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stripped of reality forced upon society torn from all my sanity ripped from normality taken back from what you say everyday is spent in fear (you see me) screaming and crying breathless from hate stripped bare no where to hide dogding the bullets flying through the air ripping out my soul starting a new life tearing my heart out and throwing it all away with hate over whelming fear taking over a new life begins where one stand there broken everyone runs screaming I'm standing here laughing for nothing will phase me cause I'm torn apart from your world standing helpless in fear with the darkness apon me my fears come alive the fumes overwheliming of the blood from my wound the taint of the water the taste of this blood a death in my sight but not of my own with blood down my arm my soul now runs free but I'm standing alone no cutting or running from useless hope and fears no screaming or crying over things lost and loved just pains from the past and blood from my wounds under the light of a dying moon my life here has ended for one to begin the screams of my past fade back into dreams By. Sinn F. Chaderrs
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