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62 Year Old · Female · From Easley, SC · Owned by trophybuck and is worth 2 coins. · Joined on September 20, 2009 · Relationship status: Married · Born on October 13th · 7 referrals joined! · 26 different people have a crush on me!


"Truth with a touch of shade sprinkled with I dont care"

My name is Ea, I Play Fu, Im married and not here looking to hook up with anybody. My profile pic, like many others here is an OLDER,(Like 10 to 20 years older) better pic of what I look like presently. Im not a big chatter but will if we're good friends or you need help. but Im still a woman of few words.
I'm not a slut, Don't talk to me like you think I am. Sweetheart, sweetie and hon are fine ( Im a southern gal)I actually dont want to chat with you if its gonna go sexual. So dont waste either yours or my time. Im not a beggar. I pay my own way when I need bling packs and Fu stuff. But just because I can buy my own stuff does not mean I'm loaded! I still love it when ppl get me stuff! I'm happy with my 1 Fupony, Getting Exotics is not important to me, although sometimes the 100+ stuff gets my attention. Im happy to get smaller value bling to get achievement points. or power up bling. I am a retired 40 hour a week factory worker in SC. Dont come at me begging! I cant afford to support 2 fu addicts!

I bling who I want to period! whether they bling me back or not. Meaning, if I bling you I do not expect you to bling me back. I mean it! You dont have to bling me back!!! Unless we have agreed to trade. Just puttin this in here, Im a cat person, ANY kitty, fairy, moon or wolf bling makes me very happy! :)

Im a plus size woman, But, I do NOT have low self esteem. Not looking for any kind of attention from horny phuckers lookin to bang one out. I Love me. Just sayin. Again, dont jump in my shout box talking to me like I'm a whore. You WILL be ignored period! Actually If you only have 1 pic and no salute Ill ignore you too.

Guys, dont ask me to view your NSFW pics and comment them. Im 61 yrs old and seen a whole lotta cock. Trust me, Yours is NOT the greatest thing out there! And Im an old school girl, if you shave your junk I really don't want to see! Grown men have pubes! The little boy-big dick look does nothing for me.

I will NOT chat about my girl parts, what Im wearing or sexual stuff period. Menopause has not been good to me.(definition; not horny!) If you're looking for hot cam fun... Hahaha!(seriously???Im a 61yr old fat ass!) Move along! UNLESS! you buy me a 2500 Bling pack! Then Ill flop my girls on the desk and hold up my belly roll and show ya my fat furry kitty! Woohooo! Yeah, thats what I thought! LMAO!!!

I may be logged on but not really here.

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