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Depth of His Darkness Benighted is his dreams of fame and glory. Now upon his life and career is a shroud of darkness. My heart fears from him. My soul longs to save him. Now his mind, heart and soul lurk within the depth of a darkness that keeps him from the light of reality. How I wish I could appear in front of him to hold him strong? Does he care what he has done to himself and all those who care for him? I lingering lost in his trembling regrets of how he turn upside down his life and career. I extend my hand out to him, But He can not see or touch it. Depth of his darkness is now my fathomless need to go to him. Would my love spare and save his life from falling apart? The reflecting of sunlight coming through the window is now becomes a destitute light of lost dreams. Obscure is his knowledge of what is upon my heart and soul because of this. My dream has come to end. My desire and reason to dare love has been taken away from me. Depth of his darkness has now become my prison. I am now on the threshold of his dilemma of forever being locked away from my love and desire to share my body with him only. Did he fail to pause in his glorious life to see all he had and gain, before he chooses to throw it all away? Why is this killing me? What is it about Teo that makes want to kiss him death, yet kick his ass, till he falls upon his knee asking me forgiveness? He has fallen down. Now I want to rush to him and help up, so his dreams will not faded away. My love within my heart and soul is dying to find a way to reach him. Each turn I turn, I met with dead ends, why can’t he send me message. I wanted his wicked act and desire upon my body, but I never thought he had deadly qualities to do something that would risk his life, dreams and career. Worst of all… He risked a chance of making love to me in all the ways I would had allowed him to place upon me. Does he not know or care; he is only the man that can quench my desire and passion of love? Depth of his darkness has now become a malicious desire to destroy all he had gain in life. Within him locked away in the darkness, how can I reach him to give him the love and strength to hold strong? Now we are trapped within his nightmarish reality. Will the angels touch his heart and soul with my love and desire? Will the star glowing with image, so he will see that I am waiting and longing for his return to my awaiting arms? My love is trembling; his body is trembling as it falls upon his knees in pray for solution to his dilemma. Two hearts and two souls are tottering with thoughts, one of hope and the other with endless love for him. Teo, your darkness is mine. I will forever send my love and strength upon the stirring winds across the vast sea, so you may be know I am here for you. Your depth of darkness will never destroy my love or faith in you. I love you to much to fail you. I will help you defeat this darkness upon your life. Tomorrow is another day, I will be here loving you and waiting for your message to me. ©2009 Firestar
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