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A dream?
A lie?
True love?
That's what I intend to find.

A broken heart
Thats the thing of the past
I believed in us when times got tough
But I am afraid that love is not enough
At least not this time
Cause now It's
Me, myself and I

I took it day to day
Night to night
Holding my pillow tight
Trying to find my fairy tale
I have had it with this small town.

Dreaming happened the moment I met you
Thinking you were my prince charming
But come to find out love was just what
you wanted to play

So now I'll sit here
With me,myself and I

A lie??
When you said you'd come back
A lie?
When you told me I was all you ever wanted!

True love??
That was the definition of you...

But true love can die....

I hope not
But if it can
than I wish you the best..
I wish you the world
I wish you could realize that
You meant the world to me
Plus so much more
But I guess love does die
Time to move on
Nothing lasts forever
So I'll move on
Find someone who can love me and only me

Someone who wont let me sit
With me,myself and I

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