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Ever gone out with a football player? uh no.... Last person to make you smile? troy Who were you with at 12:00 last night? troy If you're sleeping and someone calls you what do you say? ehhh ello? Ever receive a really long apology? yes, filled with excuses and guilt trips and everything but an apology Feel like talking to someone that you haven't in a while? yes Who did you hug last? troy's gramma Whats your relationship with this person? um my new gramma Whats a food that you and your best friend both love? we used to chow down on some loaded fries yo!!!! *sighs* i miss my tyra Are you mad at the last person who called you? Who was it? no like her alot actually... she saved me 500$ on my car insurance lmmfao Afraid to answer sexual questions? nope.... phew.... see that wasnt hard. Expecting something to change in the next month? Yes my car will be current and i will be older.... *gasp* i will be older :( ok ppl i wants lots and lots of money for my birthday to forget that im getting *gulp* old.... Ready for winter to come? eh i guess.... more excuses to grind up on someone... er uh... i mean use survival tips to stay warm hehehe If you could move out of the house right now would you? i just did move out of the house.... went to the other house for lunch and then moved my ass back into this one... :P Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? yeah my kitty hahaha oh something else er uh.... nope!!! *goes back to looking at my kitty hahahahahaha What is your favorite class? sex ed Were you an honor roll student in school? uhhhhh.... next! Have you ever slept in a bed with the opposite sex? aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha yeah Are you keeping a big secret right now? *adjusts halo* nope not me. Besides sleeping, what else do you do in your room? eat, watch tv, computer, fart, burp, fuck, sneeze, change cloths, talk on phone... im sure theres more..... lmao How do you make your money? imma dirty bitch you put it together What do you have planned for tonight? at some point i will go to sleep but other then that i try not to plan too much, always seems to get changed. You're trapped in a room for 3 days with your worst enemy, what do you do? hope i have toe nail clippers, rubbing alchohol, salt, straight balde and muzzle so i can fufill my fantasy... oh and restraints. hehe If you ever wanna live to see another day, you're forced to snort cocaine, do you? got to die sometime Are you taller than 5'5''? yes thanks god, otherwise i would look so much fat-er Today did you kiss a person you have feelings for? you saw me kissing myself in the mirror???!!!! :-o Have you ever been around someone who was high? wow you dont know me at all do ya..... lmao yes When is your birthday? oct 9th where i will be 21... again... hehe If you could have one thing right now what would it be? an everlasting back massage... i think i broke my ass Would you get married if you could right now? only if he is 98 yrs old, rich, and on his death bed. Is the last person you kissed mad at you? naw i kiss to good to get mad at haha Do you think you are an argumentative person? no... why? who said i was? wtf? thsi is bullshit!!! who said it?! imma kick 'em in the taint!!! How' s your heart lately? dunno i lost it a while ago. lemme know if you find ti though k? lamo Are you a forgiving person? Yes, forgive but never forget:) How ticklish are you? very Are you in a good mood? Yes yes yes Do you prefer warm or cold weather? luke warm haha Is any part of your body sore? lower back and ass... again.... i think i broke my ass :( Brothers, sisters? 1 brother, 1 1/2 sisters Is there anyone who's a lot like you? bob and jojo bt they live in my head so thats probably why they are like me.... Are you a mean person? nope im a little fucking ray of sunshine How is your hair? still there. wait...... yup, still there... Do you care if people hate you for no reason? nope fuckem Who was the last person you were mad at? tony.... more disappointed and annoyed though Where is your cell phone? i smashed it cuz i got this wierd missed call with a video messgae that i would die and never finish a survey today at 10:52 a.m. holy shit it's 10:50!!!! :o ahahahaah Dark hair or light hair in the opposite sex? Dark duh Do you miss anyone right now? YES! Last person you rode in a car with under the age of 20? hey now... thats too close to jail time and i will have non of that!!!!!! Name someone that made you laugh today? patunia Do you prefer to call or text? Text Where is your biological father at? last i heard somewhere on the east coast, probably scarfing down something deep fried and dipped in chocolate to clog those bastard arteries until he crokes. Is there a guy or girl that knows almost every thing or most every thing about you? Yes Do you tell your mom everything ? hell no!!!! wanna keep her alive as long as possible people!!!! Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? Yes Have you told anyone you loved them today? Yes You have a tan line anywhere? yes cuz imma strippa hahahaha How long until your birthday? omg 3rd time its been brought up!!! 3 weeks ppl 3 weeks start your shopping now damnit!!!!! Are you better at math or art? math... im a logical thinker type person thing going on. yeah.... Science or History? science Where did you go to pre-school, if you went at all? indian hill What's your favorite brand of gum? orbit.... cuz its fora dirty mouth hahaha Do you own a digital camera? not anymore my ex stole it fucking bastid How old is the cellphone you have right now?: year Do you know anyone named Tyler?: yup What was the last thing you bought? headlight restoration kit cuz i know how to do that stuff hahaha and some panties cuz imma be a stripper ahahaha Can you do a handstand? : sure put yer hand on the ground right here and i will stand on it Have you ever had a pet fish? yeah but they prefer the toilet life.... tehy really were family damn white trash fish!!! What' s on your wish list for your birth day? cash and some cheesy romantical surprisew cuz i never have one of those for my birthday before hahaha Does the future make you more nervous or excited? the only future i think about is 5 minutres from now. Do you like surprises? if they are happy happy joy joy ones yes none of those "surprise your fired" no not those. Do you believe that every thing happens for a reason? Yes How many kids do you want to have? well i have ahd 4 so imma say 4..... What are your plans for tomorrow? is taht less then 5 minutes away? i dont think so!!!! ask me tomorrow Do you feel like life will be easier when you're older, or harder? easier cuz i will have practice on how to kill without leaving evidence
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