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Mr Multiple Org's blog: "Truth"

created on 10/08/2006  |  http://fubar.com/truth/b11395
Today everything went wrong nothing went right, and there was an unsettling feeling that something is wrong or that something bad is going to happen. This feeling or premonition is never wrong, so i await in fear and dread the phone another is hurt or await the night that will never end for me. In that fear came thought, pondering over my reason for being. Since i was young, I knew what my reason for living was, life has continued to prove that i am meant to be here. i am meant to sacrifice, to give, to love and accept. i am a fighter for the weak, a protector if you will, i am your shield and your sword. i am a lover. i am meant to love those believing love is not real or meant for them. i am meant to be a guide, a guardian, and a lover. though my path does allow love to stay in my life or to be granted to me for long, this saddens me with knowing this, though it shall and must be. To those of you who know me, my heart holds true love and love for any i speak those words to. my love is neverending and it shall forever be, even after i am not. nature and love are my friend in this life, that is why i value passion and travel as much as i have. i traveled for love and i was passionate about whom i was set to be with at that time. i live my days with not fear of truth, cause i speak it each day whether a friend or more. its the fear of believing i will die alone. there will come a day where my last breath will be let go, and on that day the love i hold for those will remain, that is something nothing will take away from me. do not fear my truth of heart, welcome my hellos and goodnights, cause i mean you no harm and am not in any attempt to hurt you, never would i think of settling in your heart to rip it out. i settle there because you deserve it. James
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