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Photobucket It really makes you wonder don't it?

This one here is a repeat offender who has had multiple profiles and deleted them only to come back and harrass me and Donna both.  His great quest as he says here is to see how many times in a fu-session he can get off????  He forgets I remember him from his last pathetic attempts so have a read and laugh lol! Read bottom to top its from shout box lol!


->Tony: ya know what i cant afford it but i live on $900 a month and pay all my bills myself feed me and a kid and go to school full time so go fuck yourself you DONT KNOW what i go through and I WILL not be judged by some pissant bastard who is here to beat off to ass many girls as he can how pathetic is that

->Tony: hahah i already got one so i dont need to listen to you beat off to get one lmao

Tony: cuz u cant afford ur own

Tony: whatever.... go bum vips bich

->Tony: opinions are like assholes everyone has one and yours smells just as bad as anyone elses so why dont you go find some other poor person to torture so your self esteem is lifted cuz it aint working here

->Tony: wow you finally did something nice for me and put me out of the misery of seein or speaking to you thank you so much

Tony: why im here.. i come on here for fun .. i dont sit on here with no life like u... iwth salutes and a million pictures and shit... lol ur a geek

->Tony: maybe on the net but if you are as obnoxious in person that is why you are here cuz a real woman would not give you the time of day

Tony: fat old hoes like u usually do it.... ur just a fat stuck up hoe ... so i just moved on

Tony: i just like to see how many women i can cum on in one sitting.. and beleve me i have many women.

->Tony: i wasnt the one messaging you now was i looking for jerkoff material cuz i cant find a woman lol

->Tony: sweety you cannot insult me i am so much more than whatever insults your small mind can throw at me. And even if i die tomorrow ill still be a better human being than you so whats your point

Tony: rofl 47 years old in college... ur gonna be dead soon from being fat bich

->Tony: i know what it is to me. it means i work my ass off to do well in what ive chosen to learn. and that at 47 years old im even smarter than i was when i graduated with a degree the first time

Tony: fat old hoe

Tony: wow im impressed u know what a high gpa is....

->Tony: I am not on welfare and i have a 3.94 gpa to prove it so you can go jerk with someone who believes you are who you picture yourself to be cuz im not fooled unfortunately you dont have as much growth in your brain as you do your mouth or your dick

Tony: are you serious? my intelligence? ur on welfare

->Tony: let me remind you you are the one who came to me so insulting me only reflects on your lack of intelligence

Tony: fake? HAHAHHA ok.. whatever u fat bitch.... 50 year old hoe

->Tony: and why would i want to talk to you and your fake ass pictures are you 12 or what grow up

Tony: fk u

Tony: lol

->Tony: firstly im a full time student on unemployment as if you would know and the only thing that is ever bought for me here is vip and its usually a gf who does so you have no right to judge me so fuck off

Tony: whatever.. ur not a person of integrity... u mooch of men for vip... u welfare bum

->Tony: and im the one person on this site with integrity so if you question it then dont bother at all

Tony: i wanna tlak on the phone first u think ima wfool? im the one spending the money lol

->Tony: i can do that but after i get the vip i wasnt born yesterday lol
Tony: never said u did... i just wanna talk

->Tony: i dont do phone sex

Tony: yeah.... like a phone call perhaps

->Tony: what do you get?

Tony: rofl what do i get

->Tony: well buy it on sat morning then lol

Tony: ok well i got anything u need babe

->Tony: oh yea well it dont run out till sat

Tony: i got vip for u?


So ladies and gentlemen give this one a block before he cums oops comes to your page and harrasses you lol!


@ fubar




@ fubar

->HELLCAT: and again never spoke to him before that moment


->HELLCAT: no response to that one lol i guess now IM THE BITCH??? hahahahah

>HELLCAT: 325429: ok sorry for asking

->325429: im so poor thats all i got to eat

->HELLCAT: that gets an A+ on the dumbness scale for today

325429: ok sorry for asking


->325429: oh brother

325429: seriously ?

->325429: ya i just sit around all day doing that

325429: you fingering your pussy ?

Have a great day!  :)


Happy Easter Fubar!


Well as usual I go about trying to spread Easter cheer to folks and find one who has a mental problem.  Let me introduce you to Mike Brett...Family Services worker, 4 degrees, and 100k head issues.  I mass messaged my yahoo list with the initial message that you will see below and this started this tirade from this idiot.  Do yourself a favor click and block.  Then pray to god that he doesnt work for family services in your town ....counselling those that truly need it.





