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I came back to fubar figuring...i would hold no grudges.  I have even had a pleasant convo with pitbull.  I don’t take anything the authorities on here say to me as personal.  I know i can delete my pics and leave again no problem.

There is always someone who wants to drag me down....i figured there would be (non friends, grudge holders who want to keep it going, usual asstards, etc).  I have done pretty good handling this...this time around.

Now when it comes to people i considered friends at one time...i normally hold a certain amount of respect for them even if we aren’t friends now.  Example: Prinny....we had a horrible fight....i have never publically trashed her and i never heard a word her doing the same to me.  I will always respect her for that (among other things).  I know not all friendships end that way...with a mutual respect for not smearing the other in shit.  Meh

I am also sick of the ugly backstabbing cuntfaces and douchefucks who think that getting on my friend list is like some sorta trophy so they act all sweet, lovey and fake to my face....then i see what they say and mock behind my back.  My list is no fucking trophy and i called what kind of person you were and never added you for that reason.  Was i polite? Yes....i am not usually an asshole unless provoked.

I am gonna start looking around again...maybe i need to delete some people...those i haven’t talked to since we became “friends” aka “on each others lists”.  Maybe another break....maybe just take a breath and realize where this shit is coming from....and know it really doesn’t affect me at the end of the day.

Stop kissing my ass and stabbing me in the back

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