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Good morning. Wow.Been along time since my last blog.

First the good news. After working for my father for 25 years, i have finally kicked his ass to the curb. :P. Yesterday i bought him out and will be the owner of the company starting on Monday. I have always had many ideas what i want to do with the company, and the changes i want to make. Now i can. I'm very excited, and know this will be alot of hard work for years to come. But i welcome it.


Now for the bad news... I'll be putting all my free time and energy into the comapny, which means little or no time on Fubar. Of course i'll still pop on and say hello to who i can, but i'll be on very little as you can imagine. This makes me sad, i really enjoy my Fubar time, and the friends on here. But real life comes first, and i have to take this chance to make life better for myself.

Please feel free to still stop by and say hello. I will get back to you. (mostly on weekends.). I thank you all. You guys rock.


To All my FUMafia friends and turf mates....

I have had a ball being boss of the best turf on Mafia. You guys always make my day. As sad as it is, with me not being around very much i think its best to step down as boss. I'm proud of how me made the turf, and how well it does. And i hope it stays that way even after i step down.

I'll be appointing a new boss in a day or two, and i hope you all help out as much as possible. Being boss isn't easy.

I'll still be in there at night as a soldier, and will still help the turf as i can.


I hope i'm not quickly forgotten. Fubar, and my FU friends rock. Wish me luck.



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