This one reads top to bottom and im "xxxx" to preserve my yahoo id:


 (6:13:29 PM): Hope everybody has a safe and happy Easter!

stuffedsuit (6:13:59 PM): Hello. nothing like personalizing

xxxxx (6:15:01 PM): pardon me

stuffedsuit (6:15:22 PM): you dont remem what you wrote

xxxxx (6:15:47 PM): i sent a message to everyone on my list

xxxxx (6:15:52 PM): you have a problem with that?

stuffedsuit (6:16:24 PM): Nevermind you are to young to realize what that means, or dont get it

xxxxx (6:16:32 PM): lol

xxxxx (6:16:36 PM): gimme a break

stuffedsuit (6:17:06 PM): you have no idea, thats a sign of laziness and selfishness

xxxxx (6:17:15 PM): and you are an ass

xxxxx (6:17:27 PM): im the least selfish lazy person i know

stuffedsuit (6:17:30 PM): No I have proper manners

xxxxx (6:17:33 PM): and you can kiss my ass how is that

xxxxx(6:17:36 PM): bye

xxxxx (6:17:44 PM): stuffed suit fits

stuffedsuit (6:17:45 PM): its pro8ally to huge to kiss

xxxxx (6:17:58 PM): like your sense of self importance

stuffedsuit (6:18:05 PM): screw you, cunt

xxxxx (6:18:10 PM): your dick size and age the same

xxxxx (6:18:13 PM): cuz you sure act 5

xxxxx(6:18:36 PM): you would have no snowballs chance in hell of ever getting close to thinking of screwing me

xxxxx (6:18:39 PM): thats your problem

stuffedsuit (6:18:45 PM): no, who the hell wants a message that everyone else got

xxxxx (6:18:53 PM): look fuck you

xxxxx (6:18:59 PM): i dont have time for your ego

stuffedsuit (6:19:00 PM): I dont need to screw you

xxxxx (6:19:07 PM): damn good thing you got ya hand

xxxxx(6:19:15 PM): cuz no woman in her right mind would do you anyway

stuffedsuit (6:19:21 PM): cause your pro8ally selling yourself online

xxxxx (6:19:22 PM): your attitude is atrocious as well as your manners

xxxxx (6:19:25 PM): hahaha

xxxxx (6:19:28 PM): you are too funny

stuffedsuit (6:19:35 PM): LOL

xxxxx (6:19:42 PM): and your insults dont mean shit to me cuz who are you anyway

xxxxx (6:19:44 PM): NOBODY

stuffedsuit (6:19:44 PM): you have no idea, if you only knew

xxxxx (6:19:57 PM): honey i dont care who you are

xxxxx (6:19:59 PM): you are rude

xxxxx (6:20:12 PM): and you dont know me either

stuffedsuit (6:20:15 PM): No you are 8y doing what you did

xxxxx (6:20:17 PM): so get off your fucking high horse

stuffedsuit (6:20:28 PM): I dont have no high horse

xxxxx (6:20:38 PM): so from now on ill save any salutations for the people with sense

xxxxx (6:20:42 PM): cuz you seem to have none

stuffedsuit (6:20:44 PM): I am a normal guy

xxxxx (6:20:48 PM): your an asshole

xxxxx (6:20:51 PM): thats about right

xxxxx(6:20:55 PM): most of you are

stuffedsuit (6:20:58 PM): id love to show you my 4 degrees

xxxxx (6:21:07 PM): well arent we pompous

xxxxx(6:21:10 PM): who cares

stuffedsuit (6:21:21 PM): and you work on nude sites

xxxxx (6:21:22 PM): hasnt taught you any social skills has it

xxxxx (6:21:30 PM): i have my own site

stuffedsuit (6:21:41 PM): only use where needed

xxxxx (6:21:43 PM): and its for idiots who cant get a girl just like you

stuffedsuit (6:22:33 PM): I have a nice woman, Dont know how a cuntrag like you was on my list, shame on me

sssss (6:22:51 PM): im no cuntrag

xxxxx (6:23:00 PM): im a single mother who is doing the best she can

xxxxx (6:23:16 PM): and you and no one else has the right to speak to me like trash

