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Stevens's blog: "How To's"

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(How To) Setup fuMafia

Ok, it has been brought to my attention that more and more people are joining fuMafia in an attempt to fight someone they know they'd never win against. fuMafia is a RPG (Role Playing Game) that lets members commit crimes, enter into frequent battles with other mobs or turfs, launder money, and make wise investments. This game is just that A Game and for anyone who thinks it otherwise shouldn't play it until they realize it does nothing but give pleasure to those who play.

In this blog I will be outlining the follwoing:

  • (How To) Get Into fuMafia From The Homepage
  • (How To) Setup & Play fuMafia

(How To) Get Into fuMafia From The Homepage

Depending on the homepage you have there are ultimately Three Ways of getting into fuMafia.

First Way

If you are on the follwoing homepages (Hotness,Old Normal or Old & Janky) then the first way to get into fuMafia is to go to the Main Menu and click Games. When the menu drops click on fuMafia and it will take you to the mafia landing (home) page.(As Shown Below)

Home My Hottest Latest Games DrinksBling

Second Way

For those on the fSB Homepage you will need to look on the left column of the Homepage on the bottom under Play Games.
(As Shown Below)

Third Way

The final way you can view your Mobster or anyone else's Mobster is by viewing the Public Profile or by viewing anyone's Tooltip (see How To Use Fubar's Toolip for more help on using Fubar's Tooltip)

(How To) Setup & Play fuMafia

Once you have clicked the link to go into fuMafia the first page to popup will be a Welcome Page (As Shown Below)

gangster pic

Start a mob with your friends, run a criminal empire, and build the most powerful Turf on fubar

Your Mobster Name:

DragonMan (change)

Click the Start Playing! button and this will create your player and take you to the Mafia Homepage (As Shown Below)


As you can already see you at first start out with 100 Health, 10 Energy, 3 Stamina, $1,000 Cash, and a Mob Size Of 1 This is only to get you started and can increase when you acquire more levels.


The first thing you will need to do is get everything set the way you want on your mobster page. Click Mobster on the Mafia Menu and this will bring up your mobster with available options



After you get everything set the way you want you will need to start add Mobsters (ie. growing your Mob to its max). The best place to find people to add to your mob is to click the New Members link on the Mafia Main Menu.



After you get done adding members to your mob the next step will be to situate yourself in a Turf you feel comfortable sitting and chatting in



Once you have settled into a turf the next thing to do is buy Weapons since some Missions do require a certain weapon to obtain before that mission can be completed.



After you have selected your weapon(s) the next thing to do is Missions. This will help you gain more levels and unlock new items for you to use later in the game.



After you have completed a few missions you can either wait till your energy gets back to 100% or you can click the Attack link on the Mafia Menu and attack someone (do know some mobsters may be hard to beat at first but you may be able to take them down at a later time).



Once your health gets to below 20% you will be Hospitalized. If you have any money left you can either restore your health or you can wait till your at least 80% full and attack again.



If you decide to wait in the Hospital you can also buy Territories and gain money each hours (dependent on what Territory you buy).



The above information will get you started on a successful mafia career. Due to the fact that there are many different styles people use when playing fuMafia that I can't get into (mostly because they are private), but the best way to better yourself is to find a high level Mobster or a high ranking Turf and ask for advice (now whether someone gives you that advice is totally up to them).

Mafia is and should always be fun since no one likes when it becomes negative or hostile. Be careful when running into some mobsters as they can be negative and have you HitListed at a later level for any reason they feel like having.

If you think I should add anything else Please Either Private Message Me or Leave A Comment On This Blog

Just remember one thing:
Have Fun & It's Just A Game :)

If you have any further questions about how to set up or play on fumafia
Please feel free to check out the fuForums by clicking the "Questions, Comments, Wishlist button located right below the Mafia Menu
(As Shown Below).



You can also private message a Fubar Bouncer and they will try to help you the best they can

For faster results though you can also either message a Mafia Bouncer (Marine,Phantom,Vanwrecker) or you can visit Fubar's Support Lounge and the staff/membersin there will either help you to the best of their abilities or direct you to the best place to answer your question..

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Blog Designed By: Stevens
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