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Stupid Things People Do.... Ok so everyone knows i work at Speedway... Well i decided to list a few things ive encounterd over the nearly 5 months of being there... So here they are in no specific order.... Why is it that you can take a shit in a bathroom and then decide to write on the walls with your own fecies? If you cant operate a gas pump... you maybe shouldnt own a vehicle.... If you have no money on you, why must you get almost everything in the store, put it on the counter, then realize you have no money, and leave the shit for me to put back.... DO NOT get mad at me about the gas prices.... I have no control over them, i pay the same damn expensive price as you do!! When you come to the counter to check out, GET OFF YOUR DAMN CELL PHONE, or atleast ask them to hold. I cant read minds, i dont know what you want. and pointing to something doesnt work either. Besides its extremely rude. Dont squeal your tires in the parking lot, your not cool, your an ass. If i ask for your ID, consider it a compliment, dont act like an ass infront of many people. If you have the kinda money to spend $200 or more a pop on the damn lottery..... Share the wealth would ya? Just because i work at a gas station, doesnt mean i know how to get to some city in tennessee...buy a map :) No, i do not know how long the hotdogs have been there, i just came in.... There Hot dogs people if they look old, then they probably are old... Dont get back into your car after you start the pump, i will turn it off on your ass. Its a fire risk no matter how cold it is outside. Oh and i respect everyones beliefs on religion..... but please keep it to yourself..... And by the way.... There is a trash can by the coffee and hot dog grill..... please use them, they are there for a reason.... the floor isnt a trash can... Im sure im can come up with a whole list more but these are just a few to start off with :) ~Sean
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