stuffedsuit (6:23:20 PM): oh yes you are, you just dont know it

xxxxx (6:23:24 PM): hahaha

stuffedsuit (6:23:41 PM): pro8ally milking the system

xxxxx (6:23:49 PM): no actually im in school

stuffedsuit (6:23:55 PM): cause you couldnt keep those legs closed

xxxxx (6:23:57 PM): for my 2nd degree at 47

xxxxx (6:24:07 PM): i have a 19 year old son i raised alone

xxxxx (6:24:12 PM): and ive worked since im 14

xxxxx (6:24:17 PM): so dont tell me

stuffedsuit (6:24:21 PM): thats your choice

xxxxx (6:24:25 PM): ive been married once

xxxxx (6:24:32 PM): had a total of 4 long term relationships

stuffedsuit (6:24:33 PM): one and done

xxxxx (6:24:35 PM): and i dont sleep around

xxxxx (6:24:43 PM): i threw his sorry ass out

xxxxx (6:24:51 PM): got tired of supporting him

stuffedsuit (6:25:02 PM): if he was an a8user he needed to hit the road

xxxxx (6:25:15 PM): he was as i find out a gay pedophile

xxxxx(6:25:18 PM): you dont know me

stuffedsuit (6:25:21 PM): I find alot of woman only like men who are not good

xxxxx (6:25:26 PM): i have been through hell in my life

xxxxxx(6:25:31 PM): AND HOW DARE YOU BEGIN

xxxxx (6:25:36 PM): TO EVEN PRESUME TO KNOW ME

xxxxxx (6:25:46 PM): im so angry im in tears

stuffedsuit (6:25:48 PM): never said I knew you

xxxxx (6:25:52 PM): for a simple salutation

xxxxx (6:25:58 PM): ive been called nasty names

stuffedsuit (6:26:02 PM): you did one good thing im sure, raise your kids

xxxxx (6:26:03 PM): berated as a welfare whore

xxxxx (6:26:08 PM): how dare you

xxxxx (6:26:24 PM): i am a survivor

stuffedsuit (6:26:32 PM): well you say single mom raising kids alone

xxxxx (6:26:43 PM): and one of the kindest nicest giving people i know

xxxxx (6:26:58 PM): but when im talked to like some piece of shit your damn straight im gonna speak up

stuffedsuit (6:27:20 PM): and school, then how do you raise kids, go to school,

xxxxx (6:27:33 PM): i worked in a hospital for 20 years

xxxxx (6:27:45 PM): so dont presume to know about me

xxxxx (6:27:50 PM): am going back to diversify

stuffedsuit (6:27:58 PM): well I said welfare cause

xxxxxx (6:28:02 PM): and student loans

xxxxx (6:28:07 PM): so kiss my ass

xxxxx (6:28:16 PM): big as it may be

stuffedsuit (6:28:31 PM): does ex pay child support? Here where Ill prove you a 8ad mother

xxxxx (6:28:41 PM): i never took one penny

xxxxx (6:28:45 PM): never asked for it

xxxxx (6:28:55 PM): the day i last saw my husband he was in jail

stuffedsuit (6:29:06 PM): let me guess you think kids dont need a dad right?

xxxxx(6:29:07 PM): he was arrested for indecent sexual intercourse with a minor

xxxxx (6:29:14 PM): he didnt need him

xxxxx (6:29:24 PM): like i said

xxxxx (6:29:27 PM): you dont know me

stuffedsuit (6:29:31 PM): well that is 8ad, he did not just get that way

xxxxx(6:29:32 PM): or what ive gone through in life

xxxxx (6:30:01 PM): and thank you so much for making me cry

xxxxx (6:30:13 PM): does that make you feel good inside my degreed friend

stuffedsuit (6:30:19 PM): no signs 8efore you married him

xxxxx (6:30:22 PM): happy easter mike

xxxxx (6:30:30 PM): is that good enough for you

xxxxx (6:30:44 PM): i wish you the happiest of all

xxxxx(6:30:50 PM): personal enuff for you

stuffedsuit (6:31:04 PM): There you go, that is what I really meant from the 8eginning. Happy Easter

xxxxx (6:31:25 PM): ya well you wont hear from this CUNTRAG again

stuffedsuit (6:31:38 PM): I hope not, you need help

xxxxx (6:31:47 PM): no sir it is you that needs help

xxxxx (6:31:49 PM): not i

stuffedsuit (6:31:54 PM): sad thing is you dont know it

xxxxx (6:32:04 PM): no you are the sad one

stuffedsuit (6:32:18 PM): I give help mon thru fri, thats enough

xxxxx(6:32:24 PM): or else you would not have lashed at someone for sending out an easter greeting to all her friends

xxxxx (6:32:36 PM): guess you are not one of them

stuffedsuit (6:32:53 PM): i work for family services, I have seen it all, and you have a red flag

xxxxx (6:32:59 PM): lol

xxxxx (6:33:01 PM): no

xxxxxx (6:33:11 PM): at 47 i am the best i can be

xxxxx (6:33:19 PM): doing positive things for me

xxxxx (6:33:23 PM): and not for anyone else

stuffedsuit (6:33:40 PM): Im sure you have not maximized your potential, 47 is young

