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Hey guys, for those of you that wanted to catch me at work, i'll be starting shortly and on until it's too painful to keep going ;) if you don't know where to catch me, just click here and find the live video chat button ;) wishing you all a wonderfully freaky friday! Wishin you a freaky friday! also, those that haven't done so, please come check out the
PsYko 5150 lounge, great people, great music ;)


i just haven't been in the mood for shows these past couple days but don't worry, they are coming... if you haven't figured it out yet, my personal homepage is sinamynlee.com so feel free to check it out ;)
Please all feel free to donate whatever it is to the cause, i make my living off of my webcam shows, and i get my customers through networking (i don't mean i want you all to go run over there to my show, i just like to get to know people and get them to see me for more than just a webcam girl before they get to see me as one) ;).... Anyhow, any help you can give me, whether it's just making your friends come visit my page here, or donating a blast, everything is appreciated ;) for more ways to help me out, you can always visit sinamynlee.com and glance around there to find fun things like wishlists and such if you're feeling that type of generous :p
I spend all of my time online since i don't work, and I'm a major exhibitionist, so a couple of the other sites I'm on are more along the lines of the hooker skirt album pictures rather than the default ;) I'll be on alt later this morning, after i manage to get the motivation to shower and shave, and the other site later this morning or early afternoon. Although I try not to advertise, if you are curious as to where to find me, please don't hesitate to either visit my webpage at sinamynlee.com or send me a mail and i will let you know where to find me ;)
I'll probably use this as I use my others, updating with times i'll be on other sites as well as random poetry i've written over there years, but for now, it's just going to sit here until i'm sure what i'll actually do with it :p
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