And how many drivers had been brought down to the town safely So that they would not ever have to face that same plight Each year a cross would be stood at that spot in remembrance Of the policeman who died while looking after that road With pride the towns people would share this story with tourists As proudly the caring and bravery of this young man was proudly told © Tall Mountain Dreamer April 24, 2001
So many times in my life I have heard the word friend Pledging loyalty and trust Until our lifeís very end Words that were simple to say The meaning harder to bear A word that unites two worlds A bond that each should share But when they take a close look There is nothing there to see The words were empty of meaning No truth did they hold for them or me To the true meaning of friend Their heart has turned cold Now I shrug when this word I hear Knowing the emptiness that it does hold I nod and accept it as their words Hoping one will speak from the heart True ones I have met and carry with me Thinking of them when we are apart So as you travel through life A journey we all must each day make Think before you use the word friend How this word the other person will take Friendship is something to honor With respect and commitment each day The word has true meaning when spoken If spoken from the heart with honesty you say © Tall Mountain Dreamer
Over the many years of my life I have heard this expression said ďI am not afraid of dying But only that of being dead As I lay here in my discomfort The end has finally come for me I can see my world slipping away No more lonely feeling can there be My loved ones are around my bed Words of comfort to me they bring Reliving memories of them each My heart opens wide my love to sing I will take my final breath now No more pain do I want them to bare Rejoice in that we had our times together With all the memories we will ever share I close my eyes one last time now One final breath I take in deep I ask the Lord to take me fast My soul in his garden I ask him to keep No more pain do I now feel As I know my life is now done No more do I hear the loved ones around me In my memories now they will live on I feel my soul rising from where I lay My last journey I will now make this day From the living to the heavens above Many before have traveled this way I see the gates of heaven before me I wait for them to open and let me on in I ask no favors of those from beyond For me let my final rest now begin First I must stand in judgment from God My savior that has looked down over me I ask for his acceptance into heaven Now I wait for his answer to see I watch my life replayed before this day God with interest watches it until the end He turns and with a stern look in his eye Down to me kneeling there he does bend In his soft words he whispers to me He takes my hand and pulls me up until I stand He looks me straight in the eyes for a second In his strong grasp he holds my trembling hand He speaks softly as he says to me ďI can see your lifeís journey was rough Nothing came easy to you in your travels Still you never strayed and hung tough I watched as you reached out to others in need Never asking for anything in return I watched as all you asked for in life Was the peace and happiness for which you yearn Never a harsh word did you speak in anger No one did you scorn as you passed them by I saw the times that errors you made I watched as you knelt in prayer and saw you cry I can ask no more of any fellow man None of us are perfect this we know is true I now open my gates of heaven so wide Taking my hand together we walked through I now in the comfort of the heavens above I lookdown on those that gave me love As their angel I will be there when they call My eternal life I live in the heavens above © Tall Mountain Dreamer
Shimmering reflections across a placid lake A loonís call fills the mountain air An eagle soars free high overhead I rock quietly in my worn rocking chair A deer walks proudly beside their young A bee collects its last pollen of the day A distant rumble echoes thru the mountains A slight breeze against my skin lay A pair of squirrels play on branches aloft The smell of blossomed shrubs comes to me A trout jumps lazily for a passing fly A moose walks along so his trail wild and free A soft kiss from my lover I now feel Warm arms wrap around me as I sit A single star twinkles high overhead The nights first light there has been kit Darkness falls all around, nature slowly quiets A lone owl hoots from a distant tree The warm breeze replaced by one with a chill I shiver as it cascades silently over me I rise from my chair as the day is now done Slowly the nights shadows against the ground fall I walk slowly into the warmth of my home All these visions of a spring night I recall Sleep comes to me as down my head I lay Soon dreams will replace the visions in my mind Knowing I will awake to another day from sleep And another mountain spring day I will find © Tall Mountain Dreamer
I look to the heavens with closed eyes I open my arms wide the spirits to greet Ancestors that guide me through life I stand here now on weary feet Their wisdom has guided me each day Many decisions have helped me make Pride I take in all they taught me So strong decisions I can freely make I feel the winds of their freedom I can see the plains they once walked across I see the battles that they fought Blood soaked dirt from battles lost I hear war drums sound in the distance Tribes uniting to make a freedoms stand Fighting for the freedom they have known Once spread wide across this great land I feel the first drops of rain now falling Tears of pain they let now flow free Of the torment of my brave people All of this rekindles memories in me My heart pains from their long suffering Pushed from lands that they called home Given reservations for which to live No longer having the freedom to roam I can see them stand high with honor The signs of strife upon their face Brave warriors that lived through battle Many accepted in their heavenís place The free tribes are many days gone now Tribal meetings happen throughout the year I sit and listen to great stories told by elders Silently I wipe away a falling tear I now touch the cold stone of my ancestor Standing here proudly under a stormy sky I pain for the life they had to lead so long ago I drop to my knees and from my heart I cry May they finally rest in peace in heaven May their life ease as they have passed on In my heart I will carry my heritage It will live forever with me until I am gone © Tall Mountain Dreamer
A single bud breaks the ground A flower waiting to grow and bloom Buds fill the branches of the trees Leaves growing to decorate natureís room A lone patch of snow lingers A river excepting it as it melts away The sun shines bright from high above This is truly a spring filled day A robin returns from a winter trip A nest it builds high in a tree Geese seen flying north overhead Truly signs of spring I now see Animals awaken from their winter naps New young they let now freely roam Two love birds sitting on a single branch Windows open fresh air fills my home Playgrounds filled with childrenís laughter Roar of motorcycles fill the air A grandfather sits idly in the porch rocker A warm breeze gently moves his hair Baseball parks are filled with crowds Diamonds surrounded by fields of green Crowds cheering as the home team scores The end of the winterís cold has been seen I know the seasons will again change Each on in passing will bring gifts to bear As each day passes us slowly by We should all take a moment these to share So as the buds into flowers grow As nature renews its beauty each day Let us stand amongst all the beauty And cherish this, another spring day © Tall Mountain Dreamer
Before you enter this realm I will concede that it is not for everyone nor do all agree with wars and conflicts. I write these as a veteran who has served and seen their share of combat and I never considered right or wrong I stood when and where my country asked. If you as a person CAN NOT and WILL NOT accept the meaning of defending our country and serving it with pride and distinction I pray that you close this now without continuing. IF you decide to read on I hope that you will appreciate what I have placed here and the praise and supoort that our men and women in uniforn have, do and will deserve.
An eagle soars on open wings Silent circles in the air A wolf howls in the night Echoing sounds we all share A bear roars a warning loud Little ones frolic close by Buffalo in a herd now run Dust rising under the clear sky A turtle swims in water clear Silently I watch it move along I sit and remember all these signs Signs of a heritage to which I belong I let my mind soar freely Like the eagle that was above I speak forcefully like the wolf Never in anger but always in love I warn others when in danger I feel Like the bear my feelings I now show I move freely in this world each day Like the buffalo I am free to go Slowly I travel along lifeís road Like the turtle I make my way I thank each for strengths they give me Ones I use each and every day © Tall Mountain Dreamer
A gentle brush against my skin A soft kiss upon my lips My mind swirls from burning passion As into your life my love slips The twinkle I see in your eye Your heartís beat I now hear Lives that crossed unexpectedly Things that with each we shall share Kind words spoken softly Arms holding me in an embrace Your strength comforts me Your finger slowly traces my face My hands wrap around you Our bodies press together this day Feeling the warmth of your being Unlocking my heart on your own way Freedom I now feel inside me Locks securing my heart now undone The promise of forever love you whisper Our bodies explored we become one Take the passion I now hold Free it from my inner self this day Fill each with the others nectar Enjoying our bond in a special way I know I have felt true love now The feelings we have for each I know Days will pass us slowly by And with each this love will grow © Tall Mountain Dreamer April 7, 2008
I felt something special Right from the start I opened up my soul Giving you my cherished heart I trusted you with it Hoping there would be no pain Into my world I let you Praying you would always remain I opened for you the door That I had protected each day Knowing no harm would come If I kept people away Your kind words fooled me I thought I knew what you meant The truth you kept hid While a message you sent You said you loved me This I wanted to be true Giving my soul to you this day Wanting my life to include you I then heard the words That tore me deep inside Many wounds you opened Ripping my heart deep and wide The words of love I had heard Quickly turned to those of hate Each day my pain grew more In doom had I sealed my loves fate The final day had now come When I heard those words good-bye I sat there in my dark world But in strength I refused to cry I knew it would be better If I just turned and walked away Forgetting you had entered my world On that long ago day I watched as you departed No love for you did I now hold The fire in my heart that burned Has died and now sits cold Another wall I have built this day To protect my now fragile heart Knowing it will be harder For another to tear apart Do not turn around and wave Or even say a good-bye But remember you are the one That caused my love to die © Tall Mountain Dreamer April 6, 2008
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