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Slip into the night
Caught on a dream.
Rip yourself away
And don't look back.
It's time for freedom
And time to love.
It's time to leave behind
Everything you've held onto.
Don't be afraid
As you slip through the trees.
The moon and stars will guide you
And lead you safely to me.
Softly, I whsiper
And hope that you can hear:
'This is it, my love,
No turning back.'
But even from miles away
I hear your heart beating in your chest.
I feel the fear in you
That I know you've been hiding.
You don't want to come here tonight
And I understand why.
But I want this last chance
To look into your eyes.
Soon everything will change
And we will drift apart.
So tonight, let's hold eachother
And whisper in the dark.

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4 years ago
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