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Mr Multiple Org's blog: "Truth"

created on 10/08/2006  |  http://fubar.com/truth/b11395
I'm James McFiery, for the past few years I have lead a tough, struggle for it all life. I had lost my way, though in time I have recovered myself and regained a familiar face in the mirror once more. That face is a strong willed, warm hearted individual whom seeks to help others. I have risked life and time for others, and I finally am stepping out of the shadows to help once again. I am friendly, funny, and I love to listen, just as much as I love to be there for others. I am not one who is afraid to voice my opinion or my emotions. I am a survivalist by lifestyle, and Guardian or Protector if you will of women of any shape, religion or race. I am not racist, nor do I discriminate. If I feel I can help in any way I will. I hold a passion of words, and a rage for the predators of this world. It sickens me to read and hear of innocent, young and unsuspecting women and children who are obducted and murdered. I am reaching out to any who need a hand, shoulder, or ear. This is no joke, nor am I seeking payment in any way. I am purely standing here, for you, each and every person who needs to talk, desire advice, or even a friend. I have helped many others over my time and I wish to continue this until my last days of life and breath. Sincerely, James McFiery
Well it has been months since my last blog of thought. I have been working on my book in the last few months... Yes, you are reading correctly. I am an author. I am coming to an end with my book, though have come to a halt due to creative troubles. I am in need of new blood, new characters to capture the readers' eyes. There are those few of you who I have felt would bring something new of desire to my writings though I am curious to find who wishes to have their fictional fantasies read and described beauties imagined. James McFiery
i am grateful and thankful for you my friends, you know who you are, lol and just in case its those of you who show concern, make me laugh, message me, comment me from time to time. Its those of you who I shout at, message, give gifts to, and call when I can. You few have been good to me and I am appreciative. And, I plan to be a better friend and find a better me. James Happy Thanksgiving
we all have are flaws, sometimes something always goes bad, we all make mistakes. my flaws seem to becoming more eventful and to be seen. people keep telling me what is wrong with me, things i was born to feel, mistakes in who i was raised to become. that sometimes is more an always where something has and will go wrong, either by fate or my own mistake. and finally we all make mistakes though i seem to be making more, often and more destructive. i hate who i have become, i once loved who i was even if no one believed so, i am scared of who i may hurt and what i might do to myself. i have become a coward, fearful, paranoid, lonely, tired, weak. i dont feel i have purpose, nor to i feel the fight in me to continue. call me weak call me lazy to find a reason to fight, though i have always appeared strong. though when i know i am not flawed though am a flaw then why fight? i love though even that holds no strength against me, nor does it hold reason or power with those whom i do love. everyone seems to believe it is just a word, something i give out like a "hello", i love and love has been taken away even left behind and it kills me. i wish hate was more my passion, they are both of equal strength of heart. i have done wrong and i have seen wrong being done. i stopped what i could, i protected what could be, i loved who i felt for. my life and all i have done has no success, no fame, there is no accomplishment in who i am or what i have done. i saved a life, i watched a life being taken, i survived near death moments, and i have tried to be the hero, the listener, the one who always wished to be there, and now i hold no patience for it, i no longer want to be a hero, let them save themselves, i am tired of listening, you never hear me anyway! i have been there, i always wished to stay and what did it get me?? you leaving me once you thought you were better... once you were happy with yourself. my weapons of choice against myself... ?
