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Well, I finally got my Staff to a point that could be considered finished. I was able to get this phase done and present my Staff to the Goddess and the Full Moon. It was a bit of work; sanding the Staff smooth (easy part) and then the tying, knotting and braiding the silk threads to attatch the crow feather onto the Staff (the hard part). If I'm allowed, I'll have a photo of my Staff in my albums here (when I get more space). If felt so good to get that part done. Of course, a proper Staff is never quite finished. It is constantly being added to and 'upgraded' as the practicioner gains knowledge and skills. So far, all I've done with my Staff is present it to the Goddess and 'called down' the Moon with it. That was the first time I've tapped the energy of the Full Moon. WooooWeeee! What a rush!
Another step along my 'Path'. More progress is being made. I've done my first rite for the Summer Solstice. That went very well. I've also done my first official spellcasting. What a rush to do and then 'knowing' it had worked! What an awesome feeling that is! The work on my Staff is coming along fine; I'm in the process of attuning it to me. I also have something to attach to it now too. A crow wing feather, from the 'Heartside' and from the evidence, it was a newly emergent feather as well. Also, from all evedence, it was 'gifted' to me from my brother. He always had a thing for crows. He called them his 'minions'. Of course a 'gift' from the Spirit world is always precious. I sacrificed a cigarette (I don't have any loose tobacco) to give Thanks as is proper. It looks like the pace has picked up again. At least for a while.
Well, last night was the first night of the second week of my new post. I managed to survive the first week. It's an early, long graveyard; from 1900 to 0500, five days a week, Monday through Friday, fifty hours a week. Not only that, it's boring. I sit in a parking lot (in my car at least), looking at a front door and a padlocked yard with steel pipes. A foot patrol is, at most, ten minutes long. I have to leave the site to use the bathroom at a gas station. This is only going to last through the first week of July. After that, I don't know. The up side to this, it pays more plus the overtime. I can finish some of the things I need to do. But, I'm alone and ten hours drag when there is no one to talk to. The reason I'm at this site instead of A.G. (which I LIKED), is the client requested my removal. It seems that some outside drivers complained that I was being unfriendly, unhelpful and racist (NOT true!). They complained because I wouldn't let them do exactly what they wanted to do because it was against policy at the time. They figured since this was a special set up with a A.G. VIP (who went to college with the owner of the other company), they could get away with all kinds of extra BS. So they complained and I'm now bored out of my skull. I can't complain to much about it though. As I said, it pays a little more. There's a slim chance, I could go back to A.G. Life is all about change and how we adapt. And I believe this was meant to happen; at least the change in the post (I just oject to the reason why!). I found my Staff. Or, more correctly, my Staff found me. I found it just after doing a few small Moon rituals, during one of my short foot patrols. It was waiting for me. I know, because when I picked it up, I felt a sort of a shock and the reconition of belonging with me. Well, I have no idea what'll happen next. I can only wait and see. As it is, my journey continues.
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