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Krizzpen's blog: "Me"

created on 03/15/2008  |  http://fubar.com/me/b198437
ok i've had alot of things running through my mind these past couple of days. well not really couple of day more like couple of weeks. I don't really know how to explain it in words, but for the most part My old roommate screwed me over so bad more than once, i live in a four block hampster cage( Job Corps ). if you don't what that is be happy. But I'm about ready to drop out once i get my diploma and move to Colorado. No one from where I'm from knows this yet. i don't know how to tell them. This girl here on campus, i care for her so much, we went out for like five hours then her ex went crazy and was going to take a handful of pills, my old roommate. so we broke up cause of his dumb ass. i don't want to leave her behind and my phone died so i can't use it. I can't call anyone or text. I know I'm complaining but it's better than going all emo like the retard who screwed me over alot. he's really emo. i hate him and if he acually did take those pills and i was there. I would have finished the job. sorry to sound evil but he's one of the only people i would love to kill. if you knew me i don't usually say something like that. but this is my sob story if you don't like it. then don't read it. this is just my way of calming down and reliving stress. leave a comment if you want. rate this if you want i really don't care. and if you have any good to say then comment or send me a message. but if you've read this far. thanks
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