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Rhiannon Raventhorn's blog: "Raven Haven"

created on 03/23/2012  |  http://fubar.com/raven-haven/b347218  |  3 followers


The heart stops...
a peaceful sensation settles in

The motorcycle wreck

I felt....
complete comfort and calm

I'm not afraid to die
Dying doesn't hurt...

Living hurts...

Coming back hurts...

Being here is painful...

Have you ever wondered how "she" could take the lives of her children... Then her own?

I don't...

I got close to that once..
A very long time ago...

Ever hear a bullet speed past your head?

You'd think gun fire would be bad thing...

What a RUSH... ALMOST!!!

Didn't get me that time either.. M.F.!

Ever lock yourself in the house...
Barricaded in...

No sleep...

Hearing screams from some distant place?

How many hours can you stay conscious?

When does the noise become reality?

What do you do when the shadows come?

You can see him can't you?

I can...

Hear, smell, see, feel...

The body aches,
Every insult and injury...

I want it..

As fuct as it sounds,
as horrible as it would be...

My entire self craves the sensations,
I'm drawn to it...

I don't want to get hurt again..
it speaks to a part of me...

I feel everything,
like a snowball rolling downhill

And like the wall which stops the speeding car,
a deafening smash...

And all is quiet



© Rhiannon Raventhorn, All rights reserved.


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