xxxxxx (6:33:54 PM): im sure i havent either

xxxxxx (6:34:05 PM): many more lives to touch till im done

xxxxx (6:34:14 PM): many to set straight too apparently

stuffedsuit (6:34:44 PM): Ok enjoy holiday

xxxxx(6:35:11 PM): you too

xxxxx (6:35:14 PM): adios

xxxxx (6:35:26 PM): my block button works well in these instances


Now I know why I will never trust anyone who works for Child and Family Services, DCF or any of those other supposed social services who are there to help you and your family.  If this is an example of a person with 4 degrees who is in the service of this agency he needs to be reported and RED FLAGGED as he so aptly puts it himself!




Happy Sunday Ladies and Gents of Fu-freak land. Now not withstanding I am "Nsfw" everyone knows this and love me or hate me thats the way it is...But and I do mean BUT...that does not give everyone free liscense to speak to me like im the town trollup. "Shanel25" here (sounds like a bad knockoff of Chanel with an even more foul stench)not only starts off with his head up his ass but then tries to turn it around on me as if i hurt his poor lil feelings. At least 20+ x a day someone tells me they are touching themselves to my pictures. IM ETERNALLY SORRY IF YOUR TELLING ME THIS DOES NOT BRING ME TO ORGASMIC BLISS. DEAL WITH IT. GET A LIFE! I HAVE might want to try it. I dont know about the rest of you girls but i respond much better to humor, salutations and real genuine conversation. Do yourself a favor...block and delete! Shanel25
Read bottom to top...was blocked before I could respond...:) Shanel25: and then you just went off on me......for saying sorry.......and yes it sounded like shut the hell up to me i don't couldn't it .......hi your just another guy .....thanks whatever ->Shanel25: and i said nothing derogatory i said i get asked that all the time...that is no reflection on you at all Shanel25: i have tried to talk to you many times I GUESS you don't remember Shanel25: and so do i.......... ->Shanel25: ive been up all night sorry if my response wasnt to rant and rave and be full of ecstasy cuz you are rubbin one out...jesus you guys and your attitudes about hi, hello, how are you...i am a human being ya know ...and yes i put them up there and expect to hear shit like that but i have feelings too Shanel25: ok.............well sorry for bringing it up ->Shanel25: dont be its not your fault lol Shanel25: well i am sorry ................... ->Shanel25: thats not my point its just i hear it too much is all and attraction is 1 part physical and 2 parts personality Shanel25: not attracted to me much i guess sorry ->Shanel25: sweetie no offense do you realize how many x a day im told that lol Shanel25: does that not turn u on at all? lol Shanel25: welcome....... ->Shanel25: ty Shanel25: i am stroking my cock looking at you ........u are sooo hot ->Shanel25: yes im here Shanel25: are u there? ->Shanel25: lol Shanel25: omg baby ............i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shanel25: you are sooo incredibly sexy OMG ->Shanel25: hi to u 2 Shanel25: i want to see more of you OMG Shanel25: i am sorry GOD that turns me on WOW lol Have a wonderful day my fu-friends and remember dont be a "douchebag"!!! Love you, Chrissy
Am posting this blog as a public service to all the ladies from Fubar. After 3 years of being here it still amazes me the rudeness and lack of tact of some people here. Yes I have NSFW but that in no way gives anyone the right to be rude/disrespectful to me when i have done nothing but be nice to them. So do yourself a favor and block these idiots as i add to the blog. The first honorary inductee is this 24 year old who earned himself the supreme honor of being blocked by moi! Not many are I have a high tolerance for bullshit but not today! So please welcome him to the Douche Folder! Have a great weekend ya'll! Shoutbox transcript: ->SupErman: i could be a very good friend and i am a very good woman but unfortunately your closed mine and hard penis wont let you see that ->SupErman: pardon me for complimenting you on your eyes and being nice only to be spoken to with rudeness. Maybe in your country they treat women with disrespect i dunno but this one doesnt tolerate it...Nudes, blowjobs or NOt ->SupErman: when a woman is confident and secure with herself its men like you who presume that its wrong or that she is bad but all the while its ok to make nasty comments and be wrong yourself ->SupErman: when you know me and can call me friend maybe then you have the right or the privilege to judge me or anyone else SupErman: if u do that u r doing rude things, am i wrong? ->SupErman: thats kind of rude dont ya think? SupErman: u just suck dicks ? ->SupErman: i dont talk on cam or watch SupErman: so would u like to talk with me on cam? SupErman

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