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Violent Tease's blog: "Clearing things up..."

created on 06/10/2011  |  http://fubar.com/clearing-things-up/b341619  |  3 followers

I heard you were looking for the famous Violent Tease

Sorry but she's beating the stupid out of her haters

So leave a message please

If you're going to leave a rude comment it'll just get deleted

It's not like it'll hurt your feelings

I'm sure being ignored is how you're used to being treated

It's best not to blow up the shout box complaining as well

I'll be more than happy to tell you to go to hell

Also if you're planning on stealing my pics at least say so

It's better than me putting you on blast and making you look low

And no that doesn't mean I'm giving you access to dirty pics

I'm sorry that you're your chances to get a real woman is as small as your dick

By the way...

You assholes that try blackmailing those poor women make me sick

So that's about the gist of how things go

Treat me as a person and friend I'll treat you like gold

If you treat me badly be prapared for war

I'll show you what being popular is for....


1 cut for your arrogance

 2 cuts for your pride

3 cuts for you cunningness

4 cuts for your lies


5 cuts for your dominance

6 cuts for distrust

7 cuts for your unfaithfulness

8 cuts for your lust


9 cuts for you're sins

10 cuts for an end


A cut for each time you hurt me

So you'll never be the same

Now your 50 shades of fucked up

And have only yourself to blame

This also applies to the women who don't respond to you.


It's because...


1. You don't have a salute

2. You only have like 2 pictures 

3. You're an assholes

4. You don't talk about anything other than sexual stuff

5. You have stalker potential

6. We just don't like you (yes it can be that simple)

It amazes me the number of women on here who lead men on with false pretences.  Yes, I love getting bling, I like having credits to spend, but I have NEVER once told a guy/girl anything more would EVER exist.  Friends on here are fun, and I enjoy the laughs, but if fu ever interfered with any aspect of my personal life, I would be gone in a second.  I have had a few friends on here who have spent thousands of dollars on women who promised them this and that.  Atleast I can go to bed at night without a guilty conscience.  I hope you can too.  



I want to know why men cheat.


Do y'all get bored of us, are we not sexually enough, or are you just not ready to settle down?


I want honesty, so don't piss around with lame excuses.



These are the assholes who are ripping my pics to their default albums

Please send hate their way

Or at least help me report them





Mike Jones:

(He has all my pics in his default)


AshHeels Wheels Girl's photos













Mike Jones:

(He has all my pics in his default)



These are the assholes who are ripping my photos to their default albums

Please send hate their way

Or at least help me report them!!!!!







AshHeels Wheels Girl's photos










Let's say you go out and buy a pizza or a gallon a milk...  Now, you know in time these items will spoil if not used up in an adequate amount of time...


I think we all can agree on this, correct?


Okay, now to the heart of this note:


Men have a sex life that normally begins somewhere around 15 and will start to trickle off around 40 and pretty well diminish entirely by around 60.  So, let's say that leaves us the ability and desire to have sexual relations for roughly 45 years of our life.  With people living longer these days, it's not rare to see and surpass 90 years of age.  So, for 50% of our lives we have the ability and desire to perform adequately sexually...

Women on the other hand never really lose the ability, the desire perhaps, but ability is almost always there.  To put it into persceptive, women will basically have a sex life (in theory) equal to twice that of our own abiltiy...


Sex can thus forth be seen as a consumable resource with an expiration date in men...  It's not that men are naturally cheaters, we are just programmed and understand that in order to have the same sex life as women we will require sex twice as often...  That's just to break even.  Now, men are naturally over-achievers and we need to atleast double up our counterparts...


Do the math, in order to double up women in half the time, we have to have sex 4 times as often...  It's not that we long to cheat on you, we just naturally have a consumable resource that we really need to use it prior to it's expiration date...


Keep that in mind women, we love you and we need you, we just understand how the math works...



I know that Royce and I have a messed up situation right now but here's the deal...



I'm not looking for any sugar-daddys.

I don't want to date/go out/ fuck or meet up.

I'm honestly not looking for anything other than some good friends on here.

That's it...


So please stop trying to get me to do any of those things.

I'm here for FRIENDS and you should respect the fact that I'm pregnant and dealing with a lot right now.

They last thing I need is for some guy or girl to get attached/think there's more to our friendship than there is and someone getting hurt or pissed off along the way.


I'm not being rude and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings.

I'm sure that a lot of you guys/gals are wonderful but I'm NOT looking for a relationship/fuck buddy.

I know I'm a flirt and I love to joke about things or say rather innapropriate things at times but it's not to be taken too personally.



Thanks and with love,


VT :)

Hmmm...where to start.


First off I'd like to ask for some respect.

Yep, that's it.

Just respect.


But for you those of who don't understand what exactly respect is I'm going to explain....


Respect is...

Understanding that I'm married.

I know y'all lilke to comment and my hubby and I are more than happy to let you speak your mind BUT it becomes annoying not only to him but me as well when you can't take the hint that I'm not interested in you, don't cater to you, and don't care if you're horny or not.


YES, I did have my own page on here 2 yrs ago right before me and the hubby got serious BUT I am NOT that person anymore.

So please drop whatever misconseptions you have about me.


The profile I have now is a JOINT account of my hubby and we both take equal participation on here.

Y'all should be happy that we love to be on here, love to make friends, and enjoy this site.


So for all you horn dogs that can't take a hint I am spelling it out for you once again.

I DON'T want you.

I'm pretty sure that's a pretty simply concept.


Anyways sorry to those who have been awesome to us.

We appreciate your understanding and all the help, and friendships we've made along the way!



Kristi :)

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