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HarleyRob's blog: "Biker Stories"

created on 04/02/2008  |  http://fubar.com/biker-stories/b203841
Dear BACA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for our family over the past several months. When my sister called to tell me that she had gotten involved with BACA to help protect my niece, Punk Rocker Princess, I wasnt really sure what to think. Bikers seem to have a reputation and helping kids isnt part of it!! Ill never forget that first ride, at least a dozen bikers showed up. If that row of bikes parked along the street didnt make her feel just a little safer, the fact that you adopted her into your family, gave her a BACA vest and even an official biker name, certainly did the trick! That moment was very empowering for her and the rest of us. As for my doubts, I quickly learned that you guys/gals were anything but typical bikers. I found you were people with normal jobs and lives and ANYTHING BUT normal sized hearts. Each week you give of yourselves to spend time with Punk Rocker Princess and the many other children who need your help. We all looked forward to your weekly visits, especially the children in the family. I remember one visit where the tough looking biker guys were in the backyard, helping the kids do cartwheels. My children still talk about their favorite BACA members. The fact that they know they now have this BACA family helps them cope with the situation also. No need to be afraid with these guys on their side! There was a plea bargain in the case, so it wasnt necessary for BACA to go to court. During the sentencing hearing the adults had a chance to speak. I spoke with a BACA member and mentioned my fear of speaking in the courtroom. As a child I also went through a similar experience and knew that Id have to deal with that while speaking about my niece. On the morning of the sentencing, that BACA member was sitting on the front row of the courtroom. When we wanted to notify residents who live near the sex offender, once again, more than a dozen BACA members showed up to help us pass out flyers in his neighborhood. When it was necessary to go back to court in regards to the case, BACA was there. Time and time again, it only took an email or a phone call and help was there. I cant even begin to express my gratitude for what BACA has done for our entire family. On that first ride you adopted my niece into your family, since then weve adopted BACA into ours. You have an incredible organization full of incredible people. I recently heard your Chapter President speak. I realized that evening how serious he and the rest of your members are about helping children. To see the look in his eyes as he said Its our mission to help all children, regardless of race or what neighborhood they live in or any danger we may be put in, still gives me chills. This mission isnt something that any BACA member takes lightly. I wear my BACA t-shirt proudly and just hope that someone will ask about it, so I can tell them about this wonderful organization. I have been so impressed with BACA and the work you do that I am looking forward to becoming a BACA Supporter myself.
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