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Just some other facts (Yeah, this clothes thing is really bothering me LOL) Paid in child support in 3 years $ 15,720. Adoption assistance collected 3 years $ 18,000. Personal loans $ 1300. Flight tickets and washing machine $ 740. 401k share (she took the cash) $ 17,000. School books Edison $ 300. (I not only paid Chelseas tab, but I also paid for her son Chris's fees) GRAND TOTAL $ 53,060. Her bills at the new place (estimated) Mortgage $ 1,000. Utilities $ 200. Water $ 100. Car payment $ 600. Insurance $ 100. Phone $ 150. Grand Total $ 2.150. Her salary (based on $ 20 an hour mth)$ 3,200. Overtime (based on $ 30 an hour) $ 720. Taxes and garnishments (based on 50%)-$ 1,960. Grand Total $ 1,960. Child support and adoption assistance $ 940. Total Spendable Income/Month $ 2,900. NET per month available to spend $ 750. I did NOT include the new hubbys income in those figures. But he works at the same place as she does and is a nurse also. So his has to be about the same. In the 6 1/2 years of marriage she did not make less than $20 an hour. So that figure is okay. I estimated the bills for her higher than I think is fair and remember, he and his kids live there too. I based those numbers off of what I pay per month on my own. The overtime is a pretty fair assumption, since she always worked a double on Wednesdays. So I gave her only 4 days of OT. But to hear my daughter talk, her mom works a lot of weekends. So that is underestimated at best. In every instance, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt in HER favor. So if the new hubby chips in for HIS and HIS KIDS shares, then what could be the problem with supporting ONE child of her own? He isn't paying child support. Whats wrong with this picture?
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