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The 23rd Psalm in Cherokee Current mood: accomplished Category: Religion and Philosophy this is so beauitful 23rd Psalm In Cherokee A gi ga di ya - ge sv i - Ga lo ne di, na qua du li s gv na - ge se s di. I tse i yu s di - wa ga di yv do di - a quv ni si ni di - na quv ne ho. Na v - do yi - a ma ge sv - a ka ti ni do ha. A qua da nv do gi - o s da na quv ne - du do v i yu wa ni sa ta. U s ti de ga nv nv - v hna i - o ni s di ni a dv ne di - a ka ti ni do. U ge da li yv - v hna i - u da yv la dv - v hna i - a yo hu hi s di- yi ge do hi; U yo i - ni tsi s ga i yv nv ge se s di, hi he no - gi na li go. Gv na s da - a le - tsa do la nv s di - nu tso se dv na na nv ne ho. Tso tsa da nu wi - na v - a ne do hv i, ga s gi lo - s qua dv nv ya ta ne. Tsi s go li - a gi lo ne ti ho - na no - a gi da do li s ti s go; A qua tse li - a gu gi s ti - a tse we gi. I go hi da quv - tsi le ni do hv - o sda da ni ge - a le - a da do li s di - da go s ta wa de si; Ga lo ne di - tsu we nv sv - wi ge he s di - i go hi da quu ge sv. Translation: My shepherd is the Lord, unwanting I will be. Green pastures to lie down He makes for me. Beside still water He leads me. My soul He restores for His name sake. On the paths of righteousness He leads me. The valley of the shadow of death I will walk; Evil I will not fear, You are with me. Your rod and staff give me comfort. My enemies near my presence, a table You prepare for me. My head with oil You annoint; My cup overflows. All the days of my life goodness and mercy shall follow me; The Lord's house I will dwell forever
FOR A FRIEND Category: Blogging FOR A FRIEND!!!!!!!! Tthis was sent to me by a friend ,hes only 21 and he joined the National Guard when he was 18 out of high school. Hes home on leave and will probley be going back,you see hes spent 2yrs over there and hes scared ,hes seen and done things he dont want to go through again .But he will -and thats what makes him a soilder and I am very proud to call him my friend. WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU JAMES!!!! There is discipline in A Soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in A Soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in A Soldier you can see it in his eyes, There is loyalty in A Soldier that he will not compromise. There is something in A Soldier that makes him stand apart, There is strength in A Soldier that beats from his heart. A Soldier isn't a title any man can be hired to do, A Soldier is the soul of that man buried deep inside of you. A Soldier's job isn't finished after an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week, A Soldier is always A Soldier even while he sleeps. A Soldier serves his country first and his life is left behind, A Soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind. If you are civilian - I am saying this to you..... next time you see A Soldier remember what they do. A Soldier is the reason our land is 'Home of the free', A Soldier is the one that is brave protecting you and me
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