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I never thought you'd be, So mean, so cruel, so rude. But since this you have showed me, That this is the TRUE you. You LIED to my face, And talked behind my back. You thought I would not TRACE, You... to be the one to attack. You will have to see, That this is the END. For I cry myself to sleep, Over a SUPPOSED long lost friend. It is time to say goodbye, And I really don't want it to end, But, I CAN NOT take another LIE, From a LYING Two-Faced "FRIEND?"


You said you loved me, But ALL along YOU knew you were going to break my heart, You said YOU would love me forever, So why are we apart? Now IF you REALLY meant FOREVER, Then you should have meant that YOU would try, Cause once you said "FOREVER", And now that's made me CRY.... Why did you lie? And Why did I cry? Why did we even try? I DON'T like to trust, And now you KNOW why!!! You hurt me bad. How could you do that? You said you loved me, But I know it was all a LIE!!! We'll now I'm alone but I dont mind, I hope your happy. But I hope you know how bad I hurt. We'll I guess this is good bye. All I want to know is WHY??
Heartbroken is what I am... You know...I wish I was strong like I used to be, Before Hurt and Pain weakened me, Then it wouldn't hurt so much. All I NEEDED was your gentle touch... You KNOW who you are, and What I mean You know that you were....A part of My Dream!! But in a haze I can almost hear you say, You gave up EVERYTHING.... I listen to how your words Slowly finish into sentences And they strike me like lightning, This chilliness makes me crazy And this feeling is frightening, And yet your words keep running, And I feel tears burning. What felt so Safe and Secure, Falls down like a House of Cards. It's like ... She (uh huh I know!) came in, To Wipe Me Out And destroy my life.... AND DID!!!!
Deception Massacre It's things like this, That tears everyone apart. It's moments like this, That broke her heart. To see her hurt, You should be ashamed. You think it's not your fault, But you're the one to blame. You knew she liked you, Yet you went out with another girl, Should have known she couldn't make the transition. You broke her heart, You MADE her CRY. She loved you with everything she has, But now she wants to die. She went to another, To try to feel better. It's not her fault, You should get an angry letter. It's all your fault, You did this to yourself. I hope you're happy, Down there on the bottom shelf. You'll NEVER be forgiven, You'll NEVER have my trust, now. I hope you live a life, Filled with EMPTY Lust.
Guess I should have known guess I should have seen all those little signs the just not quite right things You see love is truly blind love looks the other way love misses tell tell signs until it's far too late The heart itself deceives to thinking everything's ok through rose colored glass it looks seeing just what it wants to see Excuses the heart will make for all the things that don't seem right Saying, He's just not that way my ears must not have heard it right Sadly now the day the truth is right before my eyes No more excuses can I make now all I want to do is cry He's seeing someone new although I gave to him my heart Thought he would keep it safe but instead he ripped it apart He thinks that I don't know he thinks he still deceives but deep within my heart I now know everything I try to not let on I've tried to hide my tears For once he knows I know I've Lost My Everything!!!

~ SilverPixi ~
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