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As i sat this afternoon counting the minutes so that i could walk from my office to my apartment I lazily watched my friends Red, Lou, his girl Sandy and several others fishing off the end of our dock here at the Thames. It made me smile to myself at the simplicity of life here on the river. I will never be rich monetarily of this I am most sure. My boss and several here on the Fu have money to burn on things I'll never even concieve of possessing. But that is really all they are arent they? Each day im the proud reciever of smiles, hugs, warm wishes, breakfast (yes breakfast), banter, sexual innuendo, free lobsters, sea bass, scallops and crab cakes and so much love and friendship that it can be overwhelming at times. As the boss and the other "have's" of this world run around trying to find money for their overspent budgets, decide between gucci and mark jacob's, figure out what overpriced vacation they are gonna take this month and whether to buy the "beamer" or the mercedes, we the "have nots" enjoy the precious gift of a sunset on the river, a fishing pole and a can of whatever beer is on sale today?...Simplicity. We do not spend our days manipulating people who are less fortunate or educated. We do not go around playing with other's emotions to get them to do things we want them to do. We are honest, open, loving human beings who VALUE FRIENDSHIP above most anything else besides love. Am i poh? HELL NO....am one of the richest women I know and the best part in all of this is I know I matter to these people. That I've done something good by being here. Lastly, I believe forgiveness in life is a cleansing thing for your soul. Sometimes people do things that hurt because they in fact are hurting themselves and do not feel worthy of the kindness they recieve. Do not understand that love and true friendship can forgive just about anything. My boss is an asshole and I forgive him. Some of my ex's are still assholes but I forgive that too. And some of my friends even here could stand a lesson in what being a true friend is. But I love them anyway. There is one I speak to here that will know who they are I wont mention a name. My message to them is this....Put on your brave face and talk to me, instead of blocking me. If one is as tough and strong as they profess to be this should not be so hard should it? I AM YOUR FRIEND! And yes you tried to manipulate me but i think you learned that I'm not who you thought I would be. And came to care....i still do...do you? Talk to me. Enough of that spattering....EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Find a sunset...a fishing pole...and a beverage of choice and know I will be smiling....It's a wonderful thing...Mattering.
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