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OMG! Guess What? Guess What?....YaY....I Won!!! I woke up to a message from our awesome contest host Jude.... And the Winners are: First place: DJ Wild Second place: Vampchylde Third Place: Dr@gonMaster Congrats to all three and thank you to everyone who participated and helped :) *So I myself would like to thank everyone and give congrats to those that won with me too.
Special Thanks to the following people who truly busted their behinds in comment bombing....You guys rock... 1. Delicious 2. Rebel 3. Pooh 4. Baby Girl 5. Bonz 6. Dusk 7. Mistr3ss

OMG! Guess what I went and did!!! I went and got in a comment contest...Plz stop by and leave me some comments and help me win this...Hey you know I would do it for you!!!! Contest will run 7 days beginning 06/07/08 at 12pm est.,& end on 06/14/08
Click on the Eyes Pic to be taken to My Contest pic...and comment away!!! Thank You in Advance!!
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