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For you ill hide away,
in the shadows of your mind.
with all your hidden secrets,
in a place that never shines.

for you ill stay in this box,
in your heart-that you keep.
just to wait for you to take me out,
when the rest of the world sleeps.

for you ill be strong,
so you dont ever fall.
because i know what its like,
to have your back against the wall.

for you ill fight the world,
to make sure that your okay.
and if you really want me to,
ill even walk away.

because ill do anything for you,
even if its my death.
and im gonna prove that i need you,
until the day of my last breath.

How did i get so lucky
to have you in my life
for you to love me
like i love you, hunny
your so special to me
nothing can change the way i feel
about you, do you see.

I wont let any one steel
you away from me
because your my life and dream
my dreams came true...
when i seen you i knew that
you where the one for me
the one who found the one and only key
my heart, and when
you unlocked it, it was a fresh new start

a new day to truly believe
believe in you and wish for you to never leave
I would do anything for you,
be everything you want.

you caught me when i was falling
falling every day and crying while i was asleep
and cry over everything i touched or seen
but thats all changed now
because your the person i love very much!

Take a final bow
because you got a hold of my heart
in no time flat

you have me and my heart
and i belong to you now
so keep it tight with all your might
for the rest of your life

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