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55 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 18, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 11th · I have a crush on someone!
55 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 18, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 11th · I have a crush on someone!

I'm An Honest & Opened-Minded Man: My Family & True Friends Are Important In My Life, & I Don't Have Much Love For People Who Don't Hold The Same Class of Respect & Integrity, For Themselves & Others!

I Live Alone, Though I'm Not Lonely; & Happened Upon This Website While Surfing The Internet & Hit-ting On Different Links! I Checked Out Other Singles Sites, More So For Something To Do For Some Entertainment & Who Knows?

However, If I Was To Meet Up With Anyone? It's The Same As If I Was Getting To Know Someone On The Streets, Which I Have No Problem Doing So; There Has To Be A Friendship 1st, For Without Friendship? We Have Nothing!

There's Two Many Things A Person Can Catch When You Don't Even Know Who Your With, & In Reality? I Believe That It's Better To Be Safe, Than Sorry, & Don't Get Me Wrong: I Enjoy Indulging In Pleasures With The Opposite Sex, & I'm Good At Some of The Finer Things In Life!

I've Been Sober From Booze Since Late July of 96, About 2yrs In Between That Time, I Indulged In Other Things, Though That Was At Least 5yrs Ago; & I Don't Miss It Either, & I Used Hard About Everything In The Book, & I Don't Put Anyone Down If They Do So Themselves, I Just Choose Not To, & If I Wanted To Do So? I Would!

Some Say I'm Eccentric & Others Say I'm Crazier Than Hell, Though Alot Of It Has To Do With Having ADHD, & When I'm Not Taking My Meds For It? I,m Up & Running, With People Don't Know Me, Thinking I Was On Something, Even Though I Was Sober; I Have A Wild & Mild Side, Though I've Mellowed Some With Age: Just Like Top Shelf Whiskey & Bourbon, or Fine Wine, & I Was & Still Am A Connoisseur of Quality In The Things I Like, & Still Like To Have A Good Time!

55 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 18, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 11th · I have a crush on someone!
I Like The Outdoors, & Everything It Has To Offer; I've Lived & Been To Across Most of The Greater USofA: MN, WI, NY, SD, WY Fla, CA, Tx, WA, & Those Are Just Places I've Lived; Working For Tower Records In NY On 4th & W Brdwy, Partying With Black Sabbath On Halloween of 83, When Ronnie James Dio Was With Them & Born Again Hit The Shelve, & ZZ Top The Same Year When They Came Out With Eliminator; Though I Missed Out On My Back Stage Passes, Because I Was Wasted, Showing Up Too Late To Get Through The Gates With My Co Workers From Tower!

I Also Love Harley's & The Only Legal One I Had, Was An 86 1340 FB; Which I Lost While I Was Out of Town, Down In Southern MN, I Was Out On A Drunk & When I Came Home? It Was Gone, Though Not Stolen; For I Hadn't Had It Payed Off, Since I Had A $10,000 Check Floating Around, Because A Woman I Used Go With Was Mad, & Told The Postman That I No LOnger Lived There, & Gave Him The Damn Thing Back, & My Back Was At The Place I Was Staying At, Where The Check Showed Up The Day After The Bike Was Gone: I Became The Roommate From Hell, Until My Investment Was Paid In Full!

I'm An Animal Lover With A Preference For Dogs; The Bigger & Uglier (Breds or Mutts) They Are? I Have A Soft Spot Un My Heart For Them, Because If You Treat Them Right? They're Loyal As Hell, & Most of The Ones We Here About In The News? I'm Sure They Were Treated Bad To Begin With!

I Do Like To Go Out & Enjoy Myself, or Quite Times At Home Are Nice Too; Hell, I Don't Even Mind Preparing Meals, & With Some Girlfriends of Mine? Didn't Know How To Cook For Shit & I Preferred To Eat Something Made Right, That I Knew Would At Least Taste Good!

I Also Like Learning More About Computers, Messing With My Guitar,I Have Many Other Things I Like To Do Too!

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