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AngL's blog: "WOW!!! So Much!!!"

created on 06/08/2008  |  http://fubar.com/wow-so-much/b222056
Ok. Nothing fancy here... I know I haven't been on in well... almost a month.. Real life as always takes over and I have had a relaxing time away from Fubar. I am sorry for the abrupt leave of absence... and unfortunately, its not over. I am preparing to move super soon, like, I get the keys to the house tomorrow morning. w00t!!! To those that know me well, you will understand the greatness behind the move!!! Its close to where I am now, about 14 miles away, but life will be much easier in a few weeks when the move is complete. My internet won't be interrupted, but my time will as it has been. I have been getting things in motion for this, working to cutting my hours back at work, taking care of school issues with my kids and so much more. Hopefully in about 3-4 weeks, my life will be a new normal and time will be much easier to get. I will have a lot of packing and much more UNPACKING as most of my things have been in storage for over 2 years... I will be taking pictures of everything when I get into the house. Again, I am sorry for not being around, but I will be back full time when I get all settled. Its so much to do, and I am going at this alone in the moving department... :) Life has its ways of working out in the end. Unanswered prayers, endless nights of tears, and many wishes and dreams upon stars brings happiness to those who wait... however impatiently it may be. Fate deals cards each day to test our faith, our love, our hearts, our minds... to see what we can handle daily. Letting things go, things that you love with all of your heart, have a way of working out in the end, if its meant to be. I believe in this. Thanks for making me the happiest woman on earth!! I love you!!! :) ~AngL~ ...dreamin' of dragns...
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