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Ok.. It's been a while since I did this.. and warning..

I'm really ... uhm ... p*ssed off.  FYI - This blog/note

will be posted identically on 3 websites where I frequent

or am a member of.  Wherever I may post a status, or

comments on others... This is posted.  This is not AIMed

or DIRECTED at ANY ONE person.. or ANY GROUP of people. 


In the past week, I have posted status messages on all 3

websites.. and yes, some of those, were aimed at one or

two direct individuals.  Those that the status messages

were aimed at.. would know who they are.  They did know

who they were aimed at.  I will randomly put status

messages that are just what entered my mind at the time i

was posting it.  Meaning.. not aimed or directed at

anyone, just something I may have been feeling at that

moment for whatever the reason.  MY actions.. and i do

mean MY ACTIONS, on whichever site, are just that.. MINE! 

If anyone has a problem with any of these.. actions,

status messages, comments or whatever, then.. since other

than my children on one site (mspace), we are all adults.. come to

me directly with your problems or questions involving my

actions or comments or status messages.  This would make

life for all.. a little more asier.  If its more difficult

for you to email me, send me a private message, send me a

yim or text or pick up the phone and call me, then I guess

we weren't as good as friends as we both thought.  I have

always had my door opened to all of my friends and family

on any website that I may be on.  At this point, I have

thought about leaving the internet all together for many

reasons.  However, the funny thing is.. not one person,

really cared enough to ask.  Ask me, Why.. Why are you

leaving, is there anything I can do, you can talk to me. 

After I made the decision and posted the messages, it took

a day.. then I had a few people come to me asking me why??

 Through my decision process, TWO and yes, just TWO people

knew the truth behind my decisions.  I have spoke to a few

on my own up front.  Not giving them a chance to ask why,

as I feel they deserved it with how good of a friend to me

they have been since we met.  (via internet for most of

them on one site - Duey, Wicca, and a couple more).  The

rest I would have hit up on yim after the fact.. as I have

started to do.  However, last night and this morning, I

have decided that I am not gonna leave.  I am just gonna

do my thing.  I could care less at this point what some

might have to say about it.. but on one site, I have

worked too hard to start over, and I am revamping some of

those things to make it work out that I dont have some of

those same issues.. but on the other sites.. I am just

gonna check in.  Maybe post a generic status or something.

 To the apps, I am sorry, I am just not gonna do them.  I

am gonna push for my leveling and maybe start being a DJ

again.  I miss it.  It was one thing that actually helped

release a lot of the stress that some people seem to want

to cause. 

To finish this up.  Here it is.  If I do anything that

upsets you, that you dont like, that you want to question

if I AM OK.. then come to me.  Don't go to my fiance',

don't go to my friends, don't go to my friend's friends..

come to me.  I won't bite.  I can't bite you first off..

that would damage my computer and I am not about to do

that for ANYONE!!!  Come ask me.  Come to me.  I am here

for all of my friends and family.  Rarely do I turn them

away, and I am honest about my answers.  NO matter if you

like them or not, I will tell you the truth.  If you think

I want to get between you and yours.. then you are

mistaken. I am very happy where I am.. with who I am.. and

with who I am going to marry.  My fiance' has my whole

heart.. my whole soul.. He knows all I do on any website. 

He and I talk about everything that I do, that he does..

its how we manage to stay close being so far away.  If

that just amazes you into not believing.. ask him.  He

will tell you the same.  However, if its a question about

me then ASK ME!!!  If you know someone that is asking

about something I am doing, link them to this blog.. or my

page.. tell them to send me a private message.. I will


If you want to hate on me, or cause grief because of

this.. like I said before, you must not have been as close

to me as we first thought, or you would have had NO

PROBLEM coming to me in the first place.

I love my friends.. I love my family... They all are very

important to me.  I worry about all of them, no matter

what the problem.  No matter who they are.  I even worry

about my friends friends that I do not know.. Its my

nature.. It's who I AM!!!  Get used to it.. Get used to


With Much Luv To All!!!!


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