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NiteWolf's blog: "PAIN"

created on 09/01/2007  |  http://fubar.com/pain/b123308
We all sometimes go thru times in our lives where nothing ever makes since and you feel lost and alone even tho your truely not alone and people do care about you, but that feeling is still there. Especially around the holidays its worse. All i really wanted for Christmas this year was to be able to spend it with my children... Even that i cant have. Between being so angry wanting to tear someones head off and being so depressed over everything lately i almost just want to say fuck it all and give up.. To any of my friends on here that may read this, Im not avoiding, im not mad, Not being online for a while does not mean i hate anyone, or am personally mad at anyone. Ive got a Shitload of shit on my mind right now and ...no... i dont want to talk about it. Im sorry if that offends anyone but i will talk about it in time if i feel the need to. I Do Wish everyone Happy Holidays. ~DJ Khaotic Wolf A.K.A. Sean...
Sometimes in life we come across days in ourlives that really make no sense. Either that or we just have to much spare time on our hands to think straight maybe. Kinda had one of those days today. ive just been blah all day and bored outa my skull. Almost felt like im totally alone in life and man did that feeling suck ass. So many decisions ive made over my lifetime and so little progress it seems. Does it ever seem like the desicions you make in life seem right at the time but the next day seem so wrong for some odd ball reason or another? Guess im just confused as always. It seems the simple pleasures in life are no longer enough to have. We all seem to need more. Makes you sit back and wonder how my kids are gonna take ahold on this already screwed up world we live in. Well i guess thats just whats been pondering in my head today. If you cant understand it , i wouldnt try to. It comes out scrambled just like it does in my head so no worries if you dont understand what ive wrote, but thank you for taking the time to read it. ~DJ Khaotic Wolf ~Sean
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