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Violent Tease's blog: "Clearing things up..."

created on 06/10/2011  |  http://fubar.com/clearing-things-up/b341619  |  3 followers

Let's say you go out and buy a pizza or a gallon a milk...  Now, you know in time these items will spoil if not used up in an adequate amount of time...


I think we all can agree on this, correct?


Okay, now to the heart of this note:


Men have a sex life that normally begins somewhere around 15 and will start to trickle off around 40 and pretty well diminish entirely by around 60.  So, let's say that leaves us the ability and desire to have sexual relations for roughly 45 years of our life.  With people living longer these days, it's not rare to see and surpass 90 years of age.  So, for 50% of our lives we have the ability and desire to perform adequately sexually...

Women on the other hand never really lose the ability, the desire perhaps, but ability is almost always there.  To put it into persceptive, women will basically have a sex life (in theory) equal to twice that of our own abiltiy...


Sex can thus forth be seen as a consumable resource with an expiration date in men...  It's not that men are naturally cheaters, we are just programmed and understand that in order to have the same sex life as women we will require sex twice as often...  That's just to break even.  Now, men are naturally over-achievers and we need to atleast double up our counterparts...


Do the math, in order to double up women in half the time, we have to have sex 4 times as often...  It's not that we long to cheat on you, we just naturally have a consumable resource that we really need to use it prior to it's expiration date...


Keep that in mind women, we love you and we need you, we just understand how the math works...



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