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Krizzpen's blog: "Torn"

created on 03/15/2008  |  http://fubar.com/torn/b198432
( People will never understand What's going on in our mind) What did you expect I hoped things would change These things never change different people Same Bullshit And everytime it gets worse Well it's all over now We're done with this Shit we wont sit back & wait It's disappeared, We're disapointed We just don't give a Fuck!!! Wil this grass be greener On the other side Will we get cut deeper With a different knife It's for a new life With new people (a new you, and new me) It's not over yet Take all the anger, the pain, the red, the black The fear, the sweat, the rage, the Hate The tears, the blood, the sent, the taste And Shove in their face!!!! By. Sinn F. Chaderrs
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13 years ago
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