i am a person who takes hits and keeps moving. I have had cars going 45 even 65mph and walk away without a broken bone. I have jumped from 14 ft cages, jumped if front of cars to save others, i live without fear of pain. My body has bumps, bruises and scars. Though its the bruises and scars that my heart is detailed with that harms my smiling face. Piece are missing cause when true love has passed my way, a part of me was and had been giving. I ache, I yearn to piece my heart back together. I only know one way to do so, be pleased with who I am, and be there for others. I can't help but be the shoulder to cry on, the reason of laughter, the listening ear, even the love of the moment. I am given a purpose, by giving others a reason to smile, have hope, leave fear behind. Know that if I say hello, or am there for you, don't be afraid to do the same. A good deed is alway welcomed with another, either that very person may make you smile or a person you have not yet seen or heard may be placed in your path one day for the very purpose of doing a good deed in your honor. James
hi i got a voice message thing on my LC, i'll leave you a message if you do me the same favor. James
love is passion, passion is my krptonite. it is what makes me weak and what causes me not to see when there is trouble around the corner. though i must always be who i am, and that person is a lover and a fighter. i must love always and forever those who need it and even those who don't wish to hold it. with that side of fate, i must fight for those who need protection and to fight the agony of my krptonite. i will never stop being there for others, i know there will be many who don't appreicate me or atempt to give back what i provide. you will meet this guardian, he will be your shoulder to cry on, he will bring you laughter, fight for your honor, and at extremes will bleed for you, cry for you, and love you. Yes, you! The one who reads this and wishes that i was speaking to them, and if you want it to be, then it shall. stand strong, speak from your heart as i do everyday, and allow me to be the friend you need. to be that guardian. i know i will die one day, and i know that i could never take my life, cause i continue to be kept here, so my days will end when i have helped the last of my unprotected. I am James some know me as McFiery and a few remember Schy, though the heart is the same. I am friendly, honest, kind, a listener, a nonjudgmental mind, a passionate heart, a cuddler and a brawler of the wicked. I am naughty and nice, I am good in a bad way and I am bad in a good way. Find me, and you will have a friend for your heart to last even after I am gone. James
Today everything went wrong nothing went right, and there was an unsettling feeling that something is wrong or that something bad is going to happen. This feeling or premonition is never wrong, so i await in fear and dread the phone another is hurt or await the night that will never end for me. In that fear came thought, pondering over my reason for being. Since i was young, I knew what my reason for living was, life has continued to prove that i am meant to be here. i am meant to sacrifice, to give, to love and accept. i am a fighter for the weak, a protector if you will, i am your shield and your sword. i am a lover. i am meant to love those believing love is not real or meant for them. i am meant to be a guide, a guardian, and a lover. though my path does allow love to stay in my life or to be granted to me for long, this saddens me with knowing this, though it shall and must be. To those of you who know me, my heart holds true love and love for any i speak those words to. my love is neverending and it shall forever be, even after i am not. nature and love are my friend in this life, that is why i value passion and travel as much as i have. i traveled for love and i was passionate about whom i was set to be with at that time. i live my days with not fear of truth, cause i speak it each day whether a friend or more. its the fear of believing i will die alone. there will come a day where my last breath will be let go, and on that day the love i hold for those will remain, that is something nothing will take away from me. do not fear my truth of heart, welcome my hellos and goodnights, cause i mean you no harm and am not in any attempt to hurt you, never would i think of settling in your heart to rip it out. i settle there because you deserve it. James
ok i am a nice guy i speak from the heart always and an occasion moan from my loins. though i am generally sweet, honest and try to compliment and message my friends from time to time to see how they are, then there is the daily hellos and hope your days is going good type of thing. i am not like most guys, i am sensitive, i am not afraid to show my emotions and i will not take shit from any gender. if you don't want me commenting, complimenting, and coversationalizing with you then tell me now and save yourself. james
This morning I have much to smile about though, I do not wish to go into such detail over that. I am smiling back of the people i have met, the sweetness and honesty I have encountered here. Most of you will come to know me as james, which there are different sides to the name. Though in truth, if you are kind and nice to me you shall hear, see, and know the heart of who I am. I am a writer of heart. I bring my attention to your words, I wrestle with thought as well as body, I am a man of different skills. Nothing is too much or beneath me. I fight for those I love and I protect others with words. I speak my mind and I am not afraid to show emotion. I cry, I laugh, I fear, I am human. I am a gentleman, and yet hold a naughty mind beneath my heart. I am a man, yet I attempt to stand between the sexes, rather closer to women, yet on my own. Any human no matter male or female, no matter the look or belief we all make mistakes. The key is learning from it. And one thing I value is the common knowledge that comes from listening. How simple a task and how easy it is for me to better myself as well have those around me enjoy my time. If you wish to know the heart of me, give me a part of yours. Friendship is a beginning and a wonderful end to a person's heart. James
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