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I'm coming to the conclusion that I may be going insane. Yeah...I know...if you think you're going insane, you're not. It could be because I'm in the process of going through menopause (though I've been looking forward to this since puberty). I do know this is part of the Path I need to be on with my search for the Goddess. It could be that I'm 'touched' by Her. I am going to put more of 'ME' in here, for I have found that this is a journey and a search for the answer of 'Who am I?, 'Why am I here?' as well. I realize this may put more info here than some would want. I also realize I will more than likely make myself more vulnerable. This is part of the process I must go through. This is going to be intersting for me in some cases as a few of my Friends here I also know in real time. Why they are a part I don't know. I invite anyone to come along on my journey here. It won't be smooth for me at times and it will deffinately a rollercoaster ride at times. But who knows, maybe someone can spot something I missed in my journey. All I ask is that if you comment on these, please do not be rude or nasty (thank you). So if anyone cares to wander with me on my Path, please do. If fact, I dare you. Thank you for your patience.
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