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 So i was FORCED (dared)to watch Micheal Moore's movie Sicko last night. I have hated the man for a long time, but was told this was a must watch due to a conversation we were having.  And although everyone has a right to share their opinions, i believe he is the anti-Christ. But that's another story.

I was simply shocked at what i was seeing. And i don't shock easy. By the end of the movie i learned a few things about myself...

A) I can be wrong. Although Moore has pissed me off in the past with his hate-mongering, he really knows his shit. And everyone deserves a second chance.

B) I can tear up during a movie. Yup, i had a tear or two. Weird.
(For the people who have seen the movie it was when the 9/11 workers met the fireman in Cuba)

C) I already knew this, but it made me think harder... The Government and media work together to pull the wool over our eyes and flat out lie to us. Trust no one.
(Sides note, another great movie to watch regarding this is Wag The Dog)

D)  And most important.... I am so lucky i live in Canada.  A country that helps their sick and wounded. Not tries to make money off of them. At the end of the movie i was like WOW. The things i didn't know about the health care system.

This is not a blog to bash Americans, or my American friends. If you've seen the movie you'll understand. I'm simply stating that i was wrong about Micheal Moore, and that i live in a great country.

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