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About ~*CutePsychoKttn*~

I am definitely a walking contradiction; an enigma in most senses of the word.

I am happily married; completely satisfied with my life and my partner; but my marriage is flexible and I desire more from life; from people I interact with, and from the experiences that are allowed us in this lifetime. Pushing the envelope of social standards is what I crave; polyamorous is what I am. I truly believe that drama is not a negative; but the spice of life that makes this time we have been blessed with worth experiencing.
I have posted ads on adult websites where "getting laid" is the primary objective for lack of a straight forward avenue I can follow to obtain what I pursue (as sex is not my number one priority). I prefer the intensity of meeting and connecting with someone new and exciting but then the prolonged period of learning each and every nuance of that person. Maybe we develop a relationship full of passion and spontaneous interludes, but maybe we only develop a friendship of caring and sharing- ONLY TIME WILL TELL (if u don't have it to invest, then we will never know).
I know that I am not for everyone and am accepting of that, but I am intensely impacted by the negative energy some people attempt to force upon me here. The anonymity here seems to bring out the worst in most people. So many proclaim to be open minded but are merely sexually uninhibited; which is not one in the same. To judge anyone's reason for being here is not even close to open minded.
I am completely transparent however opaquely complicated. I am simple to please but overtly complex in nature. I am conservative in some of my thoughts and the way I carry myself; but I have participated most of my adult life in alternative lifestyles and am genuinely curious to learn more. I am an intellectual but sometimes I sacrifice spelling accuracy and correct grammar for whatever gets the point across in the least amount of time/space due to impatience. I am completely grounded and level headed while being completely clinically psychotic. Welcome to my world; Cute psycho polyamorous kttn:

Polyamorous = pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving and/or sexual relationships (relationship being the key word). This doesn't specifically relate to merely hoarding multiple sexual partners. The ultimate situation would be one where everyone I love knows each other and is accepting of each connection I have.

Psycho = Bipolar, ADD, SAD, OCD, Pyromaniac, Anal retentive, Control Freak, Attention whore, Sarcastic Bitch that lives for the drama of life. If you honestly don't seem to understand that you aren't truly living if you don't have some drama in your life, then this is where you should move on to the next fubarian...

Everyone says, its just the internet, its just a facade and I guess for the most part it is what you make of it... but keeping an open mind, keeping it "real", being engaging and willing to engage, while being respectful of the fact that the bottom line is, this is another person you are interacting with on the other end of the computer .... the Golden Rule applies to the internet just as much as it applies to the real world. Internet life is what you make of it.



Harleys & SportBikes Dishonesty
Leather Bullshit
Manly Cologne (& wearing it myself the next morning) Disrespect
Shaved Heads Self Centeredness
The Color Black Obnoxiousness
Open mindedness Close mindedness
Freedom Feeling confined
Honesty and trust Lacking Sense of Humor
Sarcasm and Wit Passing Judgement

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