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46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 58 · Joined on March 9, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 58 · Joined on March 9, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

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Very few read this so just let me say this as bluntly as I can....DO NOT request to be freinds if you never intend to speak. If there is anything you want to know about me ask me a question. I love to write my poetry and stories and am even willing to share them with others. COMMENTS ON THEM ARE GREATLY appreciated.

"What Is A Friend"

One who never asks why
One who comforts you when you cry
One that never walks away
One that brings you comfort when in dismay
One who makes you smile grow
One who gives you strength when yours runs low
One who is there whenever you need
One who stops the pain when your heart does bleed
One who listens when you talk
One who stands beside you, each step you walk
One who never will inflict pain
One no matter whatwho beside you will remain
One you can call when times are tough
One to lead you from the darkness when the going is rough
One who never asks you for anything
One who gives to you, of themselves everything
One who can hold you protect you from harm
One who can fill you with feelings so warm
A friend is all the above I have found
A Friend is life's true gift when around
So take the time to reach out to others each day
You never know when a new friend will come your way

(C) Tall Mountain Dreamer---March 11, 2007

46 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 58 · Joined on March 9, 2007 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

Death On the Battlefield

We knew we were in a real fight
One that could surely mark our end
But the piece of land we now occupied
This we must now proudly defend
We turned back the enemy
As bullets flew flying overhead
I was returning their fire
When I heard this up close thud
Bullets were hitting all around us
Some were even throwing up the mud
Then the soldier next to me
I heard gasp for air as he grabbed me
Falling down and laying there
In that small little foxhole right there beside me
I looked down at him
Seeing a great pain etched on his face
I stopped what I was then doing
As this fallen comrade I did embrace
He looked up at me with knowing eyes
Knowing that the end was there
But his last words he wanted me to have
And those last few minutes to share
I cradled him in my arms and softly held him
Listening to everything he said
He said write a letter to my loved one
With your name she will know that I am dead
Tell her not to cry for me
But remember the good times that we had
Tell her to hold her head up high when she speaks of me
Tell her to be proud of me not sad
Take my body home to my family
And tell all that I did my best
Have them honor me in my passing
As I lay down to my final rest
Tell my country that I fought with honor
And never gave up the fight
But slowly now the light that I see
Is slowly slipping into night
He grabbed at my uniform to get a tighter hold
As he gasped for hisl ast breath of air
Then his body went limp and his life was gone
Now to myself I thought “Is this really fair?”
This soldier that gave his life for others
So that in freedom they may live today
Had to end his life like this
Fighting a battle on soil so far away
I promised to him to carry out his wish
And do everything he had asked
I made a vow nothing would stop me
As I would complete his dying request task
I held him tighter to let him know
That in my heart he would always be
That brave American Soldier
Who died that day, while fighting, beside of me
I will remember the strength he showed
Even until his very last breath
Knowing I will always have memories of his bravery
After having witnessed his death
Now I heard no sounds of battle
As everything now was so still
As bullets fired in the heat of battle
I wondered how many more heroes they would kill

© Tall Mountain Dreamer


1. People who friend others just to validate themselves
2. People who try to get others caught up in their battles. If you really want a battle I am sure the Military is still looking for some worthy soldiers, why do it on here
3. People who call you friend and can't wait for the time you leave them alone
4. People who tell ya BRB and never come back
5. The weatherman since he is never right anyways (LOL just figured we all knew that but I would throw it in)
6. People who treat friends like women with shoes, they are there when you need them but for now they are in the back of the closet.
7. People filled with anger and sarcasm when someone passes them a compliment. Just because one says something nice that does not mean they are kissing you butt or require anything in return
8. People who do not and will never support our troops, both in peace time and time of war...If you can not support the ones who give you the right and ability to be free, put on that uniform and give it a try so we don't have to support you. Remember no matter what color outside we all bleed red.
9. People who say they are sorry for something that happened that they had no control over. Can one feel what another feels (NO) but one can comfort another
10. I guess my last is people that are obnoxious and think they are better then others. Also those that think a day of fun is damaging or hurting someone else and ruining their day.

PS: Sorry if I sound like a snob as those that know me know I am not, nor will I ever be. If I have hurt anyone's feeling I truly do NOT apologize as that means one or more of the above hit home. To inflict pain was not my meaning in posting this. But it is posted and is a part of many parts that makes me who I am an INDIVIUAL.

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I am not a movie person but if I sit and watch any it has to be one with some substance and practical. I do lean towards the military ones as I am also prior service. I do not like drawn out movies at all. My favorite movie is Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood. It hits really close to home.


I have many idols but none are more important to me then my ancestors. I draw my strength and courage from my father and grandfathers. I get my wisdom from my mother and my grandmothers. I also idolize anyone and everyone that will take a stand to correct a wrong. I look to all the men and women, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives and lovers that have walked in harms way, wearing the uniform of their country with pride and dignity. My heart goes out to those that have felt the pain of lsoing one close to them. I idolize all those that have given me what I enjoy this very day.

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PLease Pause to reflect:

A Hero Is Lost

I served my country knowing
That in harms way I may go
Praying that I would safely return
Until the end I would never know
I serve my country with pride
Sounds of battle are all around
Death lingers heavy in the air
Danger fills every echoing sound
I feel this pain now fill me
A burning pain like never before
Into my body it has now ripped
What has happened I am not sure
I fall to the ground so hard
In its dust I do now silently lay
The pain has totally consumed me
Brave to life I will forever stay
A medic works feverishly over me
The look on his face I now see
The sorrow that is written there
Is for the life before him, yes me
I feel my strength now slipping
In my visions I see a white light
Of this through life I have been told
Coming when life ends it’s fight
My blood is gone from me now
I served my country’s honor each day
I have now given in ultimate sacrifice
With this heroes life I now pay
One last breath I painfully gasp for
To refill my soul, none is there
Loved ones will be filled with sorrow
Pain in my passing they all will share
My visions are of cold harsh black
My honor and bravery it has cost
Taking of each of wars fallen souls
Reminds us another hero is lost

© Tall Mountain Dreamer April 7, 2003 (I ask that you do not copy my poems, enjoy them as I post them if you will. I know there is no way of stopping anyone and yet I am willing to take that chancce in good faith that there are still respectful people out there....THANK YOU)(and yes to answer your question this is me..IF you go to my poetry site under my stash you will see my picture there on my website